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  1. Shop Big From Your Computer and Get Free Shipping Today Only!

    dressage DVDs

    There aren’t many things that are free anymore, but cialis black onlineabilify medium set for today only, you can get FREE shipping at for orders … READ MORE »

  2. 10 Must-Haves for Every Rider’s Library

    Jonathan Field Liberty DVD series

    Riders from every discipline will find something in this list of books and DVDs that can help improve our horsemanship from the comfort of our couch. … READ MORE »

  3. Whoops, We Did It Again: Tackling Another Competitive Trail Ride

    horse and rider

    What a difference five months makes when it comes to riding in a competitive trail ride. This past April, upon being cleared to ride after nearly … READ MORE »

  4. Back in the Saddle After a Back Disability: A Rider’s 16-Year Journey with Her Horse

    Laura and Tiberias pause during a ride.

    Horse people know better than most that sometimes positive change doesn’t happen as fast we as want it to. So when I hear stories of other … READ MORE »

  5. The Husband Report: Julie Goodnight Ranch Riding Clinic was “Glorious”

    horse with cows

    In a perfect world, my husband and I could ride our horses all day with expert trainers on hand to coach us through a variety of … READ MORE »

  6. Hit the Trail DVD Series: Hours of Fun with Pat and Linda Parelli

    Parelli trail riding DVD

    If you’re a Pat Parelli fan, or you live to trail ride (or both), then you will love “Hit The Trail” which is a 4-DVD set … READ MORE »

  7. Ride Alone? Consider ICEdot’s Crash Sensor

    The ICEdot crash sensor could be the answer to riding alone.

    When John Strassburger, Performance Editor at Horse Journal, heard about the recent death of accomplished Kentucky event rider Christine Brown, 43, it caused him to stop … READ MORE »

  8. “America’s Favorite Trail Horse” Winner, Lindsay’s Faith, to be Introduced as a Breyer® Traditional Portrait Model

    America's Favorite Trail Horse. | Photo by APONI

    Breyer is pleased to announce that the inaugural “America’s Favorite Trail Horse” winner, Lindsay’s Faith, is joining the family of Breyer Traditional portrait models. This talented … READ MORE »

  9. ACTHA Offers Bold Guarantee: “Use It or Don’t Lose It”

    actha logo

     With the proliferation of ACTHA events nationwide, the American Competitive Trail Horse Association is showing their members some love and confidence. “It’s a pretty simple guarantee,” … READ MORE »

  10. 3 Things You Need for Trail Riding (and Ladies, the Third One Might Surprise You)

    Woman with horse trailer on the phone

    Good ‘ol hindsight. Now that I survived my first competitive trail ride hosted by the American Competitive Trail Association, I thought I’d pass along some of … READ MORE »

  11. Now Nasty Weather Won’t Put a Damper on Your Competitive Trail Riding Plans

    Trail riding alone can be relaxing, but if you want more of a challenge, you could always compete.

    Do you love the idea of competitive trail riding but hate cold, snow and mud? Now the American Competitive Trail Horse Association has released a new … READ MORE »

  12. Know What To Do If Colic Hits During a Trail Ride

    ©Stacey Nedrow-Wigmore. All Rights Reserved.

    Colic is something we horse owners do not mess around with. But what happens if your horse colics on a trail ride? Do you know what … READ MORE »

  13. Happy Holidays from HorseBooksEtc: Get 10 Percent Off Your Entire Order


    The folks at are offering you some book and DVD cheer during this holiday season by giving you 10 percent off your entire order. Just use … READ MORE »

  14. Is Your Horse Really Safe?

    Trail riding alone can be relaxing, but if you want more of a challenge, you could always compete.

    How safe is your horse? Really SAFE? In his stall? In the pasture? At a show? We all love our horses. Feed them. Keep ‘em updated … READ MORE »

  15. Ground-Driving Training Technique from The Trail Rider Magazine

    Before you take your horse on his first ride, you want to make sure he’s ready to listen (and understand) your signals and when to turn … READ MORE »

  16. What to Wear on Your Winter Trail Ride

    horse in snow

    If you’re like us, a little cold weather won’t stop you from your trail ride. Don’t let the cold keep you inside with these cold weather … READ MORE »

  17. ACTHA’s Ride to Remember joins the Wrangler National Patriot Program

    The American Competitive Trail Horse Association is proud to host a nationwide trail challenge called Ride to Rememberon November 10th & 11th 2012. ACTHA riders all … READ MORE »

  18. Kerry Kuhn to Host Annual Trail Ride

    Kerry Kuhn Logo_Red

    Internationally acclaimed trainer and clinician Kerry Kuhn is hosting a fun and educational trail ride at the beautiful JJ Ranch in Coats, Kansas, Saturday and Sunday, … READ MORE »

  19. After-Ride Care to Keep Your Horse Sound and Prevent Lameness

    Hosing down feet and legs not only feels good, it’s therapeutic.

    The best way to say thank you to your horse, and to help make sure he’s ready to go the next time you want to ride, … READ MORE »

  20. Mounted Orienteering – Not Just Your Average Trail Ride

    Trail riding on your horse can be relaxing, but sometimes you want more of a challenge.

    Heading out on the trail with your horse and no particular agenda can be very relaxing. You amble along, enjoying the countryside and company of your … READ MORE »

  21. Tips for Crossing Water Safely While Riding

    Before riding into any body of water, take a moment to survey your surroundings and determine what you can about the footing below the surface. | Photo Courtesy of EQUUS Magazine

    As you hit the trails this summer, it’s important to always keep safety in mind. The editors over at EQUUS Magazine have a few helpful tips … READ MORE »

  22. Got a Hankering to Get in the Saddle? Experience a Western Ride in Las Vegas!

    Vegas is an unexpected place to spend some quality time with your gelding. | Photo courtesy of

    If you’re looking for a great way to spend the summer on your horse, a week at a dude ranch or a few days on a cattle drive … READ MORE »

  23. Cavallo Hoof Boots Top Pick of Three Riding Associations

    Hoof Boot

    Cavallo Hoof Boots are so popular they are now the official hoof boots of three riding associations: American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA), Australian Trail Horse … READ MORE »

  24. Emergency Stops: A Solution For Oh, No, the Horse Won’t Whoa!

    Julie Goodnight on horse

    When was the last time a horse ran away with you? That was a question I posed during a recent stop of the AQHA Ride Now … READ MORE »

  25. Julie Goodnight: Curing a Horse From Being Tense on the Trail Starts with the Rider

    Goodnight's Guide to Great Trail Riding

    Does your horse ever act tense and fearful on the trail? Julie Goodnight answers one reader’s question about what to do, and the answer, below, may … READ MORE »

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