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  1. Do You Have a Scary Horse-Buying Story?

    Be A Smart Horse Buyer book

    I’ve been trying to help a friend find a kid-friendly horse for her daughters, and after looking at more than a half-dozen horses that started out … READ MORE »

  2. Hurry! Get Great Horse Books at Slashed Prices, But Only Until Noon Today

    horse book

    Today is the final day of HorseBooksEtc.’s Hurt Book Sale, and the prices on more than two dozen books, DVDs, charts and calendars have been cut … READ MORE »

  3. Love a Bargain? Don’t Miss the Hurt Book Sale at HorseBooksEtc!

    Healthy Hooves book

    If you haven’t heard about HorseBooksEtc.’s Hurt Book Sale you are missing out on your chance to buy from a terrific selection of overstocked or slightly … READ MORE »

  4. Moment of Truth: The Horse-Buying Test Ride

    mare and rider

    Looking for a new horse partner is a fun, frustrating, exciting and discouraging process–all at once. Of the many candidates I’d considered, this mare appealed to … READ MORE »

  5. There’s Some Fancy Horse Bits in Town (from Bob Avila)

    Bob Avila

    If you’re in need of a new horse bit, I suggest you check out Bob Avila‘s selection on his website. Bob Avila has ridden home with American … READ MORE »

  6. How About Some Sunshine, Quarter Horses and Free Clinics with the Likes of Bob Avila?

    Bob Avila

    Need a fix of warmer weather, Quarter Horses and top trainers like Bob Avila? Head over to Arizona for the Arizona Sun Circuit. The Arizona Sun … READ MORE »

  7. Buying a Horse? Check Out This Bob Avila Book First

    Be A Smart Horse Buyer book

    Whenever I hear a friend of mine say she or someone she knows is thinking of buying a horse, the first thing I always say is, … READ MORE »

  8. Bob Avila: Let’s Talk Topline

    Western Pleasure horse

    Are you thinking of buying a horse? Do you know everything about horse conformation and horse toplines and what to look for? If not, you’ll want … READ MORE »

  9. Buying a Horse? How to Find the Right Horse Vet for that Prepurchase Exam

    Dr. Kurt Heite with horse

    This piece that ran in Horse&Rider magazine is from Bob Avila‘s book, Be a Smart Horse Buyer. For the book, Bob asked Dr. Kurt Heite to address prepurchase exams … READ MORE »

  10. Be a Smart Book Buyer: Reviews of Bob Avila’s Book

    Be A Smart Horse Buyer book

      I’ve read world champion horseman Bob Avila‘s Be A Smart Horse Buyer and loved it, but I thought you might want to hear from others who … READ MORE »

  11. Bob Avila on Horse Conformation: Looking for Balance in a Horse

    horse conformation

    Ah, the difference experience makes when looking at horse conformation. In this piece from Horse&Rider, world champion Bob Avila reveals information you can use the next … READ MORE »

  12. Buying a Horse for Your Kid? Bob Avila has Some Advice

    Horse and rider

    World champion horse trainer and competitor Bob Avila busts five buying myths in his book Be A Smart Horse Buyer, and one of them deals with … READ MORE »

  13. If You’re Thinking of Buying a Horse for Resale Profit, Read This Advice from Bob Avila

    flashy horse

    Unless you’re a whiz in the racing industry, world champion horseman Bob Avila recommends steering clear of anyone who tells you that buying a horse will … READ MORE »

  14. Reining? Western Pleasure? Trail Riding? Are You Buying a Horse That’s Perfect for His Job?

    Bob Avila

    In this excerpt from his book, Be A Smart Horse Buyer, world champion horseman Bob Avila explores the line that people sometimes hear when they’re buying … READ MORE »

  15. Does Your Horse Lope Like an Elephant? Bob Avila Knows What to Do

    Bob Avila loping a horse

    This is great advice that world champion horseman Bob Avila gave a Horse&Rider reader about how to get his horse to not hit the ground so … READ MORE »

  16. Do You Know How Rope Horses are Judged?

    Bob Avila

    What Judges Look for in a Rope Horse By Bob Avila Roping events call for absolute teamwork between horse and rider. The horse’s job is to … READ MORE »

  17. Rider’s Horse Takes Over During a Horse Show: What to Do?

    A Paint horse

    What can a rider do when his horse takes over, especially during a horse show? One of the readers of Horse&Rider asked that question of world … READ MORE »

  18. How Can You Slow Down Your Horse’s Lope? Make Him Speed Up!

    horse loping

    Does your horse have only one gear–fast–when it comes to the lope? This Horse&Rider reader asked world champion Bob Avila how to slow down his Western … READ MORE »

  19. When Moo Become Boo! Advice from Bob Avila for a Horse Afraid of Cows

    A cutting horse working a cow

    Who better to ask for horse training advice than one of the more famous horse trainers of our time, Bob Avila? Here, Bob Avila tackles the … READ MORE »

  20. Bob Avila on How to Find a Horse Trainer

    Bob Avila on a horse

    Have you been looking for that special someone, just the right person … to train your horse? If so, here are some tips from one of … READ MORE »

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