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Hurry! Get Great Horse Books at Slashed Prices, But Only Until Noon Today

Today is the final day of HorseBooksEtc.’s Hurt Book Sale, and the prices on more than two dozen books, DVDs, charts and calendars have been cut to their lowest ever, but the countdown is on!

You only have until noon today, Thursday, Oct. 24, , Mountain Standard Time (2 p.m. Eastern) to place an order! After that, like Cinderalla, all the sale prices disappear.

The Hurt Book Sale features overstocked or slightly damaged books and DVDs. All products that end with “D” are considered damaged and are a final sale.

This is a great chance to get some terrific books for your own library or as gifts for all your horse-crazy friends.

horse bookThere are some great finds in this sale for under $10! Here are just a few:

Straight from The Heart: True Stories of Remarkable Encounters with Once-in-a-Lifetime Horsesregularly $14.95 and on sale for only $3.99!

Straight from the Heart features true stories compiled from the editors of EQUUS magazine. They are perfect for any audience. From Coal Bay, a hard-luck racehorse, to Kricket, the faithful school horse, these stories will touch your heart. Read them with a tissue at hand!


Straight from the Heart II regularly $14.95, on sale for $5.00!

In celebration of EQUUS’ 25th anniversary, the editors of EQUUS magazine compiled a new selection of the best True Tales. Read about Lil Orphan Annie, an orphan foal who went on to win her first race; Sparky, the yard-sale special pony who brought joy to so many; and how one woman’s love of horses began with Star, the fruit and vegetable man’s horse.

Intermediate English Exercises by Cherry Hill, regularly $9.95, on sale for $4.95!

Cherry Hill is an internationally known instructor and horse trainer and has written numerous books, including 101 Arena Exercises for Horse & Rider, Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage, How to Think Like a Horse, What Every Horse Should Know, and Horse Care for Kids. horse book
Now Cherry Hill has taken all the best intermediate English exercises from her successful book 101 Arena Exercises and compiled them into this easy-to-use read-and-ride workbook.
With this pocket-sized guide in hand, you’ll find it easy to develop and perfect your English riding skills. Cherry Hill’s exercises will help you learn to hone balance and precise use of aids, improve bending, polish transitions, develop lateral work, and begin collection. A pocket-sized trim makes this equestrian workbook perfect for quick reference in the ring.

Healthy Hooves, The EQUUS Guide to Your Horse’s Feet. Normally $14.95, this book is on sale for only $5.99, and is a timeless resource for your horse library.

Healthy Hooves is a compilation of articles from hoof experts, gathered by the editors of EQUUS, and covers the basics of hoof structure, growth and health, as well as the principles of biomechanics and balance.

Do you know what to do if your horse gets a hoof abscess? Healthy Hooves will tell you, and will help you learn how to recognize hoof problems and know what to do for them.

Next up on the must-have list is Be A Smart Horse Buyer, by Bob Avila. Regularly $24.95, it’s on sale for $9.99.

Whenever I hear a friend of mine say she or someone she knows is thinking of buying a horse, the first thing I always say is, “You gotta read Be A Smart Horse Buyer, by Bob Avila, first.”

Be A Smart Horse Buyer bookThe second half of the title of this book, written by world champion Bob Avila with Sue Copeland, says it all: A Guide To Avoiding Common Mistakes And Finding The Right Horse For You.

Inside, it’s packed full of all the horse information you need to help you find your dream horse. Let’s take a look at just the first three chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction and General Tips Use these 10 global tips to help launch your horse-buying experience.

The first tip alone is priceless: “Leave your emotions at the door.”

Chapter 2: Meet Your Match Does what you want in a horse really match what you need? Use this checklist to find out. Plus, get a general idea of what various levels of horses cost.

In this chapter, Bob Avila says, “It’s been my experience that most riders overestimate their skills.”  So he breaks down levels of horses into categories that make it easy to follow.

Chapter 3: How (And Why) To Get Help From A Pro

Learn why hiring a trainer or agent to help with your horse hunt can be the smartest money you’ll spend. (Plus, how to find a good one.)

Among the sound advice, Bob Avila says it’s a good idea to check out your potential horse trainer’s rig–if it’s in good shape, chances are their business is, too.

Altogether, there are more than two dozen products available at ridiculously reduced prices in HorseBooksEtc.’s Hurt Book Sale. Don’t miss out!


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MyHorse Daily Freemium Building Horse Barns

Get Your Free Guide

Yes! I want my FREE guide: Building Horse Barns: Tips on Horse Barn Styles, Horse Barn Layouts and Practical Horse Barn Features

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