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English & Western Riding

There are two million horse riders in the U.S., and they have different opinions on whether to ride English or Western (or Australian!). So we cover it all. Whether you like to grab the saddle horn on your Western saddle as you race around some barrels or use your dressage saddle for trail riding, we’ll have advice from top trainers on how to improve your skills.
  1. Research Shows Equine Therapy Helps Children with Autism

    children riding horses

    Research from Washington University in St Louis indicates that treating children who have autism in occupational therapy sessions using the movements of the horse, commonly called … READ MORE »

  2. Study: Horses Are Good Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients

    Alzheimer patient and horse

    In the first study of its kind, researchers have determined that spending time with horses eases symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia. A collaboration between The Ohio State University, … READ MORE »

  3. HorseSafetyUSA: Guidelines for Choosing a Child’s Riding Lesson Program


    Are you looking now for a summer horse program for the young horse lover in your house? Then you need to read the following tips from … READ MORE »

  4. Book Review: Modern Eventing with Phillip Dutton

    eventing book

    Horse Journal Performance Editor John Strassburger is a lifelong three-day event rider and a professional trainer in California. His review of Phillip Dutton’s outstanding book, Modern … READ MORE »

  5. Got 5 Minutes a Day to Improve Your Riding?

    jumping fixes horse book

    There’s a solid reason for that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Especially if it’s a horse book, written by someone from a discipline … READ MORE »

  6. Horse Aha Moments, Poetry and Flowing Manes

    Meditation for Two

    It’s very difficult to put into words the connection between a human and a horse. It’s mysterious, richly nourishing and at once both profound and very … READ MORE »

  7. Equine Science: Because You Don’t Know Everything About Your Horse

    equine science book

    O.K., horse person, it’s time to test your know-how. Ready? What’s the total range of vision of a horse? What’s the difference between a dun and … READ MORE »

  8. Does Your Relationship with Your Horse Affect Your Soul?

    horse book

    Want to become a better rider or have a stronger relationship with your horse? Then work on yourself to become a better person. This is the … READ MORE »

  9. Sure, We Know Our Horse “Thing” is Healthy but This Book Helps Others Understand it, Too

    Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses

    It’s ace payday loans O.K. to admit it here, because I am the same way payday loan and you know I will not judge you: If … READ MORE »

  10. Helping Someone with Her Horsemanship? Make Sure You Do It Right

    teaching safe horsemanship book

    You’ve been riding long enough that some of your novice horse friends look to you for advice and tips. Maybe you’ve been asked to help at … READ MORE »

  11. Janice Dulak: Ride with Your Body, Not Your Hands

    Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider DVD

    Quick, without peeking at the rest of this article first, can you name the nine body parts that are essential to riding a horse? Give up? … READ MORE »

  12. Those Tall Ears! Those Expressive Eyes! Isn’t It Time to Consider a Donkey?

    donkey book

    You love equines of all kinds, but don’t think you can afford a horse. Have you considered the more diminative donkey? After reading The Donkey Companion: … READ MORE »

  13. Wanna Try Your Hand at Western Dressage? Lynn Palm’s New Book Shows You How, Step by Step

    Lynn Palm Western dressage book

    For those of you who love the idea of Western Dressage, 2014 is starting off great: The United States Equestrian Federation has recognized Western Dressage as … READ MORE »

  14. Discovering Gaps and Embracing the Philosophy of “Heart Attacks Are Free”

    mare balking

    Having never helped raise foals before, I had no idea how much they resembled human teenagers in their ability to be demanding and exude entitlement. The … READ MORE »

  15. Pondering a Rider Fitness Book or DVD? Grab It Today During the Rider Fitness Sale!

    Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider DVD

    The parties were a blast, the egg nog was nourishing and the chocolate was fantastic, so you’re hoping your horse will forgive you for all the … READ MORE »

  16. What Goes on in a Horse’s Body During Dressage?

    dressage movements revealed

    If you long to try dressage but don’t think your horse is up to the challenge, then “Dressage Movements Revealed” will help you understand from a … READ MORE »

  17. Want to Ride Better? Get in Shape. It’s as Simple (and as Hard) as That


    If you wonder how good of a riding seat you have, perhaps you should answer this question: How strong is your core? Rider Kathryn Collins ponders … READ MORE »

  18. Thrift Stores and Horse Owners: A Match Made in Heaven

    horse picking up basket

    After we went from owning two horses to owning four, I took the task of pinching pennies a lot more seriously. And that’s when I became … READ MORE »

  19. Do You Have a Larry, Keith or Buck in Your Life for Horse Advice?

    horse and rider

    Every time I bridle my horse, I feel compelled to put his halter and lead rope away instead of just keeping it hanging on the tie … READ MORE »

  20. Get Fit For Riding in the Warmth of Your Living Room

    Success in the Saddle DVD set

    There is one universal truth that all equestrians know: You can’t have success in the saddle without sweat. So this winter, while the cold and snow … READ MORE »

  21. Why Your Horse Wants You to Find a Working Equitation Chapter and Practice With Them

    rider with quintain

    Is there a working equitation organization where you live? If not, you may want to consider finding the closest one, because it’s the most educational good … READ MORE »

  22. No Stall Dutch Door Can Hold Her: This Little Filly Was Born to Jump

    filly jumping

    Sometimes humans and horses are simply born with a gift, and it’s apparent early on what they are meant to do in life. That’s certainly the … READ MORE »

  23. Fun or Fiasco? Do You Ride Your Horse Bareback?

    horse and rider

    My horse’s back does not look inviting to be ridden without a saddle: It’s rather bony. Yet there I was, eyeing it anyway, and wondering if … READ MORE »

  24. Whoops, We Did It Again: Tackling Another Competitive Trail Ride

    horse and rider

    What a difference five months makes when it comes to riding in a competitive trail ride. This past April, upon being cleared to ride after nearly … READ MORE »

  25. Horse Rescue Report: Falling Off

    rider thrown from horse

    How many times have you fallen off your horse? After 22 years of riding, rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm says she’s lost count of how many … READ MORE »

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