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  1. What Was Your Horse for Halloween?

    horse and rider in headless horseman costume

    He suddenly appeared from the woods, riding a ferocious black beast and wielding a mighty axe… No? O.K., so it was Matt and his gelding, Yukon. … READ MORE »

  2. Tornado Survival: Wear Your Riding Helmet

    two gals in helmets

    The folks at Horse&Rider magazine passed along the following very good advice. If you live in tornado country, chances are you’re on higher alert after the … READ MORE »

  3. Horse&Rider Editor: Two Essentials for Training

    horse&rider editor

    Do you know the secret to teaching your horse something new? Horse&Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer tells us what she’s learned: I’ve had the privilege … READ MORE »

  4. Yeah, but MY Horse….

    The urge to make excuses for a naughty horse is a terrible substitute for proper training. | Illustration courtesy of

    Do you ever make excuses for your horse’s misbehavior? Horse&Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer asked this question awhile back and bagged some interesting replies: “But he’s … READ MORE »

  5. To Feed Treats or Not to Feed Treats…That is the (Horse) Question

    girl hand feeding a horse

    We love to make our horses happy, but are we doing them any favors when we hand them a treat? Horse & Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg … READ MORE »

  6. Click! To Motivate Your Horse

    horse forehead

    Have you ever considered clicker training for your horse? Horse & Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer shares a perspective on clicker training for horses from noted … READ MORE »

  7. Horse&Rider Magazine Presents the Second Annual Your Horse, Your Life Contest

    Horse&Rider Your Horse, Your Life Contest

    Submit your entry until September 12 by visiting Horse laughs, funny lip curls, even manatee impersonations—we want to see them all! What’s the funniest thing … READ MORE »

  8. Are You Addicted To Winning Horse Shows?

    Juli Thorson, Horse&Rider editor.

    Are you bound-and-determined to win your horse show class? Could you be addicted to that winning feeling  you get when you ride in a horse competition? … READ MORE »

  9. Horse Colic Prevention Checklist

    running horse

    Preventing horse colic is a priority of every horse owner. And to make it easier for you, the editors of Horse&Rider magazine featured this handy checklist … READ MORE »

  10. Horse Breed Blurring

    Juli Thorson, Horse&Rider editor.

    If you’ve ever found it difficult to pinpoint a horse’s breed by just looking at him or her, take heart. Horse&Rider Editor/Associate Publisher Juli Thorson is … READ MORE »

  11. Good Resolutions For Horse and Barn

    Hunter jumper horse and rider

    Sue Copeland, a Consulting Editor for Horse&Rider, knows what it’s like to try to start the year out with great New Year’s resolutions for horses and barn, only … READ MORE »

  12. Wanted: Wisdom for the Homeless Horse Problem

    Juli Thorson, Horse&Rider editor.

    Do you find it difficult to separate emotion from logic, especially when it comes to homeless horses? If so, you’re not alone. Horse&Rider Editor/Associate Publisher Juli Thorson … READ MORE »

  13. Have Internet in Your Barn? This Woman Remembers Horse & Buggy Days

    Horse&Rider editor Juli Thorson

    Our government’s determination to bring Internet access to everyone reminds Horse&Rider Editor and Associate Publisher Juli Thorson of the many things her grandmother saw emerge during her … READ MORE »

  14. Thank You, Trigger

    Horse&Rider editor Juli Thorson

    Juli Thorson, Horse&Rider’s editor, takes baby boomers down memory lane, as she describes growing up with Trigger on television.  He’s going to be part of the upcoming … READ MORE »

  15. Horse&Rider Magazine Celebrates Volume L, their 50th Anniversary Issue


    Horse&Rider editor Juli S. Thorson discusses a milestone in publishing: 50 years of Horse&Rider magazine. Volume L By Juli S. Thorson On page 2 of every … READ MORE »

  16. Vote for Your Favorite Horse and Rider Pair to Appear in Horse&Rider

    Horse&Rider magazine

    We all have our personal horse stories, and if you’re like me, you love reading about other people’s journeys and their relationship with their horse. Now … READ MORE »

  17. Western Wear, Past and Present

    Appaloosa horse with rider and owner standing nearby

    Juli Thorson, editor of Horse&Rider magazine, takes us down memory lane with her view on Western gear and attire. Dressed Apart By Juli S. Thorson Do you … READ MORE »

  18. A Horsewoman Shares Her Favorite Horse-Training Advice

    Horse&Rider editor

      Juli Thorson, editor of Horse&Rider magazine, shares her the best of 50 tips from 50 great trainers. Read on, and be prepared to write her favorites … READ MORE »

  19. The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep–and Trigger Horse Fear

    trail horse in woods

    You’re out for a relaxing trail ride, but your horse’s behavior is anything but calm. Horse & Rider editor Juli S. Thorson tells us why. When … READ MORE »

  20. Safety Rules for Kids Around Horses

    Girl with horse

    When beginning horseback riding lessons, especially for kids, safety is key. Horses, like any animal, are unpredictable. Knowing how to be safe around horses can help … READ MORE »

  21. Horse&Rider: Here’s to Midlife Riding-and Beyond!

    older Western riders

    How long do you intend to keep riding horses? No, I don’t mean this afternoon—we’re talking big picture here, as in, do you plan on being … READ MORE »

  22. Horse&Rider: 50 States, 50 Trail Rides

    Horse&Rider magazine July 2011

    If you’d like to go for a trail ride but don’t want to go alone, check out July’s Horse&Rider magazine. Chances are the Horse&Rider editors found … READ MORE »

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