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No more horse boarding in someone else’s barn—you’ve decided it’s time to buy your own farm or ranch (congratulations!). What kind of fencing is best? What are some good safety rules for the barn? How do you get rid of all those flies? We tell you.
  1. Why Horse Barns Need Big Fans

    Hi-Hopes 3

    If you spend any time in a horse barn (or at the airport in Lexington, Kentucky), you might know their name: Big Ass Fans. And they … READ MORE »

  2. Start Now With Fly Prevention: 5 Ways To Keep Flies Under Control

    woman with horse

    Spring may be late in many parts of the country this year, but horse owners don’t want to be late with preventative fly control practices, according … READ MORE »

  3. The Shoes in the Window, Filled with Chocolate and Calendars

    The bigger the shoe, the bigger the present, right? | Photo by Tiffany Mead

    I’ve come to grips that my family has weird traditions, especially around the holidays. Yes, I know everyone says that, but I think it might be … READ MORE »

  4. Ventilate Your Horse Barn


    Do you keep your horse in a warm barn in the winter? If so, it’s important to bring in fresh, healthy air. Poor barn ventilation can … READ MORE »

  5. 14 Ways to Get Winter Ready


    Some say it’s the busiest time of the year, and we’d agree. It kicks off with back-to-school, and we know that soon after we can expect … READ MORE »

  6. Rodent Control in Your Horse Barn

    Wood barn

    As the weather cools, we’ll find more and more of our small furry friends seeking shelter and food in our barns this winter. Luckily, there are … READ MORE »

  7. Arena Fans Fly High at Eagle Creek Farm


    A hunter/jumper training facility based in Temple, N.H., Eagle Creek Farm considered not only the comfort of its trainers and clients’ horses, but also their ability … READ MORE »

  8. Spruce Up Your Horse Barn


    Fall is a great time to evaluate your barn’s condition. Following is a 10-step guide to getting your barn in tip-top shape. Tackle one task at … READ MORE »

  9. Barn Chores Checklist for Fall from The Trail Rider Magazine


    Proper winter preparation is important to make sure you, your horse and your barn are ready for the coming winter weather. This checklist of fall horse … READ MORE »

  10. Wanted: A Big Green Pasture


    Dreaming of your perfect horse home? Melinda Folse, author of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Midlife Horses, ponders horsekeeping…and what it takes to pursue it. In … READ MORE »

  11. Field Shelters – Providing Horses with Shelter from the Summer Sun


    One of the main functions of field shelters is to provide protection from the prevailing winds and rain. However, down here in Texas, especially in areas … READ MORE »

  12. Compost Your Horse’s Manure and Create Black Gold!

    Finished compost is fine, rich, and clean soil that smells organic.

    Your horse produces about 50 pounds of manure per day! If you care for horses on your own property, you’ve probably wondered what to do with … READ MORE »

  13. Fireproof Your Horse Barn, Ranch, and Farm with 12 Lifesaving Fire-Safety Tips


    The heat wave striking horse owners everywhere across the United States reminds us all to take serious fire-safety precautions at your farm or ranch. Our offices, … READ MORE »

  14. Equine Pasture Fencing Options


    Safe, visible, and sturdy pasture fencing for your horse involves careful planning. Before investing possibly thousands of dollars in materials, put the effort into designing a … READ MORE »

  15. Don’t Just Throw That Saddle in the Back of Your Car-Build a Saddle Rack

    saddle rack

    There’s usually a saddle in the back of my car or my husband’s truck. Having a saddle rack would help tidy things up quite a bit, … READ MORE »

  16. DOL Withdraws Proposed Child Labor Rules on Farms

    Girl with horse

    If you own a horse farm or ranch and sometimes hire teenagers to help you out, this is for you: On April 26, the Obama Administration … READ MORE »

  17. Pasture Fencing Fundamentals from Centaur Fence

    Centaur Fence horse fence

    It’s only fitting that Centaur Fence® is a sponsor of Road to the Horse, being held March 9-11 in Murfreesboro, Tenn. at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum. Road to the … READ MORE »

  18. How to Install Stall Mats

    Stall mats for stable flooring

    Rubber stall mats are excellent for your horse’s health, as they provide a dry, level surface for him to stand on — much healthier for hooves … READ MORE »

  19. Barn Fire Safety Fact Sheet Can Help Keep Your Barn Safe


    The winter of 2011-2012 has taken a serious toll on horse owners across North America, with barn fires causing serious injury and death to hundreds of … READ MORE »

  20. Got a “Buddy” in Your Barn? How about a “Terrorizer?”

    bay horse grazing

    Chances are you know a horse named “Rocky” or “Cody.” Those two names are favorites for horse names, according to SmartPak,™ one of the nation’s leading … READ MORE »

  21. Have Internet in Your Barn? This Woman Remembers Horse & Buggy Days

    Horse&Rider editor Juli Thorson

    Our government’s determination to bring Internet access to everyone reminds Horse&Rider Editor and Associate Publisher Juli Thorson of the many things her grandmother saw emerge during her … READ MORE »

  22. Any Young People Work on Your Horse Farm? Then Read This

    Girl with horse

    The American Horse Council (AHC) has opposed the Department of Labor’s (DOL) proposed new child labor regulations applicable to agriculture. The proposed rule, if adopted, would … READ MORE »

  23. Build Your Horse A Run-In Shed With Good Planning

    run-in shed with a horse

    You don’t like being in cramped spaces, and neither does your horse. Morgan sport-horse breeder Beth Benard, a contributing writer to Horse Journal, has suggestions to … READ MORE »

  24. Horse Journal Answers: How do Horses Get Shocked?

    electric horse fence

    Have you ever wondered exactly what happens when your horse gets zapped from an electric horse fence? Horse Journal explains it all: In an electrified situation, … READ MORE »

  25. Tape Your Horses In For Economy Fencing

    wire horse fencing

    The folks at Horse Journal are all about finding the best way to take care of your horse that’s also the most economical, and here they … READ MORE »

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