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  1. The Colt Has a Dinner Date (with the Water Buffalo)

    colt and water buffalo

    How do you coax a yearling colt to not be afraid of water buffalo? Let them have dinner together! I came up with the idea out … READ MORE »

  2. Rescue Report: The Rescue-Horse Transformation


    I work with rescue horses, because I enjoy the transformational journey that takes place in the horse. At first glance, a rescue horse may look dirty, … READ MORE »

  3. Medicine In Your Barn: Veterinarians vs. the DEA

    Could an injection involve a trip in the trailer?

    There’s a looming problem for veterinary medicine.  If the DEA decides to enforce the Controlled Substances Act, our horses will suffer the consequences. It will prohibit … READ MORE »

  4. Senior Horses: Take Extra Care When It’s Extra Cold


    Horse Journal’s Contributing Veterinary Editor Dr. Deb Eldredge has a wonderful way of turning the negative into the positive, with just a touch of a giggle! … READ MORE »

  5. On Using Stud Chains to Lead a Horse

    Margaret Freeman, Horse Journal Associate Editor

    We all have our favorite tools — a treasured brush or hoof pick or manure fork or wheelbarrow that just seems to fit our hands better … READ MORE »

  6. What’s Playing On Your Barn Radio?

    Does your horse have a favorite freestyle genre?

    Does your horse like listening to music? Do horses in general like music? Dr. Deb Eldredge, one of Horse Journal’s Contributing Veterinary Editors, has a great … READ MORE »

  7. Inside Your Ride: Because Mental Skills Improve Riding Skills

    Inside Your Ride

    Do you board at a barn where someone gets on your nerves? Have you ever had a bad fall from a horse and felt nervous about … READ MORE »

  8. Wanted: House with a Barn

    Juli Thorson, Horse&Rider editor.

    As technology advances and rural parts of the country adopt faster methods of communication, more and more people are opting to live outside of the big … READ MORE »

  9. Horse Rescue Report: Changing Barns


    If you’ve ever changed barns with your horse, you know how stressful it can be. Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm shares how she and her rescue … READ MORE »

  10. Horse Rescue Report: Finding a New Barn

    Banjo meeting new friends! | Photo by Allison Meyer

    It’s hard to find the perfect place to board your horse! Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm tells us about her search: I’d been keeping my rescue … READ MORE »

  11. Get Your Barn Ready for This Year’s Hay Storage

    horse eating hay

    First cutting is right around the corner in most parts of the country, and for most of us this means our barns will need to … READ MORE »

  12. Start Now With Fly Prevention: 5 Ways To Keep Flies Under Control

    woman with horse

    Spring may be late in many parts of the country this year, but horse owners don’t want to be late with preventative fly control practices, according … READ MORE »

  13. Barn Cats – A Positive Addition To Your Barn


    When it comes to barn management, sometimes it take a village…and that includes cats. Here’s Dr. Deb Eldredge, Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary Editor, to tell us … READ MORE »

  14. Your Horse Doesn’t Come with Instructions, But You Can Get a Chart

    horse hindlimb chart

    Lacking a volunteer to regularly highlight my horse’s anatomy using watercolors, I have discovered the wonderful world of laminated wall charts. It all started with my … READ MORE »

  15. Make Your Barn Green

    Consider solar power for your electric fence.

    As owners of horses, we sure go through a lot of resources. So how can we be responsible, too? Dr. Deb Eldredge, Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary … READ MORE »

  16. TLC For Your Horses (and Other Animals) This Winter

    buckskin horse in snow

    If your kids or spouse think you worry more about your horses’ comfort than theirs, you might want to have them read this blog by Dr. … READ MORE »

  17. We Asked, You Answered: How Readers Stretch Their Bucks Around the Barn


    Do you patch your horse’s blanket like a modern-day Betsy Ross? Have you made a baling twine macramé? Do you live for used tack sales? We … READ MORE »

  18. Muddy January Thaw and Horses

    horse in snow

    Ever wonder if all horse people go through what you go through to keep your horses healthy, safe and sound? Do you sometimes think it’s just … READ MORE »

  19. Trying to Get Into Shape, One Rider Wonders: What Happened to Fun with My Horse?

    riding horse back through tarp

    It was only 50 feet to my tack in the horse trailer, yet a cold, cutting wind was convincing me to stay in the barn. I … READ MORE »

  20. Old Ways, New Ways In The Horse Barn

    When was it we decided shavings were better than straw for bedding?

    Everything in the horse world changes very fast. Are you up to speed, or are you stubbornly clinging to “But this is how we’ve always done … READ MORE »

  21. Ventilate Your Horse Barn


    Do you keep your horse in a warm barn in the winter? If so, it’s important to bring in fresh, healthy air. Poor barn ventilation can … READ MORE »

  22. Spruce Up Your Horse Barn


    Fall is a great time to evaluate your barn’s condition. Following is a 10-step guide to getting your barn in tip-top shape. Tackle one task at … READ MORE »

  23. Field Shelters – Providing Horses with Shelter from the Summer Sun


    One of the main functions of field shelters is to provide protection from the prevailing winds and rain. However, down here in Texas, especially in areas … READ MORE »

  24. Fireproof Your Horse Barn, Ranch, and Farm with 12 Lifesaving Fire-Safety Tips


    The heat wave striking horse owners everywhere across the United States reminds us all to take serious fire-safety precautions at your farm or ranch. Our offices, … READ MORE »

  25. Good Resolutions For Horse and Barn

    Hunter jumper horse and rider

    Sue Copeland, a Consulting Editor for Horse&Rider, knows what it’s like to try to start the year out with great New Year’s resolutions for horses and barn, only … READ MORE »

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