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  1. Janice Dulak: Ride with Your Body, Not Your Hands

    Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider DVD

    Quick, without peeking at the rest of this article first, can you name the nine body parts that are essential to riding a horse? Give up? … READ MORE »

  2. Wanna Try Your Hand at Western Dressage? Lynn Palm’s New Book Shows You How, Step by Step

    Lynn Palm Western dressage book

    For those of you who love the idea of Western Dressage, 2014 is starting off great: The United States Equestrian Federation has recognized Western Dressage as … READ MORE »

  3. What Goes on in a Horse’s Body During Dressage?

    dressage movements revealed

    If you long to try dressage but don’t think your horse is up to the challenge, then “Dressage Movements Revealed” will help you understand from a … READ MORE »

  4. Want to Ride Better? Get in Shape. It’s as Simple (and as Hard) as That


    If you wonder how good of a riding seat you have, perhaps you should answer this question: How strong is your core? Rider Kathryn Collins ponders … READ MORE »

  5. Shop Big From Your Computer and Get Free Shipping Today Only!

    dressage DVDs

    There aren’t many things that are free anymore, but cialis black onlineabilify medium set for today only, you can get FREE shipping at for orders … READ MORE »

  6. Horse Rescue Report: On the Course…Again


    Competing with a horse is hard, especially for beginners. Here rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm gives us the latest update on she and her horse’s efforts … READ MORE »

  7. They Are Thankful For You: Offers 15 Percent Off Your Entire Order Today Only

    HorseBooksEtc logo

    If you have a horse, it goes without saying you’re thankful for that (unless your horse acts like a stinker. Then you might be less than … READ MORE »

  8. What Do You Mean My Horse Is Off Course?

    Banjo and I enjoying an exciting cross-country round.

    Competing with a horse is hard enough, so imagine how unnerving it could be to have a judge flag you down and say you’ve been disqualified! … READ MORE »

  9. Because Your Horse Loves a Good Stretch Just as Much as You Do (If Not More)

    horse stretch book

    If you want to prevent your horse from becoming lame and also keep soreness at bay, consider Stretch Exercises for Your Horse: The Path to Perfect … READ MORE »

  10. 10 Must-Haves for Every Rider’s Library

    Jonathan Field Liberty DVD series

    Riders from every discipline will find something in this list of books and DVDs that can help improve our horsemanship from the comfort of our couch. … READ MORE »

  11. It Can Happen: Dressage and Natural Horsemanship Together in One Book

    dressage book

    The name of the co-author looked familiar: Betty Staley, who is prominently featured in the natural horsemanship series “7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman.” Also, the other … READ MORE »

  12. Back in the Saddle After a Back Disability: A Rider’s 16-Year Journey with Her Horse

    Laura and Tiberias pause during a ride.

    Horse people know better than most that sometimes positive change doesn’t happen as fast we as want it to. So when I hear stories of other … READ MORE »

  13. A New Hat in the Ring

    Margaret Freeman is an S-level dressage judge. Here she and her horse Windy are in passage.

    Like a lot of folks, we’re excited to hear that the USEF has included Western Dressage in their offerings for the coming show season. But it’s … READ MORE »

  14. Horse Rescue Report: The First Eventing Show

    Ruby and I on the cross-country course.

    The sport of eventing can be scary to a novice, so this rider found a veteran to help her through her first show: a plucky mare … READ MORE »

  15. Perfect Those Aids! The Balanced Horse Book Will Help You Become a Better Rider

    the balanced horse book

    No matter if you practice dressage, natural horsemanship, Western or hunter-jumper, it all comes down to the partnership between you and your horse, and to achieve … READ MORE »

  16. Working Equitation: A Fun Way to Test the Partnership Between You and Your Horse

    horse backing

    It’s a good thing I’m alive in this century, because I never would have made it as a medieval knight: I stink at jousting. I discovered … READ MORE »

  17. Go Beyond Horse Massage and Change Your Horse’s Muscle Memory

    Beyond Horse Massage

    Would you like to help release your horse’s tight muscles, helping him soften at the poll and release his shoulders? If you don’t know how, Jim … READ MORE »

  18. Western Dressage Association® Announces AHA and WSDAC To Use WDAA Rules & Tests

    Western Dressage Association of America

    The Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA) is proud to announce that both the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) and the Western Style Dressage Association of Canada … READ MORE »

  19. Horse Rescue Report: Choosing a Show Jumping Name


    If you’ve ever tried to come up with a show jumping name for your horse, you know it can be hard. Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm … READ MORE »

  20. New Custom Cowboy Dressage Saddles

    The Santa Fe Western Dressage saddle.

    If you like cowboy dressage and have been thinking about a new cowboy dressage saddle, you’re in luck, because both Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Charles Wilhelm are … READ MORE »

  21. Horse Rescue Report: Banjo’s First Dressage Test


    How does rescue horse Banjo do on his first dressage test? Rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm has this report: The day before the combined training (CT) … READ MORE »

  22. Horse Rescue Report: Preparing for Eventing Means that First Dressage Test

    Banjo and I practicing our moves!

    If you think eventing is hard, you should try dressage. That’s the reaction of rescue horse owner Cate Lamm as she and her gelding get ready … READ MORE »

  23. Western Dressage Association® of America seeks USEF Recognized Affiliate Status for Western Dressage

    Al Dunning demonstrating Western Dressage

    The Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA) recently submitted an application petitioning the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) for Recognized Affiliate Association status for the discipline … READ MORE »

  24. Videos: Like Cowboy Dressage? Here’s Some New Tests

    Eitan Beth-Halachmy

    Eitan Beth-Halachmy of Cowboy Dressage has announced his new Cowboy Dressage Challenge Tests. These tests were developed by Eitan as gymnastic exercises that are helpful to … READ MORE »

  25. What Exactly is Western Dressage?

    Charles Wilhelm and horse friend

    Noted natural horsemanship trainer and clinician Charles Wilhelm answers a reader’s question about Western Dressage: Question: I have heard western or cowboy dressage mentioned in the media quite … READ MORE »

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