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  1. Horsemen’s Lab FAQs: Which Dewormer Should I Use?

    Horsemen's Laboratory fecal egg count kit

    Horsemen’s Laboratory receives questions from clients about deworming medications in two different situations. Though the situations are different, arriving at a decision about the correct medication … READ MORE »

  2. Deworming Strategies: Parasite Control with Dr. Peregrine

    horse being dewormed

    Rotate or rest? That is a very good question when it comes to the use of deworming products. After speaking with parasitic disease expert and Ontario … READ MORE »

  3. Equine Education, Management Tips and Resources for Free, All on Your iOS Mobile Device

    Zoetis EQ stable app

    Horse owners can track and share rides with friends, get the latest equine news and log vaccinations, deworming and dental exams with the EQStable™ app, by … READ MORE »

  4. Horsemen’s Laboratory: A Billion Reasons to Manage Your Pastures

    horse grazing

    One high-shedder horse can drop 6+ billion eggs that have the potential to become infective larvae in a pasture over a year’s time. One low-shedder horse … READ MORE »

  5. Deworming Question Answered by Horsemen’s Lab: What Does “Egg Per Gram” Mean?

    horses in pasture

    If you own a horse and pay attention to deworming, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Eggs per gram.” What exactly does that mean? Dr. John Byrd … READ MORE »

  6. What Exactly Are Encysted Strongyle Larvae and How Did They Get in My Horse?

    Horsemen's Laboratory fecal egg count kit

    The folks at Horsemen’s Laboratory receive several deworming questions a week about encysted strongyles. The most asked question is, “How do I know if my horse … READ MORE »

  7. Is your Deworming Product Controlling for Tapeworms?

    deworming horse

    With the link between tapeworms and spasmodic, impaction and intussusception-related colic, it’s critical horse owners use products in their deworming programs that control for tapeworms. Does … READ MORE »

  8. Horsemen’s Lab Kit Special Through Jan. 15: Buy Six, Get One Free

    Horsemen's Laboratory fecal egg count kit

    From now until January 15, if you buy six Horsemen’s Laboratory fecal egg count kits, they will give you one for free. It’s a good chance … READ MORE »

  9. A Simple Trick to Better Deworming Habits from EQUUS Magazine

    deworming horse

    Deworming always seems like such a chore, but our friends at EQUUS magazine have a simple tip to make deworming a much friendlier process for you … READ MORE »

  10. Deworming Strategy Question: Can You Mail Fecal Egg Counts in Hot Weather?

    Horsemen's Laboratory fecal egg count kit

    A major component of your deworming strategy is to do fecal egg counts of your horse’s poop, but with temperatures near scorching you may wonder if … READ MORE »

  11. Merial Education Includes Deworming, Diseases, and Unapproved Drugs

    deworming a horse

    When it comes to their equine companions, most horse owners are committed to providing them with the best of care. It’s not uncommon to hear them … READ MORE »

  12. They’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: Deworming Practices Have Changed

    deworming a horse

    Forty years ago, Don McLean was singing “Bye, Bye Miss American Pie” on the radio, gas was 55 cents a gallon, just 52 percent of American … READ MORE »

  13. Deworming Question: Can Horses Get Worms from Eating Hay?

    horse eating hay

    Here’s a random yet frequently asked deworming question that Horsemen’s Laboratory sent in: Question: Can horses pick up worms from eating hay? Recently a client asked … READ MORE »

  14. Why Too Much Deworming Can be a Bad Thing

    deworming a horse

    Hoyt Cheramie, DVM, MS, is a member of the Merial Veterinary Professional Services team. He has expertise in performance horse medicine, is a board-certified surgeon and … READ MORE »

  15. Pfizer: Consider Daily Deworming for Your Horse

    Strongid daily dewormer

    Every single horse plays an unwilling host to parasites. Therefore, as horse owners it’s your responsibility to help protect against parasite risks. Traditionally, horses were treated … READ MORE »

  16. Where to Check the Horse Poop to Find Horse Worms for Deworming?

    horse manure

    For those of you who rely on a fecal egg count as part of your horse deworming strategy, you may have wondered about the best way … READ MORE »

  17. Veterinarians and Horse Owners Team Up to Implement New Deworming Strategy

    horse being dewormed

    When Kevin Nelson, DVM, Union Grove, Wis., hosted a barbecue and horse fecal egg testing party, it was the most well-attended educational and social event Bristol … READ MORE »

  18. Horsemen’s Lab: When Deworming Your Horse, Follow-Up is Critical

    horse being dewormed

    You’ve had a fecal egg count done on your horse and the results were positive. As a responsible horse owner, you’ve dutifully given your horse dewormer, … READ MORE »

  19. Deworming Your Horse with Clinton Anderson

    Clinton Anderson

    Deworming should be a worry-free, routine practice that takes place several times a year. Is your horse difficult to deworm? If so, he may have had … READ MORE »

  20. Experts: This is the Time to Take Control of Tapeworms

    horse grazing in winter

    Should your horse deworming strategy address tapeworms? The experts say yes. Hoyt Cheramie, DVM, MS, is a member of the Merial Veterinary Service team. He has … READ MORE »

  21. Should You Worry That Your Horse Has Tapeworms?

    horses grazing

    With more and more horse owners using a fecal egg count to determine their horse deworming strategy, an obvious question becomes, Can a fecal egg count … READ MORE »

  22. True or False: When it Comes to Horse Deworming, Not All Parasites are Bad

    horses grazing

    Merial’s vet shares the latest facts on equine deworming. Take a look and see if you’re still following the “old rules.” Old rule: Deworm the entire … READ MORE »

  23. Deworming Research vs. Reality

    woman and horse

    We always have our radar set to equine “research,” so we can help make your horse-keeping simpler, easier and more efficient. Unfortunately, good ones are few … READ MORE »

  24. Two Horses, Adjoining Pastures—Two Wildly Different Deworming Needs

    fenced pasture

    We own two horses, a mare and a gelding. Until now, we’d always used a dewormer on a rotational basis–ordering a year’s supply at a time … READ MORE »

  25. Deworming for Strongyles Without Causing Stomach Inflammation in Your Horse


    For horse owners and veterinarians, selecting a horse dewormer that is safe and effective is essential to the health of the horse. Pfizer Animal Health, in … READ MORE »

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