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  1. Is your Deworming Product Controlling for Tapeworms?

    deworming horse

    With the link between tapeworms and spasmodic, impaction and intussusception-related colic, it’s critical horse owners use products in their deworming programs that control for tapeworms. Does … READ MORE »

  2. Experts: This is the Time to Take Control of Tapeworms

    horse grazing in winter

    Should your horse deworming strategy address tapeworms? The experts say yes. Hoyt Cheramie, DVM, MS, is a member of the Merial Veterinary Service team. He has … READ MORE »

  3. Should You Worry That Your Horse Has Tapeworms?

    horses grazing

    With more and more horse owners using a fecal egg count to determine their horse deworming strategy, an obvious question becomes, Can a fecal egg count … READ MORE »

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