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  1. The Perfect Gift for the Cowboy Fan in Your Life: It’s More Than a Book About John Wayne; It’s an Archive

    john wayne book

    Calling all John Wayne fans! If you love The Duke, or know someone who does, get or give a copy of John Wayne: The Genuine Article. … READ MORE »

  2. Gold Buckles Don’t Lie: An Unflinching Look at a Rodeo Champion’s Unusual Story

    rodeo book

    Fred Whitfield had all the qualities of a typical southern rodeo cowboy except for one: He was black. In Gold Buckles Don’t Lie: The Untold Story … READ MORE »

  3. American Cowboy, Country Music and Riding into the Sunset

    American Cowboy magazine

    Need a good Western song to ride your horse into the sunset with? Have you considered listening to Hank Williams–the third? If you haven’t given much … READ MORE »

  4. If Music Soothes the Savage Beast, Will It Help the Colt Stand for the Farrier?

    colt hooves being trimmed

    Next time we have the colt’s hooves trimmed, I’m going to turn on some country music. Don’t laugh–I’ve been reading about the benefits of music for … READ MORE »

  5. Celebrate the National Day of the American Cowboy: Kiss a Cowboy!

    kissing cowboy

    The National Day of the American Cowboy is less than two weeks away, so get your pucker ready. Starting on Monday, July 22, American Cowboy magazine … READ MORE »

  6. No Tumor is Gonna Slow This Lil’ Hand Down—He’s Growing Up Cowboy

    lil cowboys

    It doesn’t matter if you ride dressage or have never thrown a rope in your life–if you love horses, you’ve got an inner cowboy. Ever help … READ MORE »

  7. Back Country Horsemen of America Volunteer in their Local Communities

    Back Country Horsemen

    Back Country Horsemen of America is known for protecting our right to ride horses on public lands and for donating millions of dollars of volunteer value … READ MORE »

  8. American Cowboy: Sam Elliott and Val Kilmer Talk About Why They Love “Tombstone”

    American Cowboy Legends

    It’s one of the best scenes of any Western, hands down: Val Kilmer, playing Doc Holliday in “Tombstone,” is in a crowded saloon and has to … READ MORE »

  9. Hurry, Only 3 Days Left to Tell American Cowboy About the Little Wrangler in Your Life

    young cowboys

    Is your family carrying on the legacy of the cowboy lifestyle? If so, American Cowboy wants to hear your Growing Up Cowboy story and how iconic … READ MORE »

  10. Videos: Like Cowboy Dressage? Here’s Some New Tests

    Eitan Beth-Halachmy

    Eitan Beth-Halachmy of Cowboy Dressage has announced his new Cowboy Dressage Challenge Tests. These tests were developed by Eitan as gymnastic exercises that are helpful to … READ MORE »

  11. Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Duvall and Other Legends Dazzle in this Collector’s Edition of American Cowboy

    American Cowboy magazine

    Reason number one: If you don’t have it, you should get American Cowboy’s Collector’s Edition, “Legends, The Great Trails of the West” because guess who is … READ MORE »

  12. What Exactly is Western Dressage?

    Charles Wilhelm and horse friend

    Noted natural horsemanship trainer and clinician Charles Wilhelm answers a reader’s question about Western Dressage: Question: I have heard western or cowboy dressage mentioned in the media quite … READ MORE »

  13. Cowboy Church at Road to the Horse

    Don King, of Cullman Alabama, listens to Carter Edmondson preach during Cowboy Church on Sunday. | Photo by Stephanie Davis

    On Sunday before the start of the third and final day of the colt-starting competition that is Road to the Horse, hundreds of people gathered early … READ MORE »

  14. Cowboy Dressage Announces Western States Cowboy Dressage Weekend

    Eitan Beth-Halachmy

    Famed horseman and founder of Cowboy Dressage, Eitan Beth-Halachmy will be joined by fellow Cowboy Dressage World partners, Lyn Ringrose Moe, Susan Tomasini and Garn Walker … READ MORE »

  15. You’ll Want to Hunt Down This Desperado Cowboy

    Lessons From a Desperado Poet

    The subtitle for the book Lessons From a Desperado Poet says it all: “How to find your way when you don’t have a map. How to … READ MORE »

  16. Baxter Black: Wisdom From a Cowboy Poet

    Baxter Black with horse Blue

    According to cowboy poet Baxter Black, he still doesn’t own a television or a cell phone, and his idea of a modern convenience is Velcro chaps. … READ MORE »

  17. Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race


    Are you and your horse especially skilled? Do you like to compete, but not necessarily in the show ring? Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race may be … READ MORE »

  18. When Your Horse is Literally Your Lifeline

    horse and owner

    My new colt is too much horse for me right now, and I am so very glad. Let me explain: My decision to buy this colt … READ MORE »

  19. Cowboy Horse Trainer Advice: How to Build a Lasso Loop

    Horse trainer and cowboy Larry Fleming

    Do you dream of being able to rope a cow? Well, you need to know how to handle a lasso first, and toward that end, you … READ MORE »

  20. Easy Father’s Day Gift Idea Under $20: Give Your Cowboy a Limited Edition Hatch Show Print

    Hatch cowboy print

    So here it is the week before Father’s Day, and you’re stumped for a Father’s Day gift idea. No problem! Print out the photo of the … READ MORE »

  21. Haven’t You Always Wanted to Ride a Cattle Drive?

    horse ranch

    It doesn’t matter whether you ride English or western, cattle drives are about as real as it gets on a ranch vacation. To make the transition … READ MORE »

  22. Watch 20 Pros Perform Natural Horsemansip at The Horsemen’s Re-union

    Pat Parelli

    If you wanted to see good cowboys ride bucking stock or rope, you would go to a rodeo. If you wanted to see good horse trainers, … READ MORE »

  23. Craig Cameron Video: What it Means to be an American Cowboy

    Craig Cameron of Craig Cameron American Horsemanship

    How does natural horsemanship clinician Craig Cameron feel about representing the U.S. at this year’s Road to the Horse? That was a question that Craig Cameron of of … READ MORE »

  24. What’s the Difference Between Your Horse Yielding and Turning Loose?

    Cowboy horse trainer Larry Fleming

    Your horse might yield to you, says horse trainer Larry Fleming, but that doesn’t mean he’s turned loose. And when a horse turns loose, Larry says, … READ MORE »

  25. A Wild Filly, a Hopeless Gelding and How Natural Horsemanship Saved Them Both

    Cowboy Larry with filly

    If it weren’t for natural horsemanship and a cowboy with an amazing feel for horses, I might have given up on my mare. By the time … READ MORE »

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