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is frequently called “the Consumer Reports for horse people,” and I certainly couldn’t think of a higher compliment. Indeed, our sole purpose is to sort through the myriad horse products available on the market, so that you can decide which ones will work best for you in your own barn. And we accept no advertising, so manufacturers don’t influence our choices.

We want to make your horse life easier and save you money. We sift through literally hundreds of horse products every year, giving you honest, unbiased feedback on everything from hoof picks to horse trailers. We’ve been told that the cost of the subscription is paid for with one product choice.

We also know you’re extremely busy—juggling horses, family and work, just as we are—so we write articles that get right to the point, telling you what you should do, what you need to know, and how to get things accomplished. We’re not “pretty.” We don’t have photos of gorgeous horses in lavish barns (by aarika here), but we do pack as much strong, useable information as we can on our 16 pages.

Cynthia Foley, Editor-in-Chief
Horse Journal

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