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  1. Hey, Dressage Riders: Enter Your “Aha!” Moment in the Dressage Today Contest

    Dressage Today

    Whether you’ve been riding dressage for a few weeks or a few years, no doubt you’ve  encountered many a learning curve along the way. Now you … READ MORE »

  2. The Key to Dressage Success

    Senior Editor of Dressage Today magazine, HIlary Moore

    What happens when it’s time to teach your horse how to jump for the first time? Find out with Senior Editor of Dressage Today and dressage … READ MORE »

  3. Dressage: Circling Around the Globe

    dressage today

    I only have my toe in the water on this topic, but I’ve figured out this much: It doesn’t matter what discipline you ride, if you … READ MORE »

  4. Motivate Your Dressage Horse with Uta Gräf

    dressage rider

    Making the dressage horse a true partner that stays motivated to work over the years is a challenge as complex as training your dressage horse to … READ MORE »

  5. Hurry to Enter Dressage Today’s Project Centerline Contest!

    Project Centerline, hosted by Dressage Today and HorseTech

    If you’re feeling horsey and stylish and are inspired by the Olympics, you’re running out of time to enter the 2012 Project Centerline contest, brought to you by the … READ MORE »

  6. Riding a Dressage Horse: The Extended Trot

    extended trot

    How do you teach your horse to expand his range and perform the extended trot? An international dressage rider and trainer shows us how, breaking it … READ MORE »

  7. Navigate the Warm-Up Arena at a Dressage Show

    dressage rider

    You’re showing at your first dressage show, and as you approach the warm-up arena, you realize it’s crowded and looking more than a little crazy. Did … READ MORE »

  8. Dealing with Cushing’s Disease, Laminitis in a Senior Horse


    When amateur dressage rider Lesie Doak’s senior horse contracted Cushing’s disease, she says her and her horse’s lives were changed forever. This is Lesie’s account, as … READ MORE »

  9. He Invented a Horse Massage Method

    Jim Masterson

    Have you ever looked at all the horse stuff we have available today, shook your head and wondered, “Who was the clever person who thought of … READ MORE »

  10. Dressage Today’s New Year, New You Challenge: Health Tips for You and Your Horse

    Dressage Today, Smart Pak challenge

    It’s a given that if you have a horse or horses in your life, you’re pretty busy. And this means that sometimes, important things get pushed … READ MORE »

  11. Dressage Challenges During the Holiday Season

    Dressage Today magazine

    Dressage Today editor Patricia Lasko offers solutions to common riding challenges during the holiday season with special articles in their December 2011 issue. Celebrations & Challenges … READ MORE »

  12. Dressage Today Editor: We’re Looking at the Grand Prix Generation

    Dressage Today magazine

    Young dressage riders today have big aspirations, including training for Grand Prix dressage, says Patricia Lasko, the editor of Dressage Today.  Check out their November issue for dressage training … READ MORE »

  13. How to Fit a Saddle a Saddle to a Young Horse

    saddle fit expert Deborah Witty

    Whether you’re considering custom horse tack or buying a saddle off the shelf, knowing how to fit saddle to your horse is of the utmost importance … READ MORE »

  14. Dressage Bodies in Motion: Achieving Harmony with Your Horse


    We all strive to ride in perfect harmony with our horse, but as any dressage rider will tell you, it’s no easy task. Patricia Lasko, Editor of … READ MORE »

  15. Dressage: So Much More Than a Pretty Picture

    Dressage Today

    You’ve inspected nasty-looking horse wounds without flinching, managed to stay in the saddle while the horse you were riding threw a tantrum, and braved face-numbing cold and … READ MORE »

  16. Learn About Balance in July’s “Dressage Today” Magazine

    Dressage Today magazine

    It’s fitting that the July issue of “Dressage Today” magazine is all about balance, because it’s one of the hottest topics in dressage. Here to tell … READ MORE »

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