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  1. When to Use Tendon Boots? What are Fetlock Boots? Some Horse Questions Answered

    horse tendon boots

    There are plenty of things to know about horses and horseback riding and many people find themselves overwhelmed with the wealth of information. If this is … READ MORE »

  2. Attention Horse Owners: Happy Mouth Bit Recall

    recalled horse bits

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently released a notice that Happy Mouth Wire Mouth Bits are being recalled by English Riding Supply. About 3400 … READ MORE »

  3. Bit Blanket Offers New Option for Riders on the Go

    Bit Blanket power inverter

    English and Western riders can agree on one thing: No horse likes a cold bit in his mouth. While Mother Nature is giving people more than … READ MORE »

  4. There’s Some Fancy Horse Bits in Town (from Bob Avila)

    Bob Avila

    If you’re in need of a new horse bit, I suggest you check out Bob Avila‘s selection on his website. Bob Avila has ridden home with American … READ MORE »

  5. Bit Warmer: Because You Wouldn’t Want Cold Metal Put in Your Mouth, Either

    A bit blanket for a horse bit

    How many times in winter have you held a cold bit in your hands, wishing it would hurry and warm up? Last weekend, I even started … READ MORE »

  6. If At First Your Bit Doesn’t Succeed…You Might Wanna Read This Book

    Ultimate Book of Horse Bits

    You can literally spend hours staring at a tack shop wall, trying to figure out which one is the perfect horse bit for you….and then proceed … READ MORE »

  7. Take a Look Inside The Ultimate Book of Horse Bits

    Bit book

    I keep The Ultimate Book of Horse Bits on my desk. It’s an invaluable reference guide for anyone interested in horses, especially if you’re not sure … READ MORE »

  8. Tongue Over Horse Bit: What Do You Do?

    An open horse mouth

    What should you do if your horse keeps getting his tongue over the horse bit? Dr. Joyce Harman offers bitting advice in this “Ask the Vet” … READ MORE »

  9. More Response to the Horse Bit

    Woman riding horse

    Is it the horse bit, or is it your hands? Any horse trainer worth his or her salt can tell you about the client who just wanted an … READ MORE »

  10. The Ultimate Horse Owner Resource: The Ultimate Book Of Horse Bits

    The Ultimate Book Of Horse Bits

    It’s not the smartest way to undertake horse ownership: Agree to adopt a rescue filly, sight unseen. But that’s what I did, and in the weeks … READ MORE »

  11. Curb Bit, Snaffle Bit, Eggbutt Bit—Do You Know A Little Bit About Horse Bits?

    Cover image of "The Ultimate Book Of Horse Bits"

    Because it’s one of the most important pieces of tack you’ll ever own, I’m going to tell you today what I’ve learned regarding what to look … READ MORE »

  12. The Mare Doesn’t Want Her Horse Bit

    Picture of a horse wearing a bridle

    Has your equine partner ever refused to take his or her horse bit? It’s a quite common problem, and as MyHorse Daily’s Equisearch team tells us, it may have … READ MORE »

  13. First Horse Bit, First Saddle, First Ride

    Chris Cox throws his hat into the air when he hears that he won Road To The Horse

    I had the great luck of being able to attend the 2011 Road to the Horse event, where three top clinicians compete with each other to … READ MORE »

  14. Look, Ma: No Horse Bit!

    Horse in snow

    Why do we make time for our horses and pay close attention to every horse bit, every saddle pad, every bale of hay we give them? … READ MORE »

  15. What the Experts Know About Horse Bits

    snaffle bit

    Do you use an eggbutt bit? A curb bit? A snaffle bit? If so, do you use a full cheek snaffle bit or a loose ring … READ MORE »

  16. Come meet the author of The Ultimate Book Of Horse Bits

    Emily Esterson

    Do you know a loose-ring snaffle bit from an eggbutt bit, a curb bit from a full cheek snaffle bit? If not, don’t feel bad; you’re … READ MORE »

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