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  1. From Horse Journal: Three Exercises To Prepare For Cross-Country Jumping

    horse and rider jumping cross country

    How do you teach a young or green horse how to jump cross country? Horse Journal performance editor John Strassburger put together a guide called “Get Ready … READ MORE »

  2. Equine At War


    Are you looking for a good horse book on a cold night? It’s not a regular horse book, but Dr. Deb Eldredge, Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary … READ MORE »

  3. Worries of a Horse Farm Owner About Drought and Hay

    Until last week, our fields still looked as dry as they do in August.

    What does a dry spring mean for your horse? For three-day eventing expert journalist and trainer John Strassburger of Horse Journal, it means worries about drought: … READ MORE »

  4. Consumers Direct the Marketplace: Shopping for Horse Stuff

    Horse Journal's 20th Anniversary edition in digital format.

    As Horse Journal marks its 20th Anniversary, Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Foley reflects on the trends she’s seen while editing the foremost equine consumer publication. Note: Horse Journal … READ MORE »

  5. New York’s Carriage Horses: The First Step Down a Bad Road

    carriage horse copy

    Some topics are very difficult for horse people to agree upon.  One of those issues is currently getting a lot of publicity: The question surrounding the … READ MORE »

  6. Learned Helplessness—The Dark Side of 21st Century Horse Training

    Show your support by simply wearing your helmet when you ride!

    Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my goal in training my horse?” Chances are, you have, if you find yourself frustrated with figuring out the … READ MORE »

  7. Senior Horses: Take Extra Care When It’s Extra Cold


    Horse Journal’s Contributing Veterinary Editor Dr. Deb Eldredge has a wonderful way of turning the negative into the positive, with just a touch of a giggle! … READ MORE »

  8. On Using Stud Chains to Lead a Horse

    Margaret Freeman, Horse Journal Associate Editor

    We all have our favorite tools — a treasured brush or hoof pick or manure fork or wheelbarrow that just seems to fit our hands better … READ MORE »

  9. What is the Missing Link For Competitive U.S. Equestrian Teams?

    Starting young horses needs to be an honored and compensated profession.

    Could money be at the root of the problem of why U.S. equestrian teams aren’t the powerhouse they were years ago? John Strassburger, Horse Journal Performance … READ MORE »

  10. Synthetic Saddles Rock!

    From left, the Thorowgood T8, Thorowgood T4, Wintec Pro Dressage, Tekna S-Line Dressage.

    Have you ever considered a synthetic horse saddle, but wondered if the quality was anywhere close to leather? The editors at Horse Journal checked out some … READ MORE »

  11. In Riding, Failure Often Happens On The Way To Success

    Failure, and success, can happen any time you compete.

    When we have a horrible day riding our horse, can we learn anything from it? In this blog from Horse Journal’s Performance Editor John Strassburger, he points … READ MORE »

  12. The Horse Grimace Scale: Researching Horse Expressions

    We spend hours trying to discern the meaning of every equine behavior.

    Do you know how to read your horse’s expressions? Can you tell if your horse is in pain by his ears, eyes or mouth? Horse Journal‘s … READ MORE »

  13. Are Horses “Logical” Thinkers?

    What do you think this horse is thinking? Leave a comment and let us know!

    Sometimes it’s a good idea to simply sit back and ponder horses.  Consider what they’re thinking and feeling (do they have feelings?). Read on to hear … READ MORE »

  14. Have a Pudgy Horse? Or a Senior Horse? Check Out Dr. Getty’s Presentations at Equine Affair

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    The payday 2 wiki Massachusetts Equine Affaire, November 7-10 in West Springfield, draws thousands of equestrians eager for knowledge. On Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November … READ MORE »

  15. Breeding Horses vs. Buying Horses

    It's especially rewarding to compete the youngsters we've bred, like Bella.

    Do you have a pretty little mare that you think would make a great mom? Maybe you’re thinking about breeding her so you have your next … READ MORE »

  16. Potomac Horse Fever Alert

    Horses who drink from natural fresh water sources may be at high risk.

    Heads payday loans las vegas up on this horse health alert from Horse Journal magazine: Horse owners in the mid online payday loan Atlantic region should … READ MORE »

  17. What’s Playing On Your Barn Radio?

    Does your horse have a favorite freestyle genre?

    Does your horse like listening to music? Do horses in general like music? Dr. Deb Eldredge, one of Horse Journal’s Contributing Veterinary Editors, has a great … READ MORE »

  18. Dog Attacks on Horseback–What to Do?

    It can be difficult to know if that dog running toward you is friendly or in attack mode.

    What do you do if a dog aggressively runs toward you and your horse while you’re out for a ride? The editors at Horse Journal answered … READ MORE »

  19. Humidity, Heat and Horses: Not the Best Combination

    For an everyday bath, we like the simplicity of shampoos that attach right to your hose, like Vetrolin and Mane n Tail Spray-Away.

    How do you help your horse beat the heat? Like all of us, Horse Journal’s editor, Cindy Foley, has her hands full at times when it … READ MORE »

  20. Ask Horse Journal: How to Help Mare Plagued by Flies?

    Fly control is multi-faceted.

    Some horses are not bothered at all by flies, while others become mired in misery. Horse Journal magazine shared this interesting reader question with a response … READ MORE »

  21. Ride Alone? Consider ICEdot’s Crash Sensor

    The ICEdot crash sensor could be the answer to riding alone.

    When John Strassburger, Performance Editor at Horse Journal, heard about the recent death of accomplished Kentucky event rider Christine Brown, 43, it caused him to stop … READ MORE »

  22. How to Sunproof Your Horse’s Coat

    The same horse toward the end of our trial.

    Remember from childhood how we thought it was cool the way sun bleached our hair over the summer?  But it’s not so cool when it happens … READ MORE »

  23. Being A Father Is Making Me a Better Horseman


    Father’s Day is right around the corner, so we think it’s fitting to share this story from Horse Journal Performance Editor John Strassburger about a horse-loving … READ MORE »

  24. Foal Watch, or Why Camping in the Horse Trailer is No Treat

    mopey mare

    As a first-time foal mom, I thought I was ready. I know the phrase “foal imprint training” alarms some folks, but after careful consideration and a … READ MORE »

  25. Low-Cost Gelding Clinics Address The Unwanted Horse Problem

    gelding a donkey

    Do you have an entire equine at home, meaning a male that is still intact-but you wish he weren’t?  If so, there is help available. Read … READ MORE »

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