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  1. USRider: Horse Owner Travel Precautions for Equine Vesicular Stomatitis

    horses in trailer

    Each summer, horse owners travel with their horses to explore different parts of North America. The summer heat and bugs create a melting pot for equine … READ MORE »

  2. Check Your Horse Trailer Tires! As Temperatures Drop, So Does Tire Pressure

    horses at trailer

    Studies show that the leading factor in roadside breakdowns is tires. As temperatures cool across the country, tire pressures will decrease. Given these facts, USRider reminds … READ MORE »

  3. 3 Must-Haves for Traveling with Your Horse This Labor Day Weekend

    horses in trailer

    Gas prices inching downward was all the encouragement you needed to plan a trip with your horse, but before you hitch up that trailer for that … READ MORE »

  4. “StepnSoak-911″ Partners with ACTHA and USRIDER Equestrian Motor Plan

    stepnsoak for horses

    Active riders mean active horse issues and any hoof problem will slow you down. “StepnSoak-911″ is proud to announce they now offer exclusive discounts on the … READ MORE »

  5. 3 Things You Need for Trail Riding (and Ladies, the Third One Might Surprise You)

    Woman with horse trailer on the phone

    Good ‘ol hindsight. Now that I survived my first competitive trail ride hosted by the American Competitive Trail Association, I thought I’d pass along some of … READ MORE »

  6. USRider: Are You Ready to Hit the Road with Your Horse Trailer?

    a horse walking onto a horse trailer

    Before travel season begins, it is critically important for horse owners to perform basic, yet essential, maintenance on their trailers. USRider, the national provider of emergency … READ MORE »

  7. USRider Booth a Fan Favorite at Road to the Horse


    For Road to the Horse vendors such as USRider, the colt-starting competition has proved to be the perfect fit for their product. “We’ve been really pleased … READ MORE »

  8. USRider provides special access to exclusive member benefits


    USRider, the nationwide roadside assistance program for equestrians, provides emergency roadside service to its members in all 48 states as well as Canada and Alaska. One … READ MORE »

  9. USRider Partners Want to Share Their Benefits and Keep Your Fence Patched

    Woman with horse trailer on the phone

    The spring and summer months are great for trail riding. Unfortunately, not everyone has a great trail from their back yard. If I didn’t have USRider … READ MORE »

  10. Problem Horse? Clinton Anderson to the Rescue with Free Webinar!

    Clinton Anderson's Ground Manners Short Course

    The questions are pouring in already for the free Clinton Anderson webinar called “Clinton Anderson: Got Horse Problems?” set to happen Monday, April 23 at 9 p.m. … READ MORE »

  11. Travel Safely with These Tips from US Rider

    Woman with horse trailer on the phone

    Do you have travel plans with your horse this summer? Before the start of the travel season, it is critically important for horse owners to perform … READ MORE »

  12. USRider: Don’t Let a Runaway Horse Trailer Happen to You

    horse trailer

    The story is a cautionary tale for horse owners everywhere: Loveland, Colorado firefighters and other rescuers had to peel away a horse trailer to save a … READ MORE »

  13. Two Women, Two Horses and a Knight in Shining Tow-Truck Armor

    two women and their mares saved by USRider

    Have you ever been traveling in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night pulling two horses in your trailer on rain-slicked roads and … READ MORE »

  14. Did You Miss the Julie Goodnight Webinar? It’s Right Here

    Goodnight's Guide to Great Trail Riding

    Maybe you got stuck in traffic, or your horse was sick, or you just plain forgot. But if you missed the free Julie Goodnight webinar sponsored … READ MORE »

  15. This Equestrian Roadside Assistance Plan Now Has New Perks

    HorseBooksEtc logo

    English and Western riders are certainly different in a lot of ways, but all equestrians want to be safe when they travel with their horse. That’s … READ MORE »

  16. Do You Know How to Rescue a Horse During an Emergency? Take the Training

    horse rescue

    Horse lovers, first responders, emergency medical technicians, veterinarians, firefighters, and others are encouraged to register for one of the best annual training opportunities in the U.S. … READ MORE »

  17. Because It’s Slippery Out There: Winter Driving Safety Tips for Pulling a Horse Trailer

    riding a horse in winter

    I am cat-like in my dislike of cold, wet weather. You know that scene from the Indiana Jones movie where that character moans, “SNAKES. Why’d it … READ MORE »

  18. Get USRider, and Get Flown Home If You Have a Critical Illness or Injury

    trailering horses

    I’ve always thought that USRider was a fantastic idea–a roadside assistance program for equestrians and their horses–but now I’m amazed by their latest benefit: If you … READ MORE »

  19. Because a Horse Trailer Getting Stuck is No One’s Idea of a Good Time

    horse trailer

    They just wanted to see some moose. So Janice, Anne and Stephanie loaded up their horses into a horse trailer and took off for Caribou Ranch … READ MORE »

  20. Horse Hauling Tip: Make Sure Those Wheels are Ready to Roll

    USRider photo of a woman needing roadside assistance

    You’ve planned your horse riding vacation and are certain you’ve thought of everything to prevent a horse hauling disaster — but you know the phrase: “The … READ MORE »

  21. USRider: Don’t Get Tripped up on Your Horse Trailer Trip

    a horse walking into a trailer

    One of the happiest days of my horse life was when my husband and I finally bit the bullet and bought our own horse trailer. Finally, … READ MORE »

  22. USRider: A Horse Travel Back-up Plan in Your Back Pocket

    Woman and horse with dark skies in background

    This past spring, the day before one of my girlfriends was to take her horse to a new boarding facility, she started planning the event like … READ MORE »

  23. Help! Have Horse, Wanna Travel, but the Dang Gas Prices …

    A horse trailer

    If the lousy economy has you trading in dreams of that Ireland horse vacation for something closer to home–say, rodeos in Wyoming–please know there are a … READ MORE »

  24. Trailering Horse Across States? Better Know the Rules

    Loading a horse onto a horse trailer

    Now that it’s summer, you plan on taking that dream horse vacation. Or maybe you want to take your trailering horse to a big event several … READ MORE »

  25. Planning Horse Vacations? Don’t Forget To DUCK

    horses on a trailer

    Hello! If Plan A was an Ireland horse vacation and now Plan B involves a horse trailer and mini horse vacations, the folks at USRider have … READ MORE »

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