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  1. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Learning to be Confident in the Face of Crazy

    trainer and mare

    What would your horse do if you were to suddenly run past it while screaming? Would it bolt like a racehorse out of a gate or … READ MORE »

  2. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Healing Hands

    mare getting massage

    If a horse launches a human like a lawn dart, it’s almost always the human’s fault. –That’s one thing I have come to believe over the … READ MORE »

  3. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela

    mare being sacked out

    I’m in a hospital bed staring at a piece of paper with a sentence that makes no sense: “Fell off horse Neela who is pregnant by … READ MORE »

  4. They Are Thankful For You: Offers 15 Percent Off Your Entire Order Today Only

    HorseBooksEtc logo

    If you have a horse, it goes without saying you’re thankful for that (unless your horse acts like a stinker. Then you might be less than … READ MORE »

  5. Parelli: How to Pick the Perfect Equine Partner

    parelli and horse

    You love your horse. But are the two of you a good fit? Natural horsemanship trainer and clinician Pat Parelli offers some questions for you to … READ MORE »

  6. 10 Must-Haves for Every Rider’s Library

    Jonathan Field Liberty DVD series

    Riders from every discipline will find something in this list of books and DVDs that can help improve our horsemanship from the comfort of our couch. … READ MORE »

  7. Road to the Horse Set on Sale: Get More Than Ten Hours of Thrilling Video for Under $85

    road to the horse DVD series

    Having attended Road to the Horse four years in a row, I can tell you that 2013 was the most exciting event for the colt-starting competition. … READ MORE »

  8. It Can Happen: Dressage and Natural Horsemanship Together in One Book

    dressage book

    The name of the co-author looked familiar: Betty Staley, who is prominently featured in the natural horsemanship series “7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman.” Also, the other … READ MORE »

  9. Perfect Those Aids! The Balanced Horse Book Will Help You Become a Better Rider

    the balanced horse book

    No matter if you practice dressage, natural horsemanship, Western or hunter-jumper, it all comes down to the partnership between you and your horse, and to achieve … READ MORE »

  10. From Panicked Pony to Proven Partner, Through Parelli

    mare and owner

    Her heart hurting because her beloved 17-hand Holsteiner had to be put down due to crippling lameness issues, Mary Ellenberger told horseman and farrier Keith Jacobson … READ MORE »

  11. Why It’s Easy to Believe in Buck Brannaman

    Buck Brannaman book

    A coworker came into my office recently as I sat engrossed in the book Believe by Buck Brannaman, and although the coworker is not a horseman … READ MORE »

  12. Attention Natural Horsemanship Programs: Parelli Education Institute Launches Grand Educational Giveaway

    Pat Parelli. | Photo by Stephanie Davis

    Parelli Education Institute, a non-profit dedicated to natural horsemanship education, announced today the launch of the Grand Educational Giveaway. A generous gift from Parelli Natural Horsemanship … READ MORE »

  13. Colt Starting, Natural Horsemanship Style: Second Competitor of Road to the Horse International 2014 Announced

    horse trainer Antoine Cloux

    A truly international event, the World Championship of Colt Starting is bringing together the most talented horse clinicians from every part of the globe. Australian clinician … READ MORE »

  14. What’s Your Horse “Saying”?

    Horses “say” many things with head-and-neck movements; this foal may simply be seeking attention. | Horse&Rider file photo

    Do you understand the language of your horse? Horse&Rider senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer weighs in on this very important topic: Horses are fluent in body language. … READ MORE »

  15. Sylvia Scott: Some Natural Horsemanship Advice for a Horse that Bites Other Horses

    Sylvia Scott and horse friend

    Natural horsemanship trainer Sylvia Scott of Whispering Way Natural Horsemanship fielded this question from a horse owner who has a problem with one horse biting another. QUESTION: How can … READ MORE »

  16. This Book Has Heart: Natural Horsemanship Explained

    natural horsemanship book

    In his book, Natural Horsemanship Explained: From Heart to Hands, Dr. Robert Miller says the ideal horseman “has the courage of a lion, the patience of … READ MORE »

  17. Wanna Horse Vacation? Take a Pack Trip or a Natural Horsemanship Clinic

    a horse and rider with buffalo

    Zapata Ranch in Colorado– the most authentic ranch in North America – has two very special trips planned for the 2013 season. Promising the holiday of … READ MORE »

  18. Natural Horsemanship: Your Horse Wants You to Get a Feel For It

    True Horsemanship Through Feel

    You want your presence to bring out the best in a horse. To do that, you have to learn how to give the best of yourself. … READ MORE »

  19. Natural Horsemanship Help for a Horse Who Hates Clippers and Scissors

    Sylvia Scott and horse friend

    Natural horsemanship trainer Sylvia Scott of Whispering Way Natural Horsemanship fielded this question from a rider about their horse who hates clippers, scissors and anything that makes noise. … READ MORE »

  20. Love Julie Goodnight? Here’s Her 2013 Clinic Tour Schedule

    Julie Goodnight wearing Troxel

    You now have lots of opportunities to meet noted clinician and T.V. host Julie Goodnight in person in order to ask your horsemanship questions. In 2013, … READ MORE »

  21. Dressage and Natural Horsemanship Masters Converge at the Same Summit

    Christopher Hess and Linda Parelli schooling a rider on a horse

    Some of the biggest names in dressage are coming together February 9-11, 2013 in Wellington, Florida for the first ever Dressage Summit – including Christoph Hess, … READ MORE »

  22. Happy Holidays from HorseBooksEtc: Get 10 Percent Off Your Entire Order


    The folks at are offering you some book and DVD cheer during this holiday season by giving you 10 percent off your entire order. Just use … READ MORE »

  23. Horse Spooks—Could it be an Eye-Changing Problem?

    Sylvia Scott and horse friend

    Natural horsemanship trainer Sylvia Scott of Whispering Way Natural Horsemanship fielded this question from a rider about their horse who will suddenly “explode” into a spook. QUESTION: I’ve … READ MORE »

  24. Natural Horsemanship 101


    Did you gallop across the kitchen floor until you drove your mother nuts? Did your dad peel you off the family horse so your siblings could … READ MORE »

  25. A Journalist First, Horse Trainer and Teacher Second

    Leslie Desmond with horse friend | H&R file photo by Darrell Dodds

    Jennifer Forsberg Meyer is is an avid horsewoman and the Senior Editor for Horse&Rider magazine, She has co-authored many equestrian-based books, including Clinton Anderson’s Training on … READ MORE »

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