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Spin to Win Rodeo Magazine

subscribe-spin-to-win-rodeoThanks for checking out Spin To Win Rodeo Magazine. I’m Bob Welch, Deputy Editor, and have been with the magazine for nearly nine years now. Spin To Win Rodeo borrowed its name from a team roping term and we exist to inform the team roper and rodeo fan.

Of all the rodeo sports, team roping is the most widely participated in. I’ve often compared the technical aspect of the sport to golf—requiring specific skills and equipment—but the social atmosphere of a bowling league.

We serve as an information piece on both levels. Not only do we give our readers tips from the professionals on horsemanship, technique and mental toughness, we’re also reporting on all the behind-the-scenes circumstances that lead to rodeo-winning runs.

As the industry’s only independent voice, we also bring our readers up-to-date with trends, commentary and news from a wide variety of associations.

Bob Welch
Spin To Win Rodeo

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