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Horse Tack

What kind of tack to use, how to fit it on your horse and how to take care of it are important issues for every rider. We guide you through the entire process—whether it’s deciding on a curb bit versus a snaffle bit, or how to size a saddle to your horse. And if it’s a custom saddle you’re thinking about, we offer tips on how to make sure it’s quality.
  1. Explore the Painful Truth: Your Horse Might Hate His Saddle

    saddle fit book

    Certified master saddler Jochen Schleese wants to spare you from feeling guilt because you’ve made your horse miserable. Schleese knows what he’s talking about. Not only … READ MORE »

  2. New Tool Takes the Guesswork Out of Horse Blanket Buying

    A horse wearing a blanket in snow

    Have you ever found yourself wading through dozens of turnout blanket options at your local tack shop, online or in a catalog wondering which blanket is … READ MORE »

  3. Synthetic Saddles Rock!

    From left, the Thorowgood T8, Thorowgood T4, Wintec Pro Dressage, Tekna S-Line Dressage.

    Have you ever considered a synthetic horse saddle, but wondered if the quality was anywhere close to leather? The editors at Horse Journal checked out some … READ MORE »

  4. New Wintec Pro Endurance Saddle Selected as Official Endurance Saddle of the Arabian Horse Association

    Wintec Pro Endurance

    It’s widely known in endurance circles that Arabs make some of the best endurance horses. So when the Arabian Horse Association officially chooses an endurance saddle, … READ MORE »

  5. Comfort, Control and Perfect Balance – Custom Saddlery Introduces the Wolfgang Omni

    Omni300dip copy

    If the poly-tree of the Wolfgang Constanze has had you sitting pretty, get ready for Custom Saddlery’s latest evolution, the Wolfgang Omni, with a wood spring … READ MORE »

  6. Reinsman Unveils New Bit Stages Program as Part of the Reinsman Revolution

    O Ring Snaffle Bit

    Reinsman Equestrian Products recently introduced the new Bit Stages system as part of the Reinsman Revolution. The five Bit Stages aim to help consumers narrow in … READ MORE »

  7. Horse Has Broad Shoulders? Consider Reinsman’s New Pressure Relief Saddle Pad

    The Reinsman Maximum Relief saddle pad. | Photo courtesy of Reinsman

      Reinsman Equestrian Products recently unveiled some innovative new pads at the 2013 WESA tradeshow in Denver as part of the Reinsman Revolution. Among the most … READ MORE »

  8. Draper Therapies® Redesigns Western Saddle Pad with Focus on Comfort

    western saddle pad

    Draper Therapies®, a leading company providing holistic therapy products for animals and humans, has a newly redesigned Western saddle pad.  As a result of suggestions from … READ MORE »

  9. Kensington’s Black Ice: Who Says Your Horse Can’t Be Stylin’ This Summer?


    Would you like to know how your horse looks all dressed up? Kensington Protective Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium quality horse clothing and accessories, has … READ MORE »

  10. Now There’s Horse Camo to Keep Sheets, Masks from Other Horses

    Kensington horse fly mask

    Are you sick of your horse’s fly mask and sheet getting chewed up by other horses every spring and summer? Kensington now offers a solution: Camo. … READ MORE »

  11. Blanketing Your Horse with the Certified Horsemanship Association


    Think that putting a blanket on your horse (or removing it) is easy? You might find that you’re doing this seemingly simple activity incorrectly, and could … READ MORE »

  12. We Didn’t Need Air Vests When Our Happy Mouth Bits Failed


    John Strassburger, now Horse Journal’s Performance Editor and former editor of The Chronicle of the Horse, talks about recent equipment failures at his training facility, Phoenix … READ MORE »

  13. Select a Halter for your Horse

    A beautiful leather halter is a considerable investment but a good value—both in terms of its longevity and the great feeling you get when your horse looks like a winner.

    A halter allows you to hold onto and direct your horse. The strongest halter is good training. After all, to control your horse, you need his … READ MORE »

  14. Fitting Horse Boots The Right Way

    Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 1.54.59 PM

    It’s important to keep your horse’s feet protected. Whether you’re using sports medicine boots, splint boots or bell boots, you need to make sure you’re keeping … READ MORE »

  15. Leather-Tack Care for Horse Saddles, Bridles and more

    Leather horse saddle care

    Your leather tack can last almost forever if you take care of it properly. As leather ages and is exposed to the elements, it loses the … READ MORE »

  16. Attention Horse Owners: Happy Mouth Bit Recall

    recalled horse bits

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently released a notice that Happy Mouth Wire Mouth Bits are being recalled by English Riding Supply. About 3400 … READ MORE »

  17. Read This Before You Stuff Your Horse’s Winter Blanket Away

    blanketing a horse

    Yes, you’ve said goodbye to your horse’s winter blankets, but did you do it properly? Winter’s frigid cold is a distant memory for most horse lovers … READ MORE »

  18. Cavallo Hoof Boots Top Pick of Three Riding Associations

    Hoof Boot

    Cavallo Hoof Boots are so popular they are now the official hoof boots of three riding associations: American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA), Australian Trail Horse … READ MORE »

  19. Consider Cork on Your Horse

    cork grains

    Cork has been around since ancient times, prized for its shock-absorbing resilience and natural mold, mildew and bacteria resistance. Now Merit Tack™ is using cork particles … READ MORE »

  20. Mikmar: Not Just Horse Bits-They Make a Comfort Girth, Too

    Mikmar Comfort Girth-dressage

    You may recognize the name “Mikmar” because you own one of their innovative horse bits. Now the company continues to offer top products with the introduction … READ MORE »

  21. Bit or Bitless Bridle? This Vet Says to Ask Your Horse

    horse wearing bitless bridle

    Every once in a while I’ll see someone on a trail, riding their horse with a bitless bridle, and I’m always curious. Why go bitless? Is … READ MORE »

  22. Bit Blanket Offers New Option for Riders on the Go

    Bit Blanket power inverter

    English and Western riders can agree on one thing: No horse likes a cold bit in his mouth. While Mother Nature is giving people more than … READ MORE »

  23. If You Like Custom Saddlery, You’ll Love This New Jumping Saddle

    Aviator saddle

    If you ride English, chances are you’ve heard about Custom Saddlery–or own one of their saddles. Now they’ve added a new addition to their saddle lineup. … READ MORE »

  24. Horse Blanket Rubs And Spur Spots

    horse with blanket rubs

    Horse Journal’s Associate Editor, Margaret Freeman, is an S-level dressage judge and a lifelong horsewoman. She’s dealt with lots of horse blankets and horse-blanket rubs over the … READ MORE »

  25. Bit Warmer: Because You Wouldn’t Want Cold Metal Put in Your Mouth, Either

    A bit blanket for a horse bit

    How many times in winter have you held a cold bit in your hands, wishing it would hurry and warm up? Last weekend, I even started … READ MORE »

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