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  1. From Horse Journal: Three Exercises To Prepare For Cross-Country Jumping

    horse and rider jumping cross country

    How do you teach a young or green horse how to jump cross country? Horse Journal performance editor John Strassburger put together a guide called “Get Ready … READ MORE »

  2. Senate Committee Approves Bill to Protect Tennessee Walking Horses from Abuse

    horse with soring

    Congress moved one step closer to protecting horses from the cruel practice of “soring” when the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved the Prevent … READ MORE »

  3. Horse Rescue Volunteers, Staff Offered Free Training–But Hurry, Deadline is Friday!

    US Humane Society

    Horse rescues around the country can participate in a free, virtual training program, offered in part by the Humane Society of the United States. “Plan 4 … READ MORE »

  4. Tips For Overseeding Horse Pastures

    horse grazing

    Early spring is the ideal time to overseed pastures, according to Laurie Cerny, editor and publisher of “After the hard winter we have had with heavy … READ MORE »

  5. Humane Society Urges Congress Urged to Act in Response to Investigation of Horseracing Industry

    US Humane Society

    Do you stay on top of news in the horse industry? An undercover investigation into the ongoing behind-the-scenes abuses of racehorses by a major trainer in … READ MORE »

  6. Equine At War


    Are you looking for a good horse book on a cold night? It’s not a regular horse book, but Dr. Deb Eldredge, Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary … READ MORE »

  7. Worries of a Horse Farm Owner About Drought and Hay

    Until last week, our fields still looked as dry as they do in August.

    What does a dry spring mean for your horse? For three-day eventing expert journalist and trainer John Strassburger of Horse Journal, it means worries about drought: … READ MORE »

  8. Horse Rescue Report: Late-Winter Blues

    Banjo has just enjoyed a nice mud bath.

    Is the never-ending winter interfering with your horse life? Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm weighs in on the topic: Here at the end of winter, with … READ MORE »

  9. New York’s Carriage Horses: The First Step Down a Bad Road

    carriage horse copy

    Some topics are very difficult for horse people to agree upon.  One of those issues is currently getting a lot of publicity: The question surrounding the … READ MORE »

  10. Horse Aha Moments, Poetry and Flowing Manes

    Meditation for Two

    It’s very difficult to put into words the connection between a human and a horse. It’s mysterious, richly nourishing and at once both profound and very … READ MORE »

  11. Changing Horse Interests


    As we grow in our horsemanship, often our focus of our goals for our horse life changes. That certainly happened with rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm, … READ MORE »

  12. Jonathan Field’s Re-Start Series: When Your Horse Needs a Do-Over

    Jonathan Field horse DVD series

    It’s hard being a horse. Sensitive creatures that they are, I’m sure they’re affronted by us bumbling humans far too often, and yet they forgive us, … READ MORE »

  13. Brrr!! Some Expert Horse Management Tips for Cold Temperatures

    horse blanketed in snow

    Horse owners across the country are sick of it. The snow and ice, that is, and while we all hope that the groundhog has recovered from … READ MORE »

  14. Rescue Report: The Rescue-Horse Transformation


    I work with rescue horses, because I enjoy the transformational journey that takes place in the horse. At first glance, a rescue horse may look dirty, … READ MORE »

  15. Does Your Relationship with Your Horse Affect Your Soul?

    horse book

    Want to become a better rider or have a stronger relationship with your horse? Then work on yourself to become a better person. This is the … READ MORE »

  16. A Home for Every Horse Introduces the Equine Comeback Challenge

    rescued horse

    How far can a rescue horse go? A Home for Every Horse (AHFEH) is going to find out with its 2014 Equine Comeback Challenge. AHFEH will team 10 … READ MORE »

  17. Learned Helplessness—The Dark Side of 21st Century Horse Training

    Show your support by simply wearing your helmet when you ride!

    Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my goal in training my horse?” Chances are, you have, if you find yourself frustrated with figuring out the … READ MORE »

  18. Sure, We Know Our Horse “Thing” is Healthy but This Book Helps Others Understand it, Too

    Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses

    It’s O.K. to admit it here, because I am the same way and you know I will not judge you: If you love horses, then you … READ MORE »

  19. Reflections of a Horse-Crazy Girl Turning 50

    horse and young rider

    I turned 50 in January, and when I look back on the first five decades of my life, there is a distinctive  joy that is present … READ MORE »

  20. Helping Someone with Her Horsemanship? Make Sure You Do It Right

    teaching safe horsemanship book

    You’ve been riding long enough that some of your novice horse friends look to you for advice and tips. Maybe you’ve been asked to help at … READ MORE »

  21. Senior Horses: Take Extra Care When It’s Extra Cold


    Horse Journal’s Contributing Veterinary Editor Dr. Deb Eldredge has a wonderful way of turning the negative into the positive, with just a touch of a giggle! … READ MORE »

  22. Humane Society: Congress Needs to Amend Horse Protection Act to Stop the Senseless Act of Soring

    horse with soring

    Do you love horses? Have you heard about the practice of soring? According to the Humane Society of the United States, “Soring involves the intentional infliction … READ MORE »

  23. What Is An n-3 PUFA? And Why Should You Care? (Hint: It Has to do with Horses)

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    We are big fans of equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty here at MyHorse Daily. In addition to truly knowing all there is to know about equine … READ MORE »

  24. If You Like Clinton Anderson and Enjoy a Good Book, You’ll Love This Sale

    Clinton Anderson book

    There are two things that rarely happen: My husband takes me dancing, and Clinton Anderson books go on sale. The first one is an issue I … READ MORE »

  25. Wild Horse Photographer Carol Walker: “December is the Cruelest Month…”

    wild horses

    Winter’s icy grip makes life challenging for all living creatures, and it’s especially harsh for wild horses. Yet even when the conditions are harsh, wild horse … READ MORE »

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