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  1. Hello, Saddle! The Mare Learns She’s More Than Just a Momma

    mare and rider

    If you had told me two years ago I’d be attempting to start a horse under saddle, I’d have looked at you like you had two … READ MORE »

  2. Explore the Painful Truth: Your Horse Might Hate His Saddle

    saddle fit book

    Certified master saddler Jochen Schleese wants to spare you from feeling guilt because you’ve made your horse miserable. Schleese knows what he’s talking about. Not only … READ MORE »

  3. Get Fit For Riding in the Warmth of Your Living Room

    Success in the Saddle DVD set

    There is one universal truth that all equestrians know: You can’t have success in the saddle without sweat. So this winter, while the cold and snow … READ MORE »

  4. Fun or Fiasco? Do You Ride Your Horse Bareback?

    horse and rider

    My horse’s back does not look inviting to be ridden without a saddle: It’s rather bony. Yet there I was, eyeing it anyway, and wondering if … READ MORE »

  5. Synthetic Saddles Rock!

    From left, the Thorowgood T8, Thorowgood T4, Wintec Pro Dressage, Tekna S-Line Dressage.

    Have you ever considered a synthetic horse saddle, but wondered if the quality was anywhere close to leather? The editors at Horse Journal checked out some … READ MORE »

  6. Comfort, Control and Perfect Balance – Custom Saddlery Introduces the Wolfgang Omni

    Omni300dip copy

    If the poly-tree of the Wolfgang Constanze has had you sitting pretty, get ready for Custom Saddlery’s latest evolution, the Wolfgang Omni, with a wood spring … READ MORE »

  7. Parelli Safe Ride DVD: The Secret of Control and Confidence

    Pat Parelli and horse

    You’re riding along on your horse when out of nowhere, a bad mood seems to hit him like a bolt of lightning. He starts to either … READ MORE »

  8. Charles Wilhelm’s “Ultimate Super Horse Challenge™” to be Launched at Horse Expo

    horseman Charles Wilhelm

    In the horse world where the typical scenario is one horse/one discipline, respected horseman Charles Wilhelm is taking another route–and throwing down a challenge. “I’ve always … READ MORE »

  9. Heave, Ho! Experts Tell Us How to (Safely) Toss a Heavy Saddle onto a Tall Horse

    colt wearing saddle

    Accidentally clobbering your horse with a Western saddle as you attempt to swing it gracefully onto his back does not make for a happy horse, but … READ MORE »

  10. John Strassburger: Riding My Young Horse For the First Time

    rider on pinto horse

    We’ll bet that you’ve enjoyed this type of a thrill, too, if you’ve raised your own horse. Or maybe you’re dreaming of this experience. Either way, … READ MORE »

  11. CSU Hosts Legends of Ranching Sale, Capping Year of Learning for Equine Students, Young Horses

    woman loping horse

    The Legends of Ranching Performance Horse Sale promises to be a springtime highlight at Colorado State University this weekend, when 81 American Quarter Horses – both … READ MORE »

  12. Horse Has Broad Shoulders? Consider Reinsman’s New Pressure Relief Saddle Pad

    The Reinsman Maximum Relief saddle pad. | Photo courtesy of Reinsman

      Reinsman Equestrian Products recently unveiled some innovative new pads at the 2013 WESA tradeshow in Denver as part of the Reinsman Revolution. Among the most … READ MORE »

  13. Horse Rescue Report: Back Pain

    rescued horse

    Sitting on the sidelines with a hurt back when all you want to do is ride your horse can be a very frustrating thing. Here’s writer … READ MORE »

  14. Not One, but Two Mares in Foal! Or, Five Horse Things On Which I’ve Changed My Mind


    The older I get, the less I say the word “never.” Things that were once black and white have now morphed into a lovely shade of … READ MORE »

  15. What’s the Perfect Age to Start a Horse Under Saddle?

    We started working Seeker at 3, and he won his first event at age 4.

    Most of us would like to raise a foal one day, hopefully into a great show or riding horse.  We all know that you should handle … READ MORE »

  16. Draper Therapies® Redesigns Western Saddle Pad with Focus on Comfort

    western saddle pad

    Draper Therapies®, a leading company providing holistic therapy products for animals and humans, has a newly redesigned Western saddle pad.  As a result of suggestions from … READ MORE »

  17. Find Cash In Your Tack Box: Get Ready For A Spring Tack Sale

    Leather horse saddle care

    Nearly every 4-H horse club and many breed and show organizations now sponsor spring tack sales or swaps, and Laurie Cerny, editor and publisher of, has … READ MORE »

  18. Love Julie Goodnight? Here’s Her 2013 Clinic Tour Schedule

    Julie Goodnight wearing Troxel

    You now have lots of opportunities to meet noted clinician and T.V. host Julie Goodnight in person in order to ask your horsemanship questions. In 2013, … READ MORE »

  19. Rider Fitness: Body and Brain, or How to Hum, Tap, Stretch and Smile Your Way to Better Riding

    Rider Fitness: Body and Brain book

    Your horse is one thing–but do you warm up your own muscles before a ride? Do you have any solutions for reducing stress during a ride … READ MORE »

  20. Looking For a New Dressage Saddle to “Eclipse” All Others?

    Icon Eclipse Dressage Saddle

    Custom Saddlery is proud to announce their latest dressage saddle, the Icon Eclipse, just in time for the 2013 Winter dressage competition season. As its name … READ MORE »

  21. Rider: Why Pilates is Pleasing

    Julie Oelman and horse Dru

    I’ve often heard from fellow riders how much they love Pilates, so finally I pulled one of them aside and asked: Does Pilates really have a … READ MORE »

  22. Is the Weather Outside Frightful? Stay Inside and Get Fit for Riding, 20 Minutes at a Time

    Success in the Saddle DVD set

    I will confess something here, and I’m not looking for a few hundred chastising emails by doing so: I hate snow. I don’t like walking in … READ MORE »

  23. Custom Saddlery Sponsors 2013 Florida Dressage Circuit with Most Valuable Rider Award

    Custom Saddlery president

    Trainers, do you have a Most Valuable Rider? Custom Saddlery is returning to southern Florida with a new way to recognize exceptional riders on the dressage … READ MORE »

  24. Stiff? Try Stretching in the Saddle Before You Ride

    Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 4.52.40 PM

    When you go for a trail ride, do you ever feel stiffer on one side than the other? Less coordinated? In the arena, does your horse … READ MORE »

  25. Horsemanship Through Life Author Challenge: Soften Your Body and Your Senses

    horse trainer Mark Rashid

    What if, by feeling where and when your horse picks up his hooves and places them on the ground, you could better influence his body? It’s … READ MORE »

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