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  1. Would Your Horse Choose the Horse Trainer, or You with a Treat?

    girl hand feeding a horse

    There’s a very well-respected horse trainer (who shall go unnamed) who told the following story that makes a big point about horse treats: “One lady whose … READ MORE »

  2. Horse Trainer Missy Wryn on Having the Invisible Tether

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    When was the last time you went on a “virtual ride” with a horse trainer? Internationally recognized horse whisperer Missy Wryn provides comprehensive horse management, horsetraining, and effective communication workshops, clinics, … READ MORE »

  3. Hello, Saddle! The Mare Learns She’s More Than Just a Momma

    mare and rider

    If you had told me two years ago I’d be attempting to start a horse under saddle, I’d have looked at you like you had two … READ MORE »

  4. In Riding, Failure Often Happens On The Way To Success

    Failure, and success, can happen any time you compete.

    When we have a horrible day riding our horse, can we learn anything from it? In this blog from Horse Journal’s Performance Editor John Strassburger, he points … READ MORE »

  5. Ride Like a Supermodel and Advance Your Maneuvers

    Julie Goodnight DVD

    The middle of yoga class is not where I normally wish for a notebook and camera, but then how often do you get to see a … READ MORE »

  6. John Lyons Gives Timeless Training Tips for Any Horse in “Bringing Up Baby”

    bringing up baby horse book

    Does your horse turn and face you when you approach? Will he load easily in a trailer, and stand still for the saddle? If not, perhaps … READ MORE »

  7. Meet n’ Greets, Furry Beasts and Stopping Feet, or, Does Your Horse Know What to Do if You Fall Off?

    While Freddie the colt is trotting, I start to come out of the saddle....

    As horse people know, mares can create drama. Add pregnancy hormones to that and then double the equation, and you have the potential for LOTS of … READ MORE »

  8. He Bites! Is the Horse Aggressive or Just Misunderstood?

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    How do you handle a young horse who bites? As horse trainer Missy Wryn explains in this case of a gelding who lunged at his owner, … READ MORE »

  9. Not One, but Two Mares in Foal! Or, Five Horse Things On Which I’ve Changed My Mind


    The older I get, the less I say the word “never.” Things that were once black and white have now morphed into a lovely shade of … READ MORE »

  10. An Uncommon Answer to a Common Question: How to Get Over Fear After an Accident With a Horse?

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    Fear is not often talked about in horse training circles, but horse trainer/instructor Missy Wryn addresses it here in an unusual way–for starters, by asking a … READ MORE »

  11. Trainer: Horses at Their Best with People in Need

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    Horse trainer Missy Wryn says she believes her horses are happiest, and at their best, when working with people in need. Here’s Missy, founder of  Training … READ MORE »

  12. Modern Horseman’s Countdown to Broke: The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Guide

    Modern Horsemen's Countdown to Broke book and DVD set

    If your least favorite part of owning a horse is also trying to figure out how to train him, know there is help available that won’t … READ MORE »

  13. Rescue Report: Finding a Good Horse Trainer

    Banjo and Cate Lamm. | Photo courtesy of Cate Lamm

    Finding a trainer can be like dating: painful and awkward until you find the right one. But I needed to find a good eventing trainer for … READ MORE »

  14. Horse Rescue Report: Draft Races!

    Banjo and I training for the draft race | Photo by Cate Lamm

    Taken your horse out for a good gallop lately? Rescue horse owner and volunteer Cate Lamm shares her experience of what it’s like to go fast … READ MORE »

  15. 6666 Ranch Colts to Once Again Star at Road to the Horse

    four-sixes colts

    Each year a notable Quarter Horse ranch is invited to provide ten three-year-old geldings for the World Championship of Colt Starting. Working hand-in-hand with the American … READ MORE »

  16. Escape the Cold and Train with Lynn Palm this Winter!

    Lynn Palm

    Come train with Lynn and Cyril this winter as part of the Palm Partners Community! Bring your horse for a few weeks or all season, and … READ MORE »

  17. Rider to Rider: What’s the Best Gift You’ve Given an Instructor or Received from a Student?

    Practical Horseman magazine

    If you haven’t been able to think of anything to give your horse trainer or riding instructor this year, or you’re already looking forward to next … READ MORE »

  18. American Quarter Horses Continue to Excel in Dressage

    Lynn Palm

    2012 marked the third year that American Quarter Horses could earn AQHA points in dressage and incentive fund monies by participating in USDF shows that were … READ MORE »

  19. New Julie Goodnight DVD Pre-order NOW— Advanced Maneuvers: Refining Communication and Cues


    Just in time for Christmas, Julie Goodnight announces her newest DVD–Advanced Maneuvers: Refining Communication and Cues. The DVD teaches the technicalities, execution and cues for advanced … READ MORE »

  20. Watch Top Horse Trainer Clinton Anderson and Experience the Method Live at a 2013 Walkabout Tour

    Clinton Anderson

    For over a decade, Clinton Anderson has been inspiring the dreams of horsemen through his results oriented Downunder Horsemanship Method. This year, the renowned trainer and … READ MORE »

  21. NEW! Watch Julie Goodnight Anytime with Horse Master TV Online

    Julie and Dually | Photo Credit: Heidi Nyland Melocco,

    RFD-TV’s top-rated horse training show Horse Master with Julie Goodnight is now available online. Don’t have satellite? Cable doesn’t carry RFD-TV? Now, you can watch any … READ MORE »

  22. New Horse Trainer/Clinician Julie Goodnight T-Shirt for Your Horse’s Captain—You!

    Julie Goodnight shirt

    Internationally celebrated clinician Julie Goodnight reminds riders that the only conversation they should have with their horse should be, “Horse, this is your CAPTAIN speaking!” Now … READ MORE »

  23. Palm Partnership Training Announces Ride Well Training with Natural Obstacles Clinic & DVD Series Winner

    Lynn Palm

    In the spring, Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon announced a unique and exciting opportunity to win an enrollment to their November 2012 Ride Well Training with … READ MORE »

  24. Top Horse Trainer Julie Goodnight Announces 2013 Clinic Tour and Early-Bird Specials

    Photo by Heidi Nyland

    Clinician and TV Host Julie Goodnight announces her 2013 Clinic Tour Schedule—with opportunities to meet her in person and ask your horsemanship questions. In 2013, Goodnight … READ MORE »

  25. Preorder Your 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman DVD Set

    7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman

    You’ve seen the award-winning BUCK film. You’ve read The Faraway Horses. You know that Buck Brannaman is the real-life horse whisperer. And if you haven’t even … READ MORE »

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