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  1. Horsemen’s Lab FAQs: Which Dewormer Should I Use?

    Horsemen's Laboratory fecal egg count kit

    Horsemen’s Laboratory receives questions from clients about deworming medications in two different situations. Though the situations are different, arriving at a decision about the correct medication … READ MORE »

  2. Those Pesky Horse Parasites: Dare You Let Any of Them Live?

    scooping horse poop because it carries parasites

    We stock up on horse dewormer, consult our horse deworming schedule as if it were an Oracle and scoop poop with a vengeance, all toward the … READ MORE »

  3. If You Don’t Know the Horse Deworming Practices Where You Board, It’s Time to Ask

    horses in pasture

    Even the Four Seasons of horse farms can be lacking in their knowledge of current horse deworming strategies, so it’s up to you to stay on … READ MORE »

  4. A Chilling Thought About Horse Deworming Schedules

    woman deworming horse

      I’ve come to the conclusion that the first thing we all need to do when it comes to our horse deworming schedule decisions is “chill.” … READ MORE »

  5. Deworming Horses in Cramped Quarters

    horses sharing hay

    Cynthia Foley, one of our contributing editors and editor-in-chief of the Horse Journal, talks about what to do about deworming horses if you have a lot … READ MORE »

  6. What About a No-Paste Horse Dewormer Schedule?

    deworming a horse

    Contributing editor Cynthia Foley is sharing her thoughts on those gooey, messy pastes used for deworming horses. Here’s to your horse, Amy Every now and then … READ MORE »

  7. Right Facts About Equine Deworming, Part Three

    horse grazing

    Since those little bugs love warm weather, here’s info from Merial for your best horse dewormer schedule. Go get ‘em! Amy FACT. You can’t manage what you … READ MORE »

  8. How Much Do You Know About Horse Deworming? Part Two

    horse grazing

      Right Facts About Equine Deworming, Part Two Merial’s here to test our “know-how” and inform us of the latest strategies for any horse deworming schedule. … READ MORE »

  9. Warm Weather Horse Deworming Strategies

    horse in summer field

    Parasites love warm weather just as much as we do, and summer is a good times to evaluate your horse deworming program. But what worming program for … READ MORE »

  10. Horse Deworming, Made Easy

    Horse being given dewormer by woman

    Short of pestering your vet every few weeks about your horse deworming schedule, how can you find out exactly what you need in an equine deworming … READ MORE »

  11. 3 Things to Aid Your Horse Deworming Program in Summer Heat

    Photo of a horse grazing next to a pile of manure

    Oh, those itty bitty parasites that can cause such big problems when it comes to the issue of deworming horses. Here to help are the folks … READ MORE »

  12. Pfizer Animal Health Launches New Horse Deworming Website

    a horse

    Check it out! Pfizer Animal Health launched a new state-of-the-art website for their individualized horse deworming program. Located at, the site offers horse owners and … READ MORE »

  13. A Tiny Parasite That Poses A Big Threat To Your Horse Deworming Program

    horse grazing

    Experts say that every worming program for horses needs to address tapeworms, as they can be a health concern for horses of any age and are … READ MORE »

  14. Ah, the Joy of Deworming Horses

    horse grazing

    When it comes to deworming horses, things have changed. It used to be that equine deworming meant popping in some nasty goo into your horse’s mouth … READ MORE »

  15. Transitioning a New Horse to Your Herd’s Horse Deworming Schedule

    two horses grazing

    Whether you have a herd of your own or manage a horse barn, it’s always a good idea to revisit your horse deworming schedule when a … READ MORE »

  16. What’s in a Natural Horse Dewormer, Anyway?

    A horse getting wormed

    If alternative therapies are appealing to you, here’s some information to help you decide whether your horse deworming program should go the natural route. The issue of … READ MORE »

  17. Surprising Facts About Your Enemy in the Horse Deworming War

    Bay horse grazing

    If you ever wondered why it’s so hard to achieve success with your horse deworming plan, it could be because those parasites have some incredible defenses … READ MORE »

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