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  1. Check Your Horse Trailer Tires! As Temperatures Drop, So Does Tire Pressure

    horses at trailer

    Studies show that the leading factor in roadside breakdowns is tires. As temperatures cool across the country, tire pressures will decrease. Given these facts, USRider reminds … READ MORE »

  2. Have you ever used your horse trailer for another purpose? How did it work out?

    Juli Thorson, Horse&Rider editor.

    Would you ask overnight guests to sleep in your horse trailer? Why not? Horse&Rider editor/associate publisher Juli Thorson explores the idea: I’m expecting a number of … READ MORE »

  3. Foal Watch, or Why Camping in the Horse Trailer is No Treat

    mopey mare

    As a first-time foal mom, I thought I was ready. I know the phrase “foal imprint training” alarms some folks, but after careful consideration and a … READ MORE »

  4. USRider: Are You Ready to Hit the Road with Your Horse Trailer?

    a horse walking onto a horse trailer

    Before travel season begins, it is critically important for horse owners to perform basic, yet essential, maintenance on their trailers. USRider, the national provider of emergency … READ MORE »

  5. Trailer Training for Your Horse: Plan Ahead And Be Quietly Firm

    In my experience, horses ride best in gooseneck, slant-load trailers.

    Horse Journal Performance Editor John Strassburger has some advice to give about teaching your horse to safely load into a trailer.  A seasoned competitor and trainer, … READ MORE »

  6. The Top 5 Things To Do To Your Horse Trailer Before Winter

    Photo by Kent and Charlene Krone

    Doing some fall maintenance on your horse trailer can be one of the most cost-effective things a horse owner can do. “Many people have the misconception … READ MORE »

  7. Some Custom Choices in the Horse Trailer World

    Featherlite horse trailer

    Have you always dreamed of owning a custom horse trailer? Are you overwhelmed by the number of companies that provide custom horse trailers? Confused about where … READ MORE »

  8. Trailering Help from Julie Goodnight: Slow the Backup

    Julie Goodnight Trailer Loading

    Does your horse come blasting out of your horse trailer faster than you’d like him to? That’s a dangerous situation for both you and your horse, … READ MORE »

  9. USRider: Don’t Let a Runaway Horse Trailer Happen to You

    horse trailer

    The story is a cautionary tale for horse owners everywhere: Loveland, Colorado firefighters and other rescuers had to peel away a horse trailer to save a … READ MORE »

  10. Want Your Horse to Want to be with You? Curl up on the Couch with this Book

    It's Not I Who Seek the Horse book cover

    I haven’t ridden my mare since Halloween, when she became lame by injuring her hock. And since our vet makes barn calls, I haven’t needed to … READ MORE »

  11. Two Women, Two Horses and a Knight in Shining Tow-Truck Armor

    two women and their mares saved by USRider

    Have you ever been traveling in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night pulling two horses in your trailer on rain-slicked roads and … READ MORE »

  12. A First Horse At 55: How One Woman Learned a Lot the Hard Way

    May on her mare

    Mae Mays is 69 years old and oh so much wiser than when she entered the horse world nearly 20 years ago. “I didn’t even know … READ MORE »

  13. This Equestrian Roadside Assistance Plan Now Has New Perks

    HorseBooksEtc logo

    English and Western riders are certainly different in a lot of ways, but all equestrians want to be safe when they travel with their horse. That’s … READ MORE »

  14. Pawing in the Horse Trailer

    pawing horse

    Pawing is a horse’s way to express frustration with standing still and his desire to move. If you’ve had that problem with your horse pawing in … READ MORE »

  15. How to Train a Horse to Willingly Load Himself into the Horse Trailer

    loading horse into horse trailer

    There’s been a flood of questions for author and neurosurgeon Dr. Allan Hamilton since our free interactive author webinar from MyHorse Books called, “A Zen Mind, Zen Horse Discourse” based … READ MORE »

  16. Safety Tips for Trailering Your Horse from Julie Goodnight

    loading a horse into a horse trailer

    As an avid trail rider, you’re accustomed to loading and unloading your horse in and out of the horse trailer most every weekend. You travel to … READ MORE »

  17. Traveling with a Horse in Winter: To Blanket or Not to Blanket—That is the Question

    blanketing a horse

    One of the most confusing decisions when trailering in cold weather is whether to blanket your horse. Here to take shed some light on the issue … READ MORE »

  18. Lynn Palm: Some Tips to Make Sure Your Horse Travel Trip Goes Smoothly

    Successfully Traveling with Horses DVD

    Keep Your Horse Happy and Healthy While Traveling! By Lynn Palm When I travel with my horses for six or more hours, I am sure they … READ MORE »

  19. Because It’s Slippery Out There: Winter Driving Safety Tips for Pulling a Horse Trailer

    riding a horse in winter

    I am cat-like in my dislike of cold, wet weather. You know that scene from the Indiana Jones movie where that character moans, “SNAKES. Why’d it … READ MORE »

  20. The Story of a Horse Owner’s Car

    Jeep Grand Cherokee near horse trailer

    I bought my first brand-new car in 1994, a Jeep Cherokee Sport. It was dark green with a flashy red stripe down the side, but I … READ MORE »

  21. Lynn Palm: Teach Your Horse to Load Himself onto the Horse Trailer

    traveling with horses DVD

    Equestrian and top clinician Lynn Palm has some questions regarding your horse and his horse trailer: Does your horse have difficulty loading into the horse trailer, … READ MORE »

  22. Because a Horse Trailer Getting Stuck is No One’s Idea of a Good Time

    horse trailer

    They just wanted to see some moose. So Janice, Anne and Stephanie loaded up their horses into a horse trailer and took off for Caribou Ranch … READ MORE »

  23. Horse Hauling Tip: Make Sure Those Wheels are Ready to Roll

    USRider photo of a woman needing roadside assistance

    You’ve planned your horse riding vacation and are certain you’ve thought of everything to prevent a horse hauling disaster — but you know the phrase: “The … READ MORE »

  24. Featherlite Horse Trailers with a Feminine Twist

    Lynn Palm in front of a Featherlite horse trailer.

    Listen up ladies! If you love horse camping and trailering to remote riding destinations, but like to do so with comfort and style, Lynn Palm’s new … READ MORE »

  25. USRider: Don’t Get Tripped up on Your Horse Trailer Trip

    a horse walking into a trailer

    One of the happiest days of my horse life was when my husband and I finally bit the bullet and bought our own horse trailer. Finally, … READ MORE »

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