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Horse Care

Horses are complicated creatures, and we take the mystery out of horse care by offering everything from equine nutrition to deworming programs to must-have supplies for a first aid kit for horses. There’s also information on equine vaccines, horse grooming products and up-to-date advice from experts on how to identify and care for a myriad of horse diseases and illnesses, including colic, laminitis and heaves. Everything you need to know to take care of your horse from the top of his head to the tip of his tail is here.
  1. Dr. Juliet Getty: The Overweight Horse Who Won’t Stop Eating — Leptin Resistance is the Key!

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    Nobody likes to diet–especially your horse. Not only that, putting your horse on a diet can be dangerous for him. Equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty explains: … READ MORE »

  2. Taking Your Horse’s Shoes Off for the Winter? Consider Barefoot All Year Long

    barefoot trim

    Many horse owners like to pull their horse’s shoes in the winter, and some experts say their horse could enjoy the same benefits of increased circulation … READ MORE »

  3. Would Your Horse Choose the Horse Trainer, or You with a Treat?

    girl hand feeding a horse

    There’s a very well-respected horse trainer (who shall go unnamed) who told the following story that makes a big point about horse treats: “One lady whose … READ MORE »

  4. USRider: Horse Owner Travel Precautions for Equine Vesicular Stomatitis

    horses in trailer

    Each summer, horse owners travel with their horses to explore different parts of North America. The summer heat and bugs create a melting pot for equine … READ MORE »

  5. The Colt Has a Dinner Date (with the Water Buffalo)

    colt and water buffalo

    How do you coax a yearling colt to not be afraid of water buffalo? Let them have dinner together! I came up with the idea out … READ MORE »

  6. Recent Equine Rabies Cases Highlight Importance of Vaccinating


    Two recent equine rabies cases in Tennessee and one in New York serve as reminders that rabies is a real threat to the lives of horses, and that … READ MORE »

  7. It’s Easy to Trim Your Horses’ Hooves Yourself with the Electric Hoof Knife

    horse having hooves trimmed

    The idea of owning our own small farm was appealing in every way except one: Our beloved farrier and friend was declining to move with us. … READ MORE »

  8. Tips For Overseeding Horse Pastures

    horse grazing

    Early spring is the ideal time to overseed pastures, according to Laurie Cerny, editor and publisher of “After the hard winter we have had with heavy … READ MORE »

  9. Dr. Juliet Getty: What Is Vegetable Oil (and What Kind Are You Giving to Your Horse?)

    horse feed

    Do you read the labels on your horse’s feed closely? Do you know specifically what kind of fat he’s getting? It’s an important issue, and equine … READ MORE »

  10. Look (at the Horse’s Conformation) Before You Leap

    Principles of Conformation horse book

    Even though spring is nowhere in sight, some of the horse people I know are falling in love. With the notion of a new horse, that … READ MORE »

  11. Feeding Straw to the Insulin-Resistant Horse May be a Mistake

    horse eating hay

    Have you ever thought about letting your horse nibble straw as a low-sugar way to keep him busy? As  equine nutritionist Juliet Getty points out, you … READ MORE »

  12. Brrr!! Some Expert Horse Management Tips for Cold Temperatures

    horse blanketed in snow

    Horse owners across the country are sick of it. The snow and ice, that is, and while we all hope that the groundhog has recovered from … READ MORE »

  13. How to Cure Crookedness in Your Horse

    Straightening the Crooked Horse book

    Does your horse get crabby when you ask him to move forward? Does he ever act nervous for no apparent reason? Does he hold his head … READ MORE »

  14. How Some Simple Hardware Straightened This Filly Right Up

    filly in trailer

    What do you do when you realize your pride-and-joy of a horse is crooked? You fix it, that’s what. Sometimes this can be done by specific … READ MORE »

  15. Test Your Pasture For Peace of Mind

    bay horse grazing

    Do you think spring is the only time you have to worry about the sugar level of the grass in your horse’s pasture? Think again. As … READ MORE »

  16. What Is An n-3 PUFA? And Why Should You Care? (Hint: It Has to do with Horses)

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    We are big fans of equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty here at MyHorse Daily. In addition to truly knowing all there is to know about equine … READ MORE »

  17. Dr. Juliet Getty: Restricting Forage is Incredibly Stressful for Your Horse

    horse eating hay

    If your horse has too much padding over his ribs, cutting back on his hay is only going to create another host of problems, according to … READ MORE »

  18. Is That Your Horse or a Mud Monster? Tips For Winter Lot Mud Prevention

    horses in muddy paddock

    Hello, winter, hello mud. If you have trouble recognizing your horse this time of year, read on for some mud management tips: Getting your horse’s dry … READ MORE »

  19. Because Your Horse Loves a Good Stretch Just as Much as You Do (If Not More)

    horse stretch book

    If you want to prevent your horse from becoming lame and also keep soreness at bay, consider Stretch Exercises for Your Horse: The Path to Perfect … READ MORE »

  20. Put Healing Hands on Your Horse with the Help of This Manual

    equine acupuressure book

    If you’ve ever considered acupressure or acupuncture to make your horse healthier and happier, consider these benefits listed by the authors of the Equine Landmark Anatomy & … READ MORE »

  21. Quarter Horse Owner Attributes Full Recovery to Treatment Received at The Sanctuary

    Barbara Green and her mare, Unzip My Assets, aka Samantha. (Photo courtesy of Harold Campton)

    Barbara Green had something extra special to smile about when she had her photo taken atop her beloved Quarter Horse mare, Samantha, at the American Quarter … READ MORE »

  22. If Music Soothes the Savage Beast, Will It Help the Colt Stand for the Farrier?

    colt hooves being trimmed

    Next time we have the colt’s hooves trimmed, I’m going to turn on some country music. Don’t laugh–I’ve been reading about the benefits of music for … READ MORE »

  23. Have a Pudgy Horse? Or a Senior Horse? Check Out Dr. Getty’s Presentations at Equine Affair

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    The payday 2 wiki Massachusetts Equine Affaire, November 7-10 in West Springfield, draws thousands of equestrians eager for knowledge. On Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November … READ MORE »

  24. Potomac Horse Fever Alert

    Horses who drink from natural fresh water sources may be at high risk.

    Heads payday loans las vegas up on this horse health alert from Horse Journal magazine: Horse owners in the mid online payday loan Atlantic region should … READ MORE »

  25. Even in Chaos, Horses Help Ground Us

    horses in muddy paddock

    At first the rain was just annoying, because it made it impossible to ride. Then the hours turned into days, the rain became a downpour, rivers … READ MORE »

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