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  1. Do You Have a Scary Horse-Buying Story?

    Be A Smart Horse Buyer book

    I’ve been trying to help a friend find a kid-friendly horse for her daughters, and after looking at more than a half-dozen horses that started out … READ MORE »

  2. Quarantine is Over! How Will the Rescue Horse do at Home?

    mares meet

    What happens with that rescue horse once you bring it home? Will the horse eventually settle in, or will she show signs of problems that begin … READ MORE »

  3. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Learning to be Confident in the Face of Crazy

    trainer and mare

    What would your horse do if you were to suddenly run past it while screaming? Would it bolt like a racehorse out of a gate or … READ MORE »

  4. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Healing Hands

    mare getting massage

    If a horse launches a human like a lawn dart, it’s almost always the human’s fault. –That’s one thing I have come to believe over the … READ MORE »

  5. Equine Comeback Challenge Update: Horse Trainer Erin Zellefrow and her “Mare-Be-Go-Round”

    woman and horse

    How do you get a rescue horse ready for competition? A Home for Every Horse’s Equine Comeback Challenge trainer Erin Zellefrow shares her story with Horse&Rider … READ MORE »

  6. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela

    mare being sacked out

    I’m in a hospital bed staring at a piece of paper with a sentence that makes no sense: “Fell off horse Neela who is pregnant by … READ MORE »

  7. The Colt Has a Dinner Date (with the Water Buffalo)

    colt and water buffalo

    How do you coax a yearling colt to not be afraid of water buffalo? Let them have dinner together! I came up with the idea out … READ MORE »

  8. Hello, Saddle! The Mare Learns She’s More Than Just a Momma

    mare and rider

    If you had told me two years ago I’d be attempting to start a horse under saddle, I’d have looked at you like you had two … READ MORE »

  9. Reflections of a Horse-Crazy Girl Turning 50

    horse and young rider

    I turned 50 in January, and when I look back on the first five decades of my life, there is a distinctive joy that is present … READ MORE »

  10. Discovering Gaps and Embracing the Philosophy of “Heart Attacks Are Free”

    mare balking

    Having never helped raise foals before, I had no idea how much they resembled human teenagers in their ability to be demanding and exude entitlement. The … READ MORE »

  11. Thrift Stores and Horse Owners: A Match Made in Heaven

    horse picking up basket

    After we went from owning two horses to owning four, I took the task of pinching pennies a lot more seriously. And that’s when I became … READ MORE »

  12. No Stall Dutch Door Can Hold Her: This Little Filly Was Born to Jump

    filly jumping

    Sometimes humans and horses are simply born with a gift, and it’s apparent early on what they are meant to do in life. That’s certainly the … READ MORE »

  13. Neither of Us is Getting Any Younger: It’s Time to Start That Mare Under Saddle

    mare and owner

    Have you ever started a horse? For the past few months, I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting my new mare under saddle–myself. Don’t get … READ MORE »

  14. Breeding Horses vs. Buying Horses

    It's especially rewarding to compete the youngsters we've bred, like Bella.

    Do you have a pretty little mare that you think would make a great mom? Maybe you’re thinking about breeding her so you have your next … READ MORE »

  15. Horse Rescue Report: The First Eventing Show

    Ruby and I on the cross-country course.

    The sport of eventing can be scary to a novice, so this rider found a veteran to help her through her first show: a plucky mare … READ MORE »

  16. Rescue Report: Lessons from a Horse School Master

    Ruby and I ready for cross country.

    Sometimes the best teachers of a new riding discipline have four legs. Follow along as rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm learns the sport of eventing from … READ MORE »

  17. Humidity, Heat and Horses: Not the Best Combination

    For an everyday bath, we like the simplicity of shampoos that attach right to your hose, like Vetrolin and Mane n Tail Spray-Away.

    How do you help your horse beat the heat? Like all of us, Horse Journal’s editor, Cindy Foley, has her hands full at times when it … READ MORE »

  18. Stressful Road Trips, Crooked Legs and Why Hard Ground is Good

    filly in trailer

    I was nervous about my first time driving our new truck hitched to our new trailer, so of course that debut was made in the pouring … READ MORE »

  19. From Panicked Pony to Proven Partner, Through Parelli

    mare and owner

    Her heart hurting because her beloved 17-hand Holsteiner had to be put down due to crippling lameness issues, Mary Ellenberger told horseman and farrier Keith Jacobson … READ MORE »

  20. The Wonderful, Wacky World of Foals, or, You Ate What??

    colt running

    O.K., uncle: I need your help naming this colt. I was tempted to call him “Clark” in honor of “Superman,” since the “S” on the man … READ MORE »

  21. Oh, Baby!

    mare and foal

    He was still slick from being born when I met him, like an otter just out of the water, and his dam was so engrossed in … READ MORE »

  22. Spirit Horses: These Photos Capture the Soul of a Horse

    spirit horses book

    Years ago I saw a stunning photo of a majestic mare and it’s haunted me ever since. We didn’t own horses then, which meant we had … READ MORE »

  23. Closed Mare, Opened Mind and Birthin’ Babies

    Miranda Alcott and horse friend. | Photo courtesy of Miranda Alcott

    We have a foal!–and I am desperate for that to become plural, although not as desperate as the mare in question. First, the foal news: In the … READ MORE »

  24. Foal Watch, or Why Camping in the Horse Trailer is No Treat

    mopey mare

    As a first-time foal mom, I thought I was ready. I know the phrase “foal imprint training” alarms some folks, but after careful consideration and a … READ MORE »

  25. The Motorcycle Versus the Mare, Or, Plowing Through Horse-Husband Power Struggles

    mare and owner

    Definition of horse husband: 1. a) a domesticated human male beast of burden b). a principle mechanic of towing vehicle and horse trailer c)  an alternate … READ MORE »

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