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  1. Solve Unexplained Lameness in Your Horse


    When searching for the cause of lameness in a horse, a veterinarian follows a methodical lameness exam protocol. Knowing a bit about how that exam is … READ MORE »

  2. Prevent Lameness in Your Horse: Pamper Your Horse’s Joints

    Every day, carefully evaluate your horse’s legs. If you train your eye and hand to pick up what’s normal for your horse when he’s sound and rested, you’ll be quicker to pick up on any heat, swelling, or lack of symmetry that could signal problems. Photo by Heidi Nyland Melocco

    The health and longevity of your horse’s joints are determined by conformation, conditioning, the specific demands of his job, general mileage, good or bad management, and … READ MORE »

  3. ‘Prehab’ at The Sanctuary Sends Todd Flettrich’s Olympic Alternate Otto Into a Healthy Retirement

    Owner Margaret Duprey and rider Todd Flettrich prepared Otto for the tough competition at The Sanctuary’s state-of-the-art equine center, where his ‘prehab’ conditioned him to perform at the highest level and helped to keep him healthy and prevent injury. | Photo courtesy of JRPR

    Todd Flettrich and Otto had a great run at the USEF Festival of Champions at Gladstone, where they qualified as the US Olympic Dressage Team alternate … READ MORE »

  4. Dr. Robert Miller on the Tragedy of Lameness

    horse lameness DVD

    Renowned equine veterinarian Dr. Robert Miller hits the nail on head regarding every equestrian’s foe: horse lameness. “Anybody that’s had horses for any length of time … READ MORE »

  5. A Horse Lameness Success Story

    Margaret Smith and Quarter Horse Roo

    We often hear of career-ending horse lameness, so it’s nice to have success stories, too. Margaret Smith’s 16-hand, six-year-old AQHA gelding, Invite Rumors, known as Roo, is … READ MORE »

  6. Electrical Field Therapy to Cure the Lameness in Your Horse

    IoniCare horse treatment

    Following more than six years of development and testing, a new system designed specifically for the treatment of lameness in horses has been introduced for use … READ MORE »

  7. Boots and Wraps: Giving Your Horse a Leg up on Protecting His Legs

    a horse wearing polo wraps

    Bell boots, polo wraps for horses, shipping wraps, horse boots. What does your horse need? Can some of them prevent horse lameness causes? Jayne Wilson helps … READ MORE »

  8. Helping Prevent Laminitis with a Grazing Muzzle

    picture of a horse wearing a grazing muzzle

    Since the best medicine for laminitis is prevention, here’s an article that will tell you why grazing muzzles are important. Because sometimes, the cause of laminitis … READ MORE »

  9. Help for Horse Lameness on the Trail

    checking for horse lameness

    Have you ever headed out on a trail ride, only to have horse lameness rear its ugly head? Veterinarian Barb Crabbe guides you on the trail—as you … READ MORE »

  10. Because Your Horse Can’t Talk: Diagnosing Horse Lameness

    a horse

    It would be so much easier if your horse could just tell you where it hurts, but since he can’t, we’re left to try to figure … READ MORE »

  11. Calling All Horse Professionals: Send Them Your Most Helpful Tip

    Horse cartoon

    Are you literally an expert when it comes to horse lameness, or horse grooming, or horse training? If you are a veterinarian, a farrier, an equine … READ MORE »

  12. Horse Hind Leg Lameness Cured at the Royal Stables

    Photo of Clydesdale horse Digger

    Hind leg lameness in horses is hard to cure…but if anyone has the resources to do it, the Royal Stables in England do!  This is the … READ MORE »

  13. Pinpointing Horse Lameness

    Woman checking horse lameness

    Stumped by horse lameness, but not sure which leg? Read on! Amy Hind Leg Lameness In Horses? Or Front Leg Lameness In Horses? By Dr. Karen … READ MORE »

  14. What Causes Fetlock Lameness?

    checking horse lameness

    One of the most worrisome issues of horse lameness is fetlock lameness. Here’s veterinarian Laura Freeman to tell you how to check for it and what … READ MORE »

  15. Got Horse Lameness Questions? We’ve Got Answers

    Checking for horse lameness

    Horse lameness is a huge topic—it breaks our hearts, not to mention our pocketbooks! In order to keep you up-to-date on the latest in diagnosing horse … READ MORE »

  16. Cures for Horse Lameness

    Checking a horse leg

    If you don’t have time to search for helpful articles on horse lameness, look no further. I’m bringing some to you today, on everything from hind … READ MORE »

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