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Horse Breeds & Information

You love horseback riding, but you’re not sure which horse breed would best suit you. Or you’ve decided to take the plunge, but you need expert horsemen advice on buying a horse. We spotlight different horse breeds and have perspective from top equestrians for sifting through those “horse for sale” ads.
  1. Do You Have a Scary Horse-Buying Story?

    Be A Smart Horse Buyer book

    I’ve been trying to help a friend find a kid-friendly horse for her daughters, and after looking at more than a half-dozen horses that started out … READ MORE »

  2. A Plan to Save a Curly Mustang…or Two

    Curly mare

    Have you ever had the luck to meet a Curly horse? And no, I’m not talking about the tell-tale coat of a horse with Cushing’s Disease. … READ MORE »

  3. Quarantine is Over! How Will the Rescue Horse do at Home?

    mares meet

    What happens with that rescue horse once you bring it home? Will the horse eventually settle in, or will she show signs of problems that begin … READ MORE »

  4. A Colt, a Feed Lot and a Facebook Plea to Save a Horse Life

    colt on horse trailer

    Have you ever visited a horse feedlot? After being messaged about a Facebook page listing a yearling colt as one of many horses in need of … READ MORE »

  5. Equine Comeback Challenge Update: Horse Trainer Erin Zellefrow and her “Mare-Be-Go-Round”

    woman and horse

    How do you get a rescue horse ready for competition? A Home for Every Horse’s Equine Comeback Challenge trainer Erin Zellefrow shares her story with Horse&Rider … READ MORE »

  6. Horse Rescue Report: The Story of Max (Part Two)


    It’s hard to see the good side of a horse who bites or kicks. Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm continues her story of seeing a better … READ MORE »

  7. Senate Committee Approves Bill to Protect Tennessee Walking Horses from Abuse

    horse with soring

    Congress moved one step closer to protecting horses from the cruel practice of “soring” when the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved the Prevent … READ MORE »

  8. Horse Rescue Volunteers, Staff Offered Free Training–But Hurry, Deadline is Friday!

    US Humane Society

    Horse rescues around the country can participate in a free, virtual training program, offered in part by the Humane Society of the United States. “Plan 4 … READ MORE »

  9. Horse Rescue Report: The Story of Max, the Dangerous Horse


    Have you ever had a dangerous horse? Rescue horse advocate discovered she had her hands full when she took on the project of Max, a rescue … READ MORE »

  10. Video of Wild Horse Stallion Telling Colt It’s Time for Him to Move Out of the Herd

    wild horse herd

    You’ll love this awesome footage of the inner workings of a herd of wild horses. The stallion has decided that it’s time for one of his … READ MORE »

  11. Horse Rescue Report: Late-Winter Blues

    Banjo has just enjoyed a nice mud bath.

    Is the never-ending winter interfering with your horse life? Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm weighs in on the topic: Here at the end of winter, … READ MORE »

  12. Changing Horse Interests


    As we grow in our horsemanship, often our focus of our goals for our horse life changes. That certainly happened with rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm, … READ MORE »

  13. Horse Rescue Report: Finding Time to Ride

    Banjo patiently waits his turn.

    Horse owners are the busiest people I know. And when rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm took on a second “project” horse, things got crazy. Here’s Cate … READ MORE »

  14. Rescue Report: The Rescue-Horse Transformation


    I work with rescue horses, because I enjoy the transformational journey that takes place in the horse. At first glance, a rescue horse may look dirty, … READ MORE »

  15. A Home for Every Horse Introduces the Equine Comeback Challenge

    rescued horse

    How far can a rescue horse go? A Home for Every Horse (AHFEH) is going to find out with its 2014 Equine Comeback Challenge. AHFEH will team 10 … READ MORE »

  16. A Home for Every Horse Rescue Success Story: Hope and Jack

    woman with rescued donkeys

    For Patricia Beck of Astoria, Oregon, two donkeys are better than one–especially when the critters in question are brown-and-white Hope and a gray fellow named Jack … READ MORE »

  17. Horse Rescue Report: Pasture Injury


    Cate Lamm’s rescue horse has come a long way, so when he shows signs of being lame, it’s just a bump on their road together. Cate … READ MORE »

  18. Follow a Herd of Wild Horses Throughout Your Year with This Calendar

    wild horse calendar

    There’s nothing like a horse book and calendar that will make you feel good about life, and Carol Walker’s Wild Hoofbeats, along with her 2014 Cloud … READ MORE »

  19. Wild Horse Photographer Carol Walker: “December is the Cruelest Month…”

    wild horses

    Winter’s icy grip makes life challenging for all living creatures, and it’s especially harsh for wild horses. Yet even when the conditions are harsh, wild horse … READ MORE »

  20. Horse Rescue Report: Through the Water

    Banjo and I fly race through the water! Photo by Shara Rutberg

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him jump…although he might surprise you and be willing to do it after all. Read … READ MORE »

  21. Horse Rescue Report: On the Course…Again


    Competing with a horse is hard, especially for beginners. Here rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm gives us the latest update on she and her horse’s efforts … READ MORE »

  22. What Do You Mean My Horse Is Off Course?

    Banjo and I enjoying an exciting cross-country round.

    Competing with a horse is hard enough, so imagine how unnerving it could be to have a judge flag you down and say you’ve been disqualified! … READ MORE »

  23. Horse Advocates Await Decision on Emergency Appeal to Block Horse Slaughter

    US Humane Society

    A coalition of advocates has appealed a federal court ruling clearing the way for horse slaughter to resume on U.S. soil. Plaintiffs in the case are The … READ MORE »

  24. And He’s Off…With No Warm-Up!

    horse and rider

    Rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm and her Draft-cross Banjo have come a long way together. Now that they are trying eventing, Cate has been detailing the … READ MORE »

  25. Rescue Horse Report: Conquering a Fear of Water

    Banjo happy to be on the cross course!

    Rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm has taken her Clydesdlae/Thoroughbred cross a long way. But now that they’re trying a cross country course, crossing water presents a … READ MORE »

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