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  1. Julie Goodnight on Gravity: The Draw of Horses After an Accident

    Julie Goodnight teaching

    Why do we love horses? Why are we drawn to them, even after injury or heartbreak? Famed clinician and trainer Julie Goodnight shares her thoughts on … READ MORE »

  2. Do You Have a Scary Horse-Buying Story?

    Be A Smart Horse Buyer book

    I’ve been trying to help a friend find a kid-friendly horse for her daughters, and after looking at more than a half-dozen horses that started out … READ MORE »

  3. Guest Blog: Testing Hoof Wear in the North Cascades

    women and horses

    Have you ever wondered how a barefoot horse would do in steep, rocky terrain? Horsewoman and barefoot enthusiast Ruthie Thompson-Klein, of Equine Balance Hoof Care, recently … READ MORE »

  4. Uncovering (a Horse Named) Neela: Learning to be Confident in the Face of Crazy

    trainer and mare

    What would your horse do if you were to suddenly run past it while screaming? Would it bolt like a racehorse out of a gate or … READ MORE »

  5. From Horse Journal: Three Exercises To Prepare For Cross-Country Jumping

    horse and rider jumping cross country

    How do you teach a young or green horse how to jump cross country? Horse Journal performance editor John Strassburger put together a guide called “Get Ready … READ MORE »

  6. HorseSafetyUSA: Guidelines for Choosing a Child’s Riding Lesson Program


    Are you looking now for a summer horse program for the young horse lover in your house? Then you need to read the following tips from … READ MORE »

  7. Horse Trainer Missy Wryn on Having the Invisible Tether

    Missy Wryn and horse Paco

    When was the last time you went on a “virtual ride” with a horse trainer? Internationally recognized horse whisperer Missy Wryn provides comprehensive horse management, horsetraining, and effective communication workshops, clinics, … READ MORE »

  8. Horse Rescue Report: Late-Winter Blues

    Banjo has just enjoyed a nice mud bath.

    Is the never-ending winter interfering with your horse life? Horse rescue advocate Cate Lamm weighs in on the topic: Here at the end of winter, … READ MORE »

  9. Got 5 Minutes a Day to Improve Your Riding?

    jumping fixes horse book

    There’s a solid reason for that saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Especially if it’s a horse book, written by someone from a discipline … READ MORE »

  10. Horse Rescue Report: Finding Time to Ride

    Banjo patiently waits his turn.

    Horse owners are the busiest people I know. And when rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm took on a second “project” horse, things got crazy. Here’s Cate … READ MORE »

  11. Reflections of a Horse-Crazy Girl Turning 50

    horse and young rider

    I turned 50 in January, and when I look back on the first five decades of my life, there is a distinctive joy that is present … READ MORE »

  12. How to Cure Crookedness in Your Horse

    Straightening the Crooked Horse book

    Does your horse get crabby when you ask him to move forward? Does he ever act nervous for no apparent reason? Does he hold his head … READ MORE »

  13. Janice Dulak: Ride with Your Body, Not Your Hands

    Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider DVD

    Quick, without peeking at the rest of this article first, can you name the nine body parts that are essential to riding a horse? Give up? … READ MORE »

  14. Grab That Kitchen Counter and Get Into Ripped Riding Shape!

    Equibarre rider fitness DVD

    There are few horse people I know who enjoy spending time at the gym. Most of us want to spend every available minute at the barn, … READ MORE »

  15. Want to Ride Better? Get in Shape. It’s as Simple (and as Hard) as That


    If you wonder how good of a riding seat you have, perhaps you should answer this question: How strong is your core? Rider Kathryn Collins ponders … READ MORE »

  16. Shop Big From Your Computer and Get Free Shipping Today Only!

    dressage DVDs

    There aren’t many things that are free anymore, but cialis black onlineabilify medium set for today only, you can get FREE shipping at for orders … READ MORE »

  17. Thrift Stores and Horse Owners: A Match Made in Heaven

    horse picking up basket

    After we went from owning two horses to owning four, I took the task of pinching pennies a lot more seriously. And that’s when I became … READ MORE »

  18. Lessons on Horsemanship and Life from Buck Brannaman

    Buck Branaman, horse trainer

    Ever the journalist, I still reach for a notebook and pen when I want to learn something, and that’s how I have started watching the 7 Clinics with … READ MORE »

  19. Do You Have a Larry, Keith or Buck in Your Life for Horse Advice?

    horse and rider

    Every time I bridle my horse, I feel compelled to put his halter and lead rope away instead of just keeping it hanging on the tie … READ MORE »

  20. Horse Rescue Report: On the Course…Again


    Competing with a horse is hard, especially for beginners. Here rescue horse advocate Cate Lamm gives us the latest update on she and her horse’s efforts … READ MORE »

  21. Want to Learn How to Jump a Horse? There’s No Better Teacher Than George Morris

    George Morris DVD

    If you own a horse, chances are good that at some point you will ask that horse to jump something. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy … READ MORE »

  22. What is the Missing Link For Competitive U.S. Equestrian Teams?

    Starting young horses needs to be an honored and compensated profession.

    Could money be at the root of the problem of why U.S. equestrian teams aren’t the powerhouse they were years ago? John Strassburger, Horse Journal Performance … READ MORE »

  23. Because Your Horse Loves a Good Stretch Just as Much as You Do (If Not More)

    horse stretch book

    If you want to prevent your horse from becoming lame and also keep soreness at bay, consider Stretch Exercises for Your Horse: The Path to Perfect … READ MORE »

  24. Fun or Fiasco? Do You Ride Your Horse Bareback?

    horse and rider

    My horse’s back does not look inviting to be ridden without a saddle: It’s rather bony. Yet there I was, eyeing it anyway, and wondering if … READ MORE »

  25. The Rewards Of Training Young Horses

    Bella's performance in her first event exceeded my expectations.

    There’s nothing much sweeter than taking a young horse all the way to its first competition–unless you also bred that horse. In this blog from Horse Journal’s … READ MORE »

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