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Missy Wryn

  1. Horse Trainer Missy Wryn on Having the Invisible Tether

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    When was the last time you went on a “virtual ride” with a horse trainer? Internationally recognized horse whisperer Missy Wryn provides comprehensive horse management, horsetraining, and effective communication workshops, clinics, … READ MORE »

  2. He Bites! Is the Horse Aggressive or Just Misunderstood?

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    How do you handle a young horse who bites? As horse trainer Missy Wryn explains in this case of a gelding who lunged at his owner, … READ MORE »

  3. An Uncommon Answer to a Common Question: How to Get Over Fear After an Accident With a Horse?

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    Fear is not often talked about in horse training circles, but horse trainer/instructor Missy Wryn addresses it here in an unusual way–for starters, by asking a … READ MORE »

  4. Trainer: Horses at Their Best with People in Need

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    Horse trainer Missy Wryn says she believes her horses are happiest, and at their best, when working with people in need. Here’s Missy, founder of  Training … READ MORE »

  5. Fly Control For Your Horse

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

      Nationally recognized horse trainer Missy Wryn developed Training the Whole Horse® on the foundation of Do No Harm. As a horse and barn owner, Missy … READ MORE »

  6. Simple Steps to Transition from a Bit to Bitless

    Missy Wryn works without a bit.

    Have you thought about abandoning the bit? Horse trainer and bitless specialist Missy Wryn is the perfect person to guide you through the transition: For many … READ MORE »

  7. Using Horses to Ease the Pain of Fibromyalgia

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    Horse trainer Missy Wryn suffered for years with pain and fatigue for years, and visits to specialists couldn’t provide any relief. Finally, she was diagnosed with … READ MORE »

  8. Horse Trainer Offers Equine Experience for Special Needs Children and Adults

    horse paco and student

    Specializing in Iron Free (bitless-spurless) riding for both English and Western riders, Missy Wryn also devotes a good deal of her practice to helping those with special … READ MORE »

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