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  1. Horse Aha Moments, Poetry and Flowing Manes

    Meditation for Two

    It’s very difficult to put into words the connection between a human and a horse. It’s mysterious, richly nourishing and at once both profound and very … READ MORE »

  2. Changing Horse Interests


    As we grow in our horsemanship, often our focus of our goals for our horse life changes. That certainly happened with rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm, … READ MORE »

  3. Dr. Juliet Getty: What Is Vegetable Oil (and What Kind Are You Giving to Your Horse?)

    horse feed

    Do you read the labels on your horse’s feed closely? Do you know specifically what kind of fat he’s getting? It’s an important issue, and equine … READ MORE »

  4. Jonathan Field’s Re-Start Series: When Your Horse Needs a Do-Over

    Jonathan Field horse DVD series

    It’s hard being a horse. Sensitive creatures that they are, I’m sure they’re affronted by us bumbling humans far too often, and yet they forgive us, … READ MORE »

  5. Hello, Saddle! The Mare Learns She’s More Than Just a Momma

    mare and rider

    If you had told me two years ago I’d be attempting to start a horse under saddle, I’d have looked at you like you had two … READ MORE »

  6. Equine Science: Because You Don’t Know Everything About Your Horse

    equine science book

    O.K., horse person, it’s time to test your know-how. Ready? What’s the total range of vision of a horse? What’s the difference between a dun and … READ MORE »

  7. Horse Rescue Report: Finding Time to Ride

    Banjo patiently waits his turn.

    Horse owners are the busiest people I know. And when rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm took on a second “project” horse, things got crazy. Here’s Cate … READ MORE »

  8. Look (at the Horse’s Conformation) Before You Leap

    Principles of Conformation horse book

    Even though spring is nowhere in sight, some of the horse people I know are falling in love. With the notion of a new horse, that … READ MORE »

  9. Feeding Straw to the Insulin-Resistant Horse May be a Mistake

    horse eating hay

    Have you ever thought about letting your horse nibble straw as a low-sugar way to keep him busy? As  equine nutritionist Juliet Getty points out, you … READ MORE »

  10. Brrr!! Some Expert Horse Management Tips for Cold Temperatures

    horse blanketed in snow

    Horse owners across the country are sick of it. The snow and ice, that is, and while we all hope that the groundhog has recovered from … READ MORE »

  11. Rescue Report: The Rescue-Horse Transformation


    I work with rescue horses, because I enjoy the transformational journey that takes place in the horse. At first glance, a rescue horse may look dirty, … READ MORE »

  12. Medicine In Your Barn: Veterinarians vs. the DEA

    Could an injection involve a trip in the trailer?

    There’s a looming problem for veterinary medicine.  If the DEA decides to enforce the Controlled Substances Act, our horses will suffer the consequences. It will prohibit … READ MORE »

  13. Does Your Relationship with Your Horse Affect Your Soul?

    horse book

    Want to become a better rider or have a stronger relationship with your horse? Then work on yourself to become a better person. This is the … READ MORE »

  14. A Home for Every Horse Introduces the Equine Comeback Challenge

    rescued horse

    How far can a rescue horse go? A Home for Every Horse (AHFEH) is going to find out with its 2014 Equine Comeback Challenge. AHFEH will team 10 … READ MORE »

  15. Learned Helplessness—The Dark Side of 21st Century Horse Training

    Show your support by simply wearing your helmet when you ride!

    Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my goal in training my horse?” Chances are, you have, if you find yourself frustrated with figuring out the … READ MORE »

  16. Sure, We Know Our Horse “Thing” is Healthy but This Book Helps Others Understand it, Too

    Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses

    It’s O.K. to admit it here, because I am the same way and you know I will not judge you: If you love horses, then you … READ MORE »

  17. Reflections of a Horse-Crazy Girl Turning 50

    horse and young rider

    I turned 50 in January, and when I look back on the first five decades of my life, there is a distinctive  joy that is present … READ MORE »

  18. Helping Someone with Her Horsemanship? Make Sure You Do It Right

    teaching safe horsemanship book

    You’ve been riding long enough that some of your novice horse friends look to you for advice and tips. Maybe you’ve been asked to help at … READ MORE »

  19. Senior Horses: Take Extra Care When It’s Extra Cold


    Horse Journal’s Contributing Veterinary Editor Dr. Deb Eldredge has a wonderful way of turning the negative into the positive, with just a touch of a giggle! … READ MORE »

  20. Explore the Painful Truth: Your Horse Might Hate His Saddle

    saddle fit book

    Certified master saddler Jochen Schleese wants to spare you from feeling guilt because you’ve made your horse miserable. Schleese knows what he’s talking about. Not only … READ MORE »

  21. Humane Society: Congress Needs to Amend Horse Protection Act to Stop the Senseless Act of Soring

    horse with soring

    Do you love horses? Have you heard about the practice of soring? According to the Humane Society of the United States, “Soring involves the intentional infliction … READ MORE »

  22. Perfect Your Leg Position and Learn Proper Form for a Canter, Gallop or Jump from Bernie Traurig

    riding position DVD

    The first thought I had when I picked up the DVD “Developing Perfect Position” was, “Well, the hunter/jumper folks will find it handy.” I was wrong. … READ MORE »

  23. New Tool Takes the Guesswork Out of Horse Blanket Buying

    A horse wearing a blanket in snow

    Have you ever found yourself wading through dozens of turnout blanket options at your local tack shop, online or in a catalog wondering which blanket is … READ MORE »

  24. Hurry! Nominate Your Favorite Veterinarian, Trainer, Farrier or Stable Manager for the 2014 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award


    Want to recognize that vet, trainer, farrier or stable manager that goes the extra mile for you and your horse? Let them know just how much you … READ MORE »

  25. How to Cure Crookedness in Your Horse

    Straightening the Crooked Horse book

    Does your horse get crabby when you ask him to move forward? Does he ever act nervous for no apparent reason? Does he hold his head … READ MORE »

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