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  1. Julie Goodnight on Gravity: The Draw of Horses After an Accident

    Julie Goodnight teaching

    Why do we love horses? Why are we drawn to them, even after injury or heartbreak? Famed clinician and trainer Julie Goodnight shares her thoughts on … READ MORE »

  2. Dr. Juliet Getty: The Overweight Horse Who Won’t Stop Eating — Leptin Resistance is the Key!

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    Nobody likes to diet–especially your horse. Not only that, putting your horse on a diet can be dangerous for him. Equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty explains: … READ MORE »

  3. Do You Have a Scary Horse-Buying Story?

    Be A Smart Horse Buyer book

    I’ve been trying to help a friend find a kid-friendly horse for her daughters, and after looking at more than a half-dozen horses that started out … READ MORE »

  4. Taking Your Horse’s Shoes Off for the Winter? Consider Barefoot All Year Long

    barefoot trim

    Many horse owners like to pull their horse’s shoes in the winter, and some experts say their horse could enjoy the same benefits of increased circulation … READ MORE »

  5. What Was Your Horse for Halloween?

    horse and rider in headless horseman costume

    He suddenly appeared from the woods, riding a ferocious black beast and wielding a mighty axe… No? O.K., so it was Matt and his gelding, Yukon. … READ MORE »

  6. A Plan to Save a Curly Mustang…or Two

    Curly mare

    Have you ever had the luck to meet a Curly horse? And no, I’m not talking about the tell-tale coat of a horse with Cushing’s Disease. … READ MORE »

  7. Quarantine is Over! How Will the Rescue Horse do at Home?

    mares meet

    What happens with that rescue horse once you bring it home? Will the horse eventually settle in, or will she show signs of problems that begin … READ MORE »

  8. Would Your Horse Choose the Horse Trainer, or You with a Treat?

    girl hand feeding a horse

    There’s a very well-respected horse trainer (who shall go unnamed) who told the following story that makes a big point about horse treats: “One lady whose … READ MORE »

  9. Guest Blog: Testing Hoof Wear in the North Cascades

    women and horses

    Have you ever wondered how a barefoot horse would do in steep, rocky terrain? Horsewoman and barefoot enthusiast Ruthie Thompson-Klein, of Equine Balance Hoof Care, recently … READ MORE »

  10. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Learning to be Confident in the Face of Crazy

    trainer and mare

    What would your horse do if you were to suddenly run past it while screaming? Would it bolt like a racehorse out of a gate or … READ MORE »

  11. A Colt, a Feed Lot and a Facebook Plea to Save a Horse Life

    colt on horse trailer

    Have you ever visited a horse feedlot? After being messaged about a Facebook page listing a yearling colt as one of many horses in need of … READ MORE »

  12. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Healing Hands

    mare getting massage

    If a horse launches a human like a lawn dart, it’s almost always the human’s fault. –That’s one thing I have come to believe over the … READ MORE »

  13. Equine Comeback Challenge Update: Horse Trainer Erin Zellefrow and her “Mare-Be-Go-Round”

    woman and horse

    How do you get a rescue horse ready for competition? A Home for Every Horse’s Equine Comeback Challenge trainer Erin Zellefrow shares her story with Horse&Rider … READ MORE »

  14. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela

    mare being sacked out

    I’m in a hospital bed staring at a piece of paper with a sentence that makes no sense: “Fell off horse Neela who is pregnant by … READ MORE »

  15. USRider: Horse Owner Travel Precautions for Equine Vesicular Stomatitis

    horses in trailer

    Each summer, horse owners travel with their horses to explore different parts of North America. The summer heat and bugs create a melting pot for equine … READ MORE »

  16. Research Shows Equine Therapy Helps Children with Autism

    children riding horses

    Research from Washington University in St Louis indicates that treating children who have autism in occupational therapy sessions using the movements of the horse, commonly called … READ MORE »

  17. Study: Horses Are Good Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients

    Alzheimer patient and horse

    In the first study of its kind, researchers have determined that spending time with horses eases symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia. A collaboration between The Ohio State University, … READ MORE »

  18. Equine Guelph: When Disaster Strikes, Plan to be Prepared

    mare in trailer

    Ice storms, blizzards, floods, or tornadoes – it seems that over the past few years, horse owners have seen them all. Disasters often strike without warning … READ MORE »

  19. Recent Equine Rabies Cases Highlight Importance of Vaccinating


    Two recent equine rabies cases in Tennessee and one in New York serve as reminders that rabies is a real threat to the lives of horses, and that … READ MORE »

  20. Horse Rescue Report: The Story of Max (Part Two)


    It’s hard to see the good side of a horse who bites or kicks. Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm continues her story of seeing a better … READ MORE »

  21. It’s Easy to Trim Your Horses’ Hooves Yourself with the Electric Hoof Knife

    horse having hooves trimmed

    The idea of owning our own small farm was appealing in every way except one: Our beloved farrier and friend was declining to move with us. … READ MORE »

  22. From Horse Journal: Three Exercises To Prepare For Cross-Country Jumping

    horse and rider jumping cross country

    How do you teach a young or green horse how to jump cross country? Horse Journal performance editor John Strassburger put together a guide called “Get Ready … READ MORE »

  23. Senate Committee Approves Bill to Protect Tennessee Walking Horses from Abuse

    horse with soring

    Congress moved one step closer to protecting horses from the cruel practice of “soring” when the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved the Prevent … READ MORE »

  24. HorseSafetyUSA: Guidelines for Choosing a Child’s Riding Lesson Program


    Are you looking now for a summer horse program for the young horse lover in your house? Then you need to read the following tips from … READ MORE »

  25. Horse Rescue Volunteers, Staff Offered Free Training–But Hurry, Deadline is Friday!

    US Humane Society

    Horse rescues around the country can participate in a free, virtual training program, offered in part by the Humane Society of the United States. “Plan 4 … READ MORE »

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