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  1. Is That Your Horse or a Mud Monster? Tips For Winter Lot Mud Prevention

    horses in muddy paddock

    Hello, winter, hello mud. If you have trouble recognizing your horse this time of year, read on for some mud management tips: Getting your horse’s dry … READ MORE »

  2. Quarter Horse Owner Attributes Full Recovery to Treatment Received at The Sanctuary

    Barbara Green and her mare, Unzip My Assets, aka Samantha. (Photo courtesy of Harold Campton)

    Barbara Green had something extra special to smile about when she had her photo taken atop her beloved Quarter Horse mare, Samantha, at the American Quarter … READ MORE »

  3. Dr. Getty Notes: Cecum Exit on the Horse Defies Gravity

    Dr. Getty

    As respected equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty  points out, your horse’s digestive system is a complicated thing, and affects how you should feed him. Here’s Dr. … READ MORE »

  4. Equine Stomach Ulcers: A Threat to Horses of All Ages

    colt running

    It looks like young horses have a great life of play, play, play. So can they still get stomach ulcers, which are usually caused by stress? … READ MORE »

  5. Equine Rabies Cases Reported in 2013


    With 12 cases of equine rabies already confirmed in 2013, horse owners should be vigilant about vaccinating their horses against this fatal disease. Those equine cases are … READ MORE »

  6. Equine Guelph Offers Free Assessment of Your Horse’s Risk of Colic

    Coic in Horses

    After declaring 2013 the ‘Year of Colic Prevention,’ Equine Guelph has announced the release of its latest online health care tool – the Colic Risk Rater. This … READ MORE »

  7. Horsemen’s Lab FAQs: Which Dewormer Should I Use?

    Horsemen's Laboratory fecal egg count kit

    Horsemen’s Laboratory receives questions from clients about deworming medications in two different situations. Though the situations are different, arriving at a decision about the correct medication … READ MORE »

  8. Wild Horses in Government Care Need Relief from Heat

    Humane Society of the United States

    Approximately 1,800 wild horses are in a potentially dangerous situation at a facility operated by the Bureau of Land Management near Reno, Nev., where temperatures have … READ MORE »

  9. Equine Leg Health: When it Comes to Protection, Don’t Just Wing It

    Summer Whinnys for Horses

    Did you know?  One fly can carry over 33 million disease-causing microorganisms on the inner and outer surfaces of its body. Now, think of everything a … READ MORE »

  10. Why Horse Barns Need Big Fans

    Hi-Hopes 3

    If you spend any time in a horse barn (or at the airport in Lexington, Kentucky), you might know their name: Big Ass Fans. And they … READ MORE »

  11. The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center: Nurturing Young Careers


    As a physical therapist, Kim Lascala knew immediately that when her four-year-old Irish sport horse mare, Arinrod, incurred a tear to a superficial digital flexor tendon … READ MORE »

  12. Deworming Strategies: Parasite Control with Dr. Peregrine

    horse being dewormed

    Rotate or rest? That is a very good question when it comes to the use of deworming products. After speaking with parasitic disease expert and Ontario … READ MORE »

  13. Horse Has Sweet Itch? SmartPak Introduces UV Fly Sheet with Insect Shield

    horse wearing fly sheet

    Protecting your horses from insects goes beyond ensuring their comfort. Serious and potentially fatal diseases such as Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), Western equine encephalomyelitis (WEE) and … READ MORE »

  14. Equine Education, Management Tips and Resources for Free, All on Your iOS Mobile Device

    Zoetis EQ stable app

    Horse owners can track and share rides with friends, get the latest equine news and log vaccinations, deworming and dental exams with the EQStable™ app, by … READ MORE »

  15. Judicious Use of Antibiotics Imperative for Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance


    Though routinely discussed in human medicine, antibiotic resistance is rapidly becoming an issue in the equine world, as well. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a type of … READ MORE »

  16. Sox for Horses™ and Bell Boot Abrasions: Leave No Horse Unprotected

    Summer Whinnys for Horses

    “Think about how quickly you can rub a raw spot on your own foot when wearing shoes that don’t fit or have something that rubs. The … READ MORE »

  17. Manna Pro Announces New Addition to The Corona Grooming Line in Conjunction with “The Big Barn Cleanup” Promotion


    Manna Pro® Products LLC, a leader in animal health and nutrition, has just announced the launch of Corona Detangler & Shine, the only detangler on the … READ MORE »

  18. Equine Nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty Recommends: Apple Peels for Weight Loss

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    When asked about an appropriate treat for overweight horses, equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet M. Getty often recommends apple peels. Just peels? “At nearly 15 grams in … READ MORE »

  19. “StepnSoak-911″ Partners with ACTHA and USRIDER Equestrian Motor Plan

    stepnsoak for horses

    Active riders mean active horse issues and any hoof problem will slow you down. “StepnSoak-911″ is proud to announce they now offer exclusive discounts on the … READ MORE »

  20. How to Fix Your Horses Hoof Chip


    Are your horse’s hooves brittle and chipped? Here are four tips to help you keep his hooves strong and supple. Chip Tip #1: Schedule Regular Trimmings … READ MORE »

  21. Prevent Horse Colic This Winter

    aging horse winter

    Here in Colorado, we’re already seeing snow in the mountains (despite enjoying 70+ degree weather here on the front range)! It’s a cold reminder that winter … READ MORE »

  22. 5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Horse Live a Long and Happy Life


    Have you ever wondered if there’s something you can do to help increase your horse’s chances of living a long and happy life? Well good news—there … READ MORE »

  23. Fall Feeding Tips for Your Horse

    Photo by Betsy Lynch

    In the spring and fall, pasture grass contains more simple carbohydrates (sugars) than in the summer and winter. This can mean problems for your horse, especially … READ MORE »

  24. Equine Leg Wrapping 101

    Wrap down to cover the fetlock joint and then back up, ending on bone, not tendon.

    You need to wrap your horse’s legs to protect and cover an injured area; provide warmth to stiff/old tendons, ligaments, or fetlocks; control acute-injury swelling and … READ MORE »

  25. Help Your Horse Age Gracefully With Proper Senior Horse Care

    During your horse’s twilight years, don’t just turn him out to fend for himself — especially in a herd situation. Daily care and monitoring are important.

    Thanks to advances in management and veterinary care, our horses are living longer than ever before. Learn what your senior citizen needs to enjoy his golden … READ MORE »

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