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  1. Horse Rescue Report: The Story of Max, the Dangerous Horse


    Have you ever had a dangerous horse? Rescue horse advocate discovered she had her hands full when she took on the project of Max, a rescue … READ MORE »

  2. Learned Helplessness—The Dark Side of 21st Century Horse Training

    Show your support by simply wearing your helmet when you ride!

    Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my goal in training my horse?” Chances are, you have, if you find yourself frustrated with figuring out the … READ MORE »

  3. Whoa! Teach Your Horse How to Think, Not Just React, with Help from Jonathan Field

    Jonathan Field horse DVD series

    Do you know a horse like Earl? Let me put it this way: Do you know anyone who was ever put into the hospital because of … READ MORE »

  4. What Do You Mean My Horse Is Off Course?

    Banjo and I enjoying an exciting cross-country round.

    Competing with a horse is hard enough, so imagine how unnerving it could be to have a judge flag you down and say you’ve been disqualified! … READ MORE »

  5. Rescue Horse Report: Conquering a Fear of Water

    Banjo happy to be on the cross course!

    Rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm has taken her Clydesdlae/Thoroughbred cross a long way. But now that they’re trying a cross country course, crossing water presents a … READ MORE »

  6. Are Horses “Logical” Thinkers?

    What do you think this horse is thinking? Leave a comment and let us know!

    Sometimes it’s a good idea to simply sit back and ponder horses.  Consider what they’re thinking and feeling (do they have feelings?). Read on to hear … READ MORE »

  7. When Your Horse Bullies You

    horse&rider editor

    Nobody likes a bully, especially if it’s a 1,000-pound horse. Horse&Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer weighs in on this very important topic: Does your horse ever … READ MORE »

  8. Horse Rescue Report: A Smoky Trail Ride

    trail ride

    When some riders on a trail ride turn back because of smoke, one of the horses starts jigging. Can Cate Lamm’s rescue horse Banjo help settle … READ MORE »

  9. Like Clinton Anderson? Watch Horse Training Videos from Him and Other Experts for Free at

    Clinton Anderson

    Does your horse have a bucking problem? Do you know how to do a proper safety check of your horse? Do you know how to properly … READ MORE »

  10. An “Aha” Moment at a Clinton Anderson Clinic

    Clinton Anderson and rider

    Do you remember important horse “aha” moments? Horse&Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer tells us about one of hers: It was definitely an “aha!” moment. The time … READ MORE »

  11. Horse Rescue Report: Changing Barns


    If you’ve ever changed barns with your horse, you know how stressful it can be. Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm shares how she and her rescue … READ MORE »

  12. Clinton Anderson: Give Your Horse a Short Course on Ground Manners

    Clinton Anderson's Ground Manners Short Course

    Do you find yourself not saddling up as much as you’d like to because frankly, your horse has been acting like a stinker since early spring? … READ MORE »

  13. Sylvia Scott: Some Natural Horsemanship Advice for a Horse that Bites Other Horses

    Sylvia Scott and horse friend

    Natural horsemanship trainer Sylvia Scott of Whispering Way Natural Horsemanship fielded this question from a horse owner who has a problem with one horse biting another. QUESTION: How can … READ MORE »

  14. Horse Rescue Report: Finding a New Barn

    Banjo meeting new friends! | Photo by Allison Meyer

    It’s hard to find the perfect place to board your horse! Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm tells us about her search: I’d been keeping my rescue … READ MORE »

  15. Horse Rescue Report: Banjo’s First Dressage Test


    How does rescue horse Banjo do on his first dressage test? Rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm has this report: The day before the combined training (CT) … READ MORE »

  16. Horse Rescue Report: Preparing for Eventing Means that First Dressage Test

    Banjo and I practicing our moves!

    If you think eventing is hard, you should try dressage. That’s the reaction of rescue horse owner Cate Lamm as she and her gelding get ready … READ MORE »

  17. Horse Training is A Matter of Respect and Trust

    Trainer and Horse Journal Performance Editor John Strassburger.

    We thought you may enjoy differing viewpoints on horse training, from John Strassburger, Horse Journal Performance Editor. While methods may vary somewhat, the goal remains the … READ MORE »

  18. Horse Rescue Report: Banjo Starts Jumping

    Banjo and Cate Lamm. | Photo courtesy of Cate Lamm

    Who says draft crosses can’t jump? Rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm reports on her gelding Banjo’s introduction to jumping: When I’d Long hair mind. I very … READ MORE »

  19. Horse Rescue Report: Tough Decision

    horse jumping

    As I mentioned in my last blog, I was having a tough time affording both my horses. I planned on having one horse, but the second … READ MORE »

  20. Horse Rescue Report: First Horse Show Competition

    Banjo in the line up at his first horse show! Photo by Shara Rutberg

    Disney cutouts and running children were just some of the challenges rescue advocate Cate Lamm faced at the first horse show for her rescue horse. Here’s … READ MORE »

  21. Horse Rescue Report: How We Survived a Winter without Arenas

    rescued horse

    Winter can be tough for any rider, especially when you live in snowy Colorado. Here’s how one rider, horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm, made it through: … READ MORE »

  22. Horse Rescue Report: Positive Reinforcement


    How do you work with a horse who has been horribly abused and neglected? The answer, as writer and rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm discovered, is … READ MORE »

  23. Horse Rescue Report: Freedom to Move


    How can you ask your horse to soften and relax if you’re sitting on his back as stiff as a board? The answer, as writer and … READ MORE »

  24. Horse Rescue Report: A Fun Trail Ride


    Taking that first trail ride with a new horse can be a wonderful–and a scary–thing. Here’s writer and rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm to tell us … READ MORE »

  25. Trailer Training for Your Horse: Plan Ahead And Be Quietly Firm

    In my experience, horses ride best in gooseneck, slant-load trailers.

    Horse Journal Performance Editor John Strassburger has some advice to give about teaching your horse to safely load into a trailer.  A seasoned competitor and trainer, … READ MORE »

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