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  1. Shop Big From Your Computer and Get Free Shipping Today Only!

    dressage DVDs

    There aren’t many things that are free anymore, but cialis black onlineabilify medium set for today only, you can get FREE shipping at for orders … READ MORE »

  2. Take Your Pick of Parelli–It’s All on Sale!

    Parelli trail riding DVD

    He’s been a guru of natural horsemanship for years, and if you prefer the teachings of Pat Parelli, you’ll love this week’s Deal of the Week: … READ MORE »

  3. Parelli: How to Pick the Perfect Equine Partner

    parelli and horse

    You love your horse. But are the two of you a good fit? Natural horsemanship trainer and clinician Pat Parelli offers some questions for you to … READ MORE »

  4. Hit the Trail DVD Series: Hours of Fun with Pat and Linda Parelli

    Parelli trail riding DVD

    If you’re a Pat Parelli fan, or you live to trail ride (or both), then you will love “Hit The Trail” which is a 4-DVD set … READ MORE »

  5. An Open Letter to My Horse, Who Bucked on Our Trail Ride

    horse and owner

    Dear Fred, At first, I was stunned. You’ve always been so good! You’re my mellow, laid-back gelding! And then suddenly here you were, throwing your head … READ MORE »

  6. Parelli Safe Ride DVD: The Secret of Control and Confidence

    Pat Parelli and horse

    You’re riding along on your horse when out of nowhere, a bad mood seems to hit him like a bolt of lightning. He starts to either … READ MORE »

  7. From Panicked Pony to Proven Partner, Through Parelli

    mare and owner

    Her heart hurting because her beloved 17-hand Holsteiner had to be put down due to crippling lameness issues, Mary Ellenberger told horseman and farrier Keith Jacobson … READ MORE »

  8. Attention Natural Horsemanship Programs: Parelli Education Institute Launches Grand Educational Giveaway

    Pat Parelli. | Photo by Stephanie Davis

    Parelli Education Institute, a non-profit dedicated to natural horsemanship education, announced today the launch of the Grand Educational Giveaway. A generous gift from Parelli Natural Horsemanship … READ MORE »

  9. Dressage and Natural Horsemanship Masters Converge at the Same Summit

    Christopher Hess and Linda Parelli schooling a rider on a horse

    Some of the biggest names in dressage are coming together February 9-11, 2013 in Wellington, Florida for the first ever Dressage Summit – including Christoph Hess, … READ MORE »

  10. From Jumping to Reining: Parelli Summit 2012 Focuses on Performance

    Pat Parelli

    It’s a Friday morning and the sun has barely risen, yet cars are already winding their way from the highway up towards the Parelli campus. Droves … READ MORE »

  11. Parelli Natural Horsemanship Solution to Horses Who Shy

    Pat Parelli with horse at liberty

    Does your horse jump and practically bolt at every bird, dog or noise in the bushes? Linda Parelli offers a natural horsemanship solution to your shy … READ MORE »

  12. Parelli: How to Overhaul Your Horse’s Round Pen Training

    Parelli working a horse

    Are you and your horse in a rut? It’s one thing to have a comfortable pattern of grooming, groundwork and riding. It’s another to do the … READ MORE »

  13. Natural Horsemanship Solution for Horses That Bite

    horse biting saddle pad

    Brace yourself — not for the bite, but for a natural horsemanship perspective from Pat Parelli on why horses bite and what to do about it. And surprise, … READ MORE »

  14. Solving a Horse Pulling Back Problem Through Natural Horsemanship

    horse pulling back

    How can you teach your horse to think instead of blindly panicing and pulling back? Natural horsemanship clinician Pat Parelli shares his methods: Horse Pulling Back … READ MORE »

  15. Road to the Horse Alumni Headline Equine Affaire

    Road to the Horse 2012 Clinicians

    Road to the Horse will be well represented at the April 12-15 edition of Equine Affaire in Columbus, Ohio, when 2012 Champions Guy McLean and Dan James … READ MORE »

  16. Watch 20 Pros Perform Natural Horsemansip at The Horsemen’s Re-union

    Pat Parelli

    If you wanted to see good cowboys ride bucking stock or rope, you would go to a rodeo. If you wanted to see good horse trainers, … READ MORE »

  17. Want to Get Your Horse in Shape? Try Parelli Fluidity-Hill Therapy

    Linda Parelli and hill therapy for a horse

    Does your horse have a scrawny neck? A hollowed-out back? Does he move with short, choppy strides? Pat Parelli and his wife, Linda Parelli, offer what … READ MORE »

  18. Team Australia Wins Road to the Horse and Canadian Glenn Stewart Takes the Crowd

    Guy McLean and Dan James

    It all came down to leadership. When you take a green colt and start them in two-hour increments over the course of as many days, then … READ MORE »

  19. Round Two of the Road to the Horse Colt-Starting Competition


    Oh, what a difference a day at Road to the Horse makes. Team Australia came back from a discouraging first day to pull ahead of Team … READ MORE »

  20. Road to the Horse Hardcore Fans: Some Traveled Far to See Their Favorite Clinician

    Road to the Horse fan

    How far would you be willing to travel to attend the Road to the Horse colt-starting competition? Pat and Ralph Burch are rooting for Pat Parelli … READ MORE »

  21. Photo Gallery: Road to the Horse, Day One

    Craig Cameron and colt

    It’s a photographer’s dream: A combination of cowboys, horses and a colt-starting competition that’s called Road to the Horse, held at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in … READ MORE »

  22. Team U.S.A. Takes the Lead in the Road to the Horse Competition’s First Day

    Dan James on a colt

    For the first round of the second set of clinicians at the International Road to the Horse colt-starting competition, it also seemed to be a repeat … READ MORE »

  23. Getting Ready! A Chat with the Road to the Horse Clinicians

    Glenn Stewart

    Amid the hustle of the crews setting up for this year’s Road to the Horse event, we had a chance to catch up to the six … READ MORE »

  24. Barely Enough Time to Ride: Do You Skip Your Horse’s Groundwork?

    Pat Parelli doing groundwork with a horse

    If you’ve ever watched the colt-starting competition Road to the Horse, you know that groundwork is essential for successfully starting these colts under saddle. But what … READ MORE »

  25. Road to the Horse: If You Can’t Get to This Great Colt-Starting Competition, We’ll Bring it to You

    Pat Parelli and Craig Cameron for Road to the Horse

    It’s the Superbowl of colt starting, and if you’re ever been to a Road to the Horse colt-starting competition, you know it’s got that kind of … READ MORE »

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