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  1. NuZu: You Can Trust This Low-Sugar, Low-Starch Horse Feed. Zoos Do!

    NuZu logo 2-20-2012

    When was the last time you handed your horse a large, fluffy cloud of cotton candy for breakfast? No? If you’re feeding a commercial grain to … READ MORE »

  2. Oh, Baby!

    mare and foal

    He was still slick from being born when I met him, like an otter just out of the water, and his dam was so engrossed in … READ MORE »

  3. Your Horse Doesn’t Come with Instructions, But You Can Get a Chart

    horse hindlimb chart

    Lacking a volunteer to regularly highlight my horse’s anatomy using watercolors, I have discovered the wonderful world of laminated wall charts. It all started with my … READ MORE »

  4. Test Your Laminitis IQ With This 12-Question Quiz

    laminitis hoof

    Are you laminitis savvy? Take this simple quiz from our friends at EQUUS magazine and see where you rank. To learn more about the differences about … READ MORE »

  5. Summer Months Bring Possibility of Potomac Horse Fever, and in Turn, Laminitis

    horse drinks from stream

    Warm weather increases your horse’s risk for Potomac horse fever, which in turn increases his risk of laminitis. Here with more information is April Knudson, DVM, an … READ MORE »

  6. Dr. Juliet Getty: The Latest on Laminitis in This Teleseminar-Thursday!

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    Your horse wants you to listen to this teleseminar, which is Thursday, May 17th at 8:00 pm EDT (5 pm PDT), because laminitis is one of the … READ MORE »

  7. Spring Conundrums – Lush Pastures And Laminitis

    Dr. Deb Eldredge

    Dr. Deb Eldredge Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary Editor Dr. Deb Eldredge tells us it’s been a crazy spring, weather-wise, in upstate New York, where she resides.  That … READ MORE »

  8. Help Prevent Laminitis and Other Insulin-Resistant Issues with Psyllium

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    It’s a vicious cycle – elevated glucose leads to elevated insulin. Elevated insulin leads to excess body fat. Excess body fat leads to too much insulin … READ MORE »

  9. Spring Grass That Your Horse Loves So Much Can Cause Laminitis

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    My mare was missing out on the spring grass. She’d been in a paddock, per vet instructions, for a few weeks while her hock healed, but … READ MORE »

  10. Join Dr. Getty for Her Teleseminar “Laminitis – The Latest”

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    Laminitis. The mere word conjures up fear in the hearts of horse owners. The crippling pain, the debilitating lameness, the suffering… Is there a single horse … READ MORE »

  11. Avoid Laminitis and Add a Serving of Caution to that Tender Spring Grass

    Dr. Juliet Getty with horse

    As the grasses green up, it’s tempting to open up the gate and let your horses out into the pasture. But before you do, take these … READ MORE »

  12. Because Allergic Reactions can Trigger Laminitis

    Summer Whinnys for Horses

    Can a bug bite lead to laminitis? Localized skin swellings or lesions – like hives – usually represent an acute allergic reaction, often triggered by something … READ MORE »

  13. Jump Off the Horse Laminitis Bandwagon and Educate Yourself

    laminitis hoof

    For every horse that is correctly diagnosed and treated for chronic laminitis as a result of that, we say, “Great.” However, as often happens with a … READ MORE »

  14. If Your Horse Battles Laminitis, is Glucosamine Safe?

    horse feed

    Glucosamine is often the go-to supplement to ease the discomfort of osteoarthritis, but is it safe for the insulin-resistant horse, especially one battling laminitis or Cushing’s … READ MORE »

  15. A Quick Rundown on Chronic Laminitis

    checking horse lameness

    What exactly is chronic laminitis, and how does it differ from acute laminitis? Laurie Bonner explains it all in this piece from EQUUS: Definition of chronic … READ MORE »

  16. Laminitis: The First 48 Hours

    laminitis in hoof

    Laminitis: The term strikes fear in every horse owner. But what exactly happens in those important first hours when your horse comes down with this hoof … READ MORE »

  17. The Story of a Brave Horse That Suffered From Laminitis

    Photo by Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore

    Since 1984, the all-volunteer Animal Health Foundation, founded by St. Louis veterinarian Donald M. Walsh, DVM, has funded more than $250,000 in Laminitis-Founder research in the … READ MORE »

  18. Does Glucose Play a Role in Laminitis?

    horse grazing

    How your horse absorbs glucose may contribute to his likelihood of getting laminitis. A University of Queensland study supports the hypothesis that glucose starvation of the … READ MORE »

  19. An Eastern Approach to Treating Laminitis


    Along with supplements and acupuncture, veterinarian Joyce Harman utilizes traditional Chinese medicine in her practice to treat laminitic horses. And she’s not the only one. Natural … READ MORE »

  20. Who’s at Risk for Laminitis?


    Most Americans think their horses are not at risk for laiminitis, despite the loss of equine superstars like Secretariat and, more recently, Barbaro to the disease–as … READ MORE »

  21. Dealing with Cushing’s Disease, Laminitis in a Senior Horse


    When amateur dressage rider Lesie Doak’s senior horse contracted Cushing’s disease, she says her and her horse’s lives were changed forever. This is Lesie’s account, as … READ MORE »

  22. When it Comes to Horse Ailments, It’s Smarter Than You— and Waterproof, Too

    Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Anatomy and Common Disorders of the Horse

    A little knowledge can be a scary thing, especially when it comes to horses. That’s why most of us keep our vet on speed dial, and … READ MORE »

  23. Is Your Horse Insulin Resistant? This New Natural Therapy Study Needs Candidates

    hoof with laminitis

    Nouvelle Veterinary, Inc., the makers of the Cur-OST® line of curcumin based anti-inflammatory products for horses, is investigating a new natural therapy in the management of … READ MORE »

  24. There’s a Whole Lotta Sugar Goin’ On–and it Causes Laminitis, Colic and Ulcers

    horse feed

    Katy Watts is tired. The independent agricultural researcher just got back from presenting at two major events in a row—the last one being about horse nutrition … READ MORE »

  25. Helping Prevent Laminitis with a Grazing Muzzle

    picture of a horse wearing a grazing muzzle

    Since the best medicine for laminitis is prevention, here’s an article that will tell you why grazing muzzles are important. Because sometimes, the cause of laminitis … READ MORE »

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