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  1. Clinton Anderson: Give Your Horse a Short Course on Ground Manners

    Clinton Anderson's Ground Manners Short Course

    Do you find yourself not saddling up as much as you’d like to because frankly, your horse has been acting like a stinker since early spring? … READ MORE »

  2. Teach Your Horse to Bend at the Walk with Clinton Anderson


    When you can get your horse to bend and soften laterally around your leg, it’ll create more softness in everything else you do with him. Remember, … READ MORE »

  3. Yield for Control with Clinton Anderson


    As you learned last week, all of your horse’s power comes from his hindquarters. If you’re able to disengage his hindquarters, you’re essentially telling him that … READ MORE »

  4. Disengaging your Horses Hindquarters with Clinton Anderson

    Bend your horse’s neck by pulling the left rein to his flank. Then gently apply pressure with your left thumb to his flank.

    All your horse’s power comes from his hindquarters. You need to be able to disengage his hindquarters, because if he were to rear, buck, or bolt, … READ MORE »

  5. Teach Your Horse to Follow the Fence with Clinton Anderson

    The goal of this exercise to teach your horse to trot and canter along the fence on a loose rein, maintaining his gait and direction by himself.

    This exercise is the foundation of teaching your horse to steer and follow his nose. The first step in steering your horse is teaching him to … READ MORE »

  6. Teach Your Horse Lateral Flexion with Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson


    Horses don’t have hard mouths; they have hard, stiff bodies. The softer you can get your horse through his five body parts (head and neck, poll, … READ MORE »

  7. Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson Teaches the Helicopter Exercise

    Keeping your arm relatively straight, swing the stick and string up and over your horse’s hindquarters, back, and neck, then back down to the 5 o’clock position you started in.

    Many horses will accept an object as long as it’s at their eye level or below. When an object gets above their eye level, especially if … READ MORE »

  8. Teach Your Horse the Backing Basics with Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson


    A horse that backs up really well is showing you a lot of respect. The better you can get a horse to back up, the more … READ MORE »

  9. Neck-Flex Exercise with Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson

    Here, Anderson picks up the lead rope with his left and pulls it to his horse’s withers. “Glue your hand to where his withers meet his back,” he says.

    Your horse can never be too soft or too supple. By teaching him to flex his head and neck on cue on the ground, you’ll lay … READ MORE »

  10. Teaching Your Horse to Yield the Forequarters with Clinton Anderson


    Here, you’ll learn how to teach your horse to yield his forequarters. Note that if you’re standing on your horse’s left side, his left front leg … READ MORE »

  11. Clinton Anderson to Present Colt Starting Demo at NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity

    Clinton Anderson

    Top horse trainer and clinician Clinton Anderson will present a three-hour colt starting demonstration at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity Friday, September … READ MORE »

  12. Hindquarters Control with Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson


    Top horse trainer Clinton Anderson explains why hindquarters control is important, and builds upon a technique to start teaching your horse this next lesson in hindquarters … READ MORE »

  13. Learn to Control Your Horses Hindquarters with Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson


    Think of your horse’s hindquarters like a car’s gas pedal. The hindquarters are where all his power comes from. Any disrespectful behavior, such as rearing, bucking, … READ MORE »

  14. Groundwork Training Lesson with Top Trainer Clinton Anderson


    Ground work is effective because it establishes you as your horse’s leader, teaching him to trust and respect you. It also gets your horse to use … READ MORE »

  15. Learn How to Gain Your Horses Respect with Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson

    Earn your horse’s respect by moving his feet forward, backward, left, and right — and always rewarding the slightest try. Work him on the ground first.

    I generally come across two types of horsepeople. On one end of the scale are the ones who bribe their horses with buckets of oats or … READ MORE »

  16. 3 Great Training Tips from Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson and Downunder Horsemanship

    Clinton Anderson is one of the previous winners of Road to the Horse returning for the celebration of the 2013 event.

    Tip #1: Fix the cause, not the symptoms. The majority of horse “problems” (such as bucking, rearing, biting, and pawing) aren’t really problems at all; they’re … READ MORE »

  17. Horse Problem-Solving Through Clinton Anderson’s Book

    Clinton Anderson and horse friend

    Do you know the answer to all three of these horse-training questions? 1. “I was riding my mare and she got really balky on this one … READ MORE »

  18. Downunder Horsemanship Partners with Make-A-Wish® North Texas

    Clinton Anderson

    Downunder Horsemanship is partnering with Make-A-Wish North Texas in an effort to help grant  wishes for children fighting life-threatening medical conditions.  
The North Texas chapter serves … READ MORE »

  19. Now You Can Get Your Clinton Anderson Fix with HRTV, Too

    Clinton Anderson doing groundwork with a horse

    If someone else is hogging the computer so you can’t visit the Downunder Horsemanship website, now you have another way to watch Clinton Anderson at work: … READ MORE »

  20. Downunder Horsemanship and Ritchie Industries Help Non-profit Equine Organizations

    Clinton Anderson

    As the feature sponsor of the Clinton Anderson Walkabout Tour, Ritchie Industries is again partnering with Downunder Horsemanship for the third year in a row to … READ MORE »

  21. Accelerate Your Horsemanship at a Clinton Anderson Clinic

    Clinton Anderson

    Accelerate your horsemanship at a Clinton Anderson clinic. Check out this listing of Clinton Anderson’s 2012 schedule for a Downunder Horsemanship clinic close to you. 2012 … READ MORE »

  22. Clinton Anderson is Searching for Truly Rotten Horses

    Clinton Anderson horse wanted poster

    Does your horse act really nasty? Does he do any of the following: rear, kick, buck, bite, bolt, refuse to stand still for mounting,  balk at … READ MORE »

  23. Clinton Anderson: Help Your Horse to Flex to the Halter

    Clinton Anderson flexes his horse to the halter.

    In this excerpt from his book Downunder Horsemanship, Clinton Anderson gives you the tools for teaching your horse to flex to the halter– which will help … READ MORE »

  24. If You Have a Horse and You Like Watching TV, You’ll Love This

    Downunder Horsemanship T.V.

    I’m not a big fan of television shows, but I will make an exception for those about horses, and now there’s one of my favorites that’s … READ MORE »

  25. Does Your Horse Act Rotten? If So, Clinton Anderson is Looking For You

    A horse tossing his head

    Are you fed up, frustrated or downright scared of your horse’s disrespectful behavior and bad habits? Horse trainer Clinton Anderson is on the hunt for the … READ MORE »

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