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  1. Jumping Lessons with Eventing Legend Jim Wofford for Under $25


    If you’ve never done it, jumping a horse may look too intimidating to try. But it’s also very fun, and you may discover that your horse … READ MORE »

  2. Rolex and a New Book by Jim Wofford, Because You’ve Secretly Always Wanted to Jump Your Horse

    Jim Wofford

    You don’t have to wait until the next Olympics to experience the vicarious thrill of some of the world’s top eventing riders in action–because Rolex is … READ MORE »

  3. Jim Wofford on the Greatest Horses of All Time: Did your favorites make the list?


    Trying to narrow down a list of the greatest horses of all time is tough, but veteran eventing coach and Olympian Jim Wofford takes a stab … READ MORE »

  4. Eventing Master Jim Wofford: Gimme a K.I.S.S.

    dressage riding

    One of the (many) delightful things about eventing equestrian and coach Jim Wofford is his use of humor in his training. In this piece written by … READ MORE »

  5. 2012 Rolex Kentucky Cross-Country Course Walk with Jim Wofford

    Jim Wofford

    One of the best parts of Rolex for many folks is when renown eventing coach and rider Jim Wofford walks the cross-country course. If you missed … READ MORE »

  6. A Review of an Eventing Book and DVD by an Eventing Rider

    Cross Country with Jim Wofford

    John Strassburger has foxhunted, ridden dressage and endurance and now competes in eventing. So he recently decided to take a look at Jim Wofford’s book, Jim … READ MORE »

  7. An Affair to Remember: The Equine Affaire

    Equine Affaire trick horse riding

    The Equine Affaire is: a) An educational expo of more than 200 clinics, seminars and demonstrations, featuring horse training legends such as John Lyons, Craig Cameron … READ MORE »

  8. Eventing: You’re Qualified, but are You Ready?


    You’re part of a horse and rider team who is qualified to move up levels in eventing–but are you ready? Rate your riding with eventing legend … READ MORE »

  9. Why a Vertical Stirrup Leather is Critical on Cross-Country

    Rider's foot in stirrup

    How important is the position of your lower leg when jumping? Very, says former Olympic horseman Jim Wofford in this timeless piece from Practical Horseman. Be … READ MORE »

  10. Can You Stay in Balance When You Jump at a Gallop? (Yes, You Can!)

    galloping in balance

    Do your riding skills tend to get fast and loose the faster you go? If your form starts to fall apart at the gallop, imagine trying … READ MORE »

  11. Interested in Eventing? Here’s How to Choose the Right Introductory Horse

    horse and rider cross country

    Eventing is one of the more exciting equestrian sports to watch, and perhaps lately you’ve been pondering being more than a spectator. How do you start? … READ MORE »

  12. Will the Real Horsemen Please Stand Up?

    woman riding horse with halter

    How much of your life do you devote to horses? Or do you just ride on occasion for fun? The excerpt below, by Jim Wofford for … READ MORE »

  13. An Eventing Equestrian Takes a Look at…Reining


    As riding disciplines go, Jim Wofford is decidedly English; he has represented the U.S. in eventing at three Olympics and two World Championships; he has won … READ MORE »

  14. Get a Jump on Your Jumping with the Right Saddle

    fitting a saddle

    You don’t use a paintbrush when the job calls for a hammer, and the same goes for your saddle–you want to make sure you have the … READ MORE »

  15. How Horse Saddle Design Affects Your Riding Form

    Horse saddles

    If your horse trainer is constantly finding fault with your balance or you seat, it may be your horse saddle. Before you peruse the “horse tack … READ MORE »

  16. Top Horse Trainer Jim Wofford Tells How to Gallop in Balance


    If you don’t do eventing, it’s still easy to love Jim Wofford. The Olympic rider-turned-horse-trainer not only knows his stuff, but he sprinkles humor in his … READ MORE »

  17. Now You Can Have Your Very Own Olympic Coach: Jim Wofford

    Cross Country with Jim Wofford

    Do you know what you’re going to be doing on Saturday, July 28, 2012? I sure do, and no, it’s not because I’m clairvoyant, but because … READ MORE »

  18. Jim Wofford: Find the Inner Athlete in Your Horse

    horse jumping a ditch

    With all the horse training methods out there, as well as various kinds of horse training equipment, we all have to find our own way. And … READ MORE »

  19. Practical Horseman Shares One of the Hardest Lessons of All

    Practical Horseman magazine

    The great thing about Practical Horseman is that editor Sandy Oliynyk isn’t just an editor–she’s “been there, done that,” and so she knows the challenges of riding … READ MORE »

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