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  1. Julie Goodnight on Gravity: The Draw of Horses After an Accident

    Julie Goodnight teaching

    Why do we love horses? Why are we drawn to them, even after injury or heartbreak? Famed clinician and trainer Julie Goodnight shares her thoughts on … READ MORE »

  2. Love Julie Goodnigh? Here’s Her 2014 Clinic Tour Dates

    Julie Goodnight

    If you’ve decided it’s time to go see Julie Goodnight in person, then you should keep this list of her 2014 clinic tour schedule—with opportunities to … READ MORE »

  3. 10 Must-Haves for Every Rider’s Library

    Jonathan Field Liberty DVD series

    Riders from every discipline will find something in this list of books and DVDs that can help improve our horsemanship from the comfort of our couch. … READ MORE »

  4. Neither of Us is Getting Any Younger: It’s Time to Start That Mare Under Saddle

    mare and owner

    Have you ever started a horse? For the past few months, I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting my new mare under saddle–myself. Don’t get … READ MORE »

  5. Troubleshooting Behavior Issues DVD: When a Previously Perfect Horse Acts Up

    Julie Goodnight DVD

    Why do we take it so personally when our horse doesn’t act the way we want him to? On the way home from the Julie Goodnight … READ MORE »

  6. The Husband Report: Julie Goodnight Ranch Riding Clinic was “Glorious”

    horse with cows

    In a perfect world, my husband and I could ride our horses all day with expert trainers on hand to coach us through a variety of … READ MORE »

  7. Cowgirl Inspiration, One Month at a Time

    cowgirls calendar

    On a drizzly morning at 8,200 feet while my Friesian/Oldenburg/Appendix gelding and I played “catch me if you can” with a grumpy black cow, I started … READ MORE »

  8. Guess What, Honey? That Surprise Vacation is Actually a Horse Clinic

    man and horse

    I was still in the afterglow of having attended a fabulous four-day women-only Julie Goodnight clinic in May when I heard she would be having another … READ MORE »

  9. Like Lime? Pink? Julie Goodnight Unveils New Colors in her “Rope Couture” Collection

    Julie Goodnight Ropes

    Horse trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight worked with rope-tying experts to create her American-made Rope Couture™ halters and training leads. Goodnight chose precise rope dimensions and … READ MORE »

  10. Ride Like a Supermodel and Advance Your Maneuvers

    Julie Goodnight DVD

    The middle of yoga class is not where I normally wish for a notebook and camera, but then how often do you get to see a … READ MORE »

  11. The Colt’s New Name and a Horsewoman’s (Tearful) Transformation

    colt and mare

    I knew it was the right name for the colt because my gut reaction upon reading it was to start to cry. And I’ll have more … READ MORE »

  12. Mastering the Canter…and Chemo Brain

    canter master

    If you put the spaghetti-limbed Scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz” on a horse–say, a tall, buckskin gelding–where he flapped all over the place, you’d have … READ MORE »

  13. An Unforgettable Julie Goodnight Clinic: 35 Women, 150 Horses, 4 Days

    group photo at ranch

    We came from all over the country and from every background, including a spa manager, saleswoman, attorney, stay-at-home mom and a professional clown, and we had … READ MORE »

  14. Help the Horse Friends You Haven’t Met Yet


    Horse people are my favorite kind of folk. I can be standing in line at a coffee shop with a half-dozen strangers and spot a “My … READ MORE »

  15. Horse&Rider Editor: Two Essentials for Training

    horse&rider editor

    Do you know the secret to teaching your horse something new? Horse&Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer tells us what she’s learned: I’ve had the privilege … READ MORE »

  16. 3 Things You Need for Trail Riding (and Ladies, the Third One Might Surprise You)

    Woman with horse trailer on the phone

    Good ‘ol hindsight. Now that I survived my first competitive trail ride hosted by the American Competitive Trail Association, I thought I’d pass along some of … READ MORE »

  17. Not One, but Two Mares in Foal! Or, Five Horse Things On Which I’ve Changed My Mind


    The older I get, the less I say the word “never.” Things that were once black and white have now morphed into a lovely shade of … READ MORE »

  18. Love Julie Goodnight? Here’s Her 2013 Clinic Tour Schedule

    Julie Goodnight wearing Troxel

    You now have lots of opportunities to meet noted clinician and T.V. host Julie Goodnight in person in order to ask your horsemanship questions. In 2013, … READ MORE »

  19. Who Does Humming Help More–the Human or the Horse?

    trail riding on the gelding

    The needle is stuck on the horse-riding vinyl record of my life. Last year at this time I was trying to get into riding shape after … READ MORE »

  20. My Five Favorite Horse Books and Videos from 2012

    Goodnight's Guide to Great Trail Riding

    There are so many great horse books and videos out there from this past year that it’s really hard to narrow the list to five favorites. … READ MORE »

  21. Further Proof That Horses Are the Best Medicine

    riding a colt

    If you’ll pardon the expression, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to you. I’m writing this on my first day back to MyHorse … READ MORE »

  22. Julie Goodnight’s Veterinarian Preparation for Your Horse


    If your horse is well-trained, well-behaved, and easy to work with, you’ll make your veterinarian’s job much easier and more effective. Even the best veterinarian must … READ MORE »

  23. Open Gates from Horseback with Top Horse Trainer Julie Goodnight


    When you learn to open and close a gate on horseback, you’ll save time and energy. You’ll also teach your horse to willingly obey your precise … READ MORE »

  24. New Julie Goodnight DVD Pre-order NOW— Advanced Maneuvers: Refining Communication and Cues


    Just in time for Christmas, Julie Goodnight announces her newest DVD–Advanced Maneuvers: Refining Communication and Cues. The DVD teaches the technicalities, execution and cues for advanced … READ MORE »

  25. Horse Bridling Basics with Top Horse Trainer Julie Goodnight


    When you bridle your horse, you need to maintain control while slipping the bit inside his mouth, pulling the crownpiece behind his ears, and securing the … READ MORE »

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