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Subscribe to Dressage TodayIf you are a thoughtful, caring rider (from any discipline) who wants a better relationship with your horse, then Dressage Today is the magazine for you. Basic dressage training is good for every rider and every horse. We give readers (riders) tools they can use to develop better communication with their horses, and this creates more harmonious partnerships.

It’s not easy, but if you are curious and enjoy teaching your horse and learning yourself, then you are in the right place.

Becoming one with your horse takes lots of body control while, at the same time, being relaxed. It takes being able to figure out puzzles, plan strategies and then implement them (by spruel here). It’s a lot of work! But you know what? Dressage riders say the journey is worth it. Come join us each month as we hear from top competition riders as well as amateurs trying to figure it all out.

Dressage Today—training the horse for sport and art.

Patty Lasko, Editor
Dressage Today

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