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Horse Trainers

You’ll find the top horse trainers like Clinton Anderson, Bob Avila, and Julie Goodnight here, offering their expert advice for free. It’s like having your own personal horse trainer at your fingertips! Learn every aspect of riding and horsemanship from world-famous horsemen and horsewomen through our articles, photos, videos and free guides.
  1. Julie Goodnight on Gravity: The Draw of Horses After an Accident

    Julie Goodnight teaching

    Why do we love horses? Why are we drawn to them, even after injury or heartbreak? Famed clinician and trainer Julie Goodnight shares her thoughts on … READ MORE »

  2. Horse Trainer Missy Wryn on Having the Invisible Tether

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    When was the last time you went on a “virtual ride” with a horse trainer? Internationally recognized horse whisperer Missy Wryn provides comprehensive horse management, horsetraining, and effective communication workshops, clinics, … READ MORE »

  3. Jonathan Field’s Re-Start Series: When Your Horse Needs a Do-Over

    Jonathan Field horse DVD series

    It’s hard being a horse. Sensitive creatures that they are, I’m sure they’re affronted by us bumbling humans far too often, and yet they forgive us, … READ MORE »

  4. Perfect Your Leg Position and Learn Proper Form for a Canter, Gallop or Jump from Bernie Traurig

    riding position DVD

    The first thought I had when I picked up the DVD “Developing Perfect Position” was, “Well, the hunter/jumper folks will find it handy.” I was wrong. … READ MORE »

  5. If You Like Clinton Anderson and Enjoy a Good Book, You’ll Love This Sale

    Clinton Anderson book

    There are two things that rarely happen: My husband takes me dancing, and Clinton Anderson books go on sale. The first one is an issue I … READ MORE »

  6. Whoa! Teach Your Horse How to Think, Not Just React, with Help from Jonathan Field

    Jonathan Field horse DVD series

    Do you know a horse like Earl? Let me put it this way: Do you know anyone who was ever put into the hospital because of … READ MORE »

  7. Lessons on Horsemanship and Life from Buck Brannaman

    Buck Branaman, horse trainer

    Ever the journalist, I still reach for a notebook and pen when I want to learn something, and that’s how I have started watching the 7 Clinics with … READ MORE »

  8. Love Julie Goodnigh? Here’s Her 2014 Clinic Tour Dates

    Julie Goodnight

    If you’ve decided it’s time to go see Julie Goodnight in person, then you should keep this list of her 2014 clinic tour schedule—with opportunities to … READ MORE »

  9. Want to Learn How to Jump a Horse? There’s No Better Teacher Than George Morris

    George Morris DVD

    If you own a horse, chances are good that at some point you will ask that horse to jump something. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy … READ MORE »

  10. Take Your Pick of Parelli–It’s All on Sale!

    Parelli trail riding DVD

    He’s been a guru of natural horsemanship for years, and if you prefer the teachings of Pat Parelli, you’ll love this week’s Deal of the Week: … READ MORE »

  11. Parelli: How to Pick the Perfect Equine Partner

    parelli and horse

    You love your horse. But are the two of you a good fit? Natural horsemanship trainer and clinician Pat Parelli offers some questions for you to … READ MORE »

  12. Troubleshooting Behavior Issues DVD: When a Previously Perfect Horse Acts Up

    Julie Goodnight DVD

    Why do we take it so personally when our horse doesn’t act the way we want him to? On the way home from the Julie Goodnight … READ MORE »

  13. The Husband Report: Julie Goodnight Ranch Riding Clinic was “Glorious”

    horse with cows

    In a perfect world, my husband and I could ride our horses all day with expert trainers on hand to coach us through a variety of … READ MORE »

  14. Guess What, Honey? That Surprise Vacation is Actually a Horse Clinic

    man and horse

    I was still in the afterglow of having attended a fabulous four-day women-only Julie Goodnight clinic in May when I heard she would be having another … READ MORE »

  15. Buck Brannaman in Your Living Room: Your Horse Will Thank You For It

    7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman DVD series

    When the weather is cruddy and I can’t ride, Buck Brannaman trains my horse, and it’s the most amazing thing ever. O.K., so it’s actually not … READ MORE »

  16. Hit the Trail DVD Series: Hours of Fun with Pat and Linda Parelli

    Parelli trail riding DVD

    If you’re a Pat Parelli fan, or you live to trail ride (or both), then you will love “Hit The Trail” which is a 4-DVD set … READ MORE »

  17. Third Competitor of Road to the Horse International 2014 to Represent Canada

    Jonathan Field

    The third competitor to enter the legendary World Championship of Colt Starting competition has been named. Canadian horseman Jonathan Field will walk into the American Quarter … READ MORE »

  18. Parelli Safe Ride DVD: The Secret of Control and Confidence

    Pat Parelli and horse

    You’re riding along on your horse when out of nowhere, a bad mood seems to hit him like a bolt of lightning. He starts to either … READ MORE »

  19. From Panicked Pony to Proven Partner, Through Parelli

    mare and owner

    Her heart hurting because her beloved 17-hand Holsteiner had to be put down due to crippling lameness issues, Mary Ellenberger told horseman and farrier Keith Jacobson … READ MORE »

  20. Like Lime? Pink? Julie Goodnight Unveils New Colors in her “Rope Couture” Collection

    Julie Goodnight Ropes

    Horse trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight worked with rope-tying experts to create her American-made Rope Couture™ halters and training leads. Goodnight chose precise rope dimensions and … READ MORE »

  21. Be at Liberty: Learn How to Play with Your Horse on the Ground

    Jonathan Field Liberty DVD series

    I watch a LOT of horse-training DVDs. And there are many that are slickly produced and gorgeous to watch, and  most  are incredibly useful in the … READ MORE »

  22. Why It’s Easy to Believe in Buck Brannaman

    Buck Brannaman book

    A coworker came into my office recently as I sat engrossed in the book Believe by Buck Brannaman, and although the coworker is not a horseman … READ MORE »

  23. Like Clinton Anderson? Watch Horse Training Videos from Him and Other Experts for Free at

    Clinton Anderson

    Does your horse have a bucking problem? Do you know how to do a proper safety check of your horse? Do you know how to properly … READ MORE »

  24. An “Aha” Moment at a Clinton Anderson Clinic

    Clinton Anderson and rider

    Do you remember important horse “aha” moments? Horse&Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer tells us about one of hers: It was definitely an “aha!” moment. The time … READ MORE »

  25. Clinton Anderson: Give Your Horse a Short Course on Ground Manners

    Clinton Anderson's Ground Manners Short Course

    Do you find yourself not saddling up as much as you’d like to because frankly, your horse has been acting like a stinker since early spring? … READ MORE »

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